CRCT, Polytechnique Montréal, May 22-24 2019

-->Rooms B-505, B-530.2<--
NOTE: Les ateliers et les notes de cours sont en anglais, toutefois, vous êtes toujours les bienvenus à poser des questions en français, les présentateurs sont presque tous bilingues.


Christopher BALE, Eve BÉLISLE, Sergei DECTEROV, Aimen GHERIBI, Jean-Philippe HARVEY, Youn-Bae KANG, Arthur PELTON, Christian ROBELIN


Phone: +1 (514)-340-4770
Fax: +1 (514)-340-5840


Day 1 (Wednesday)

There will two Workshops held concurrently - Regular Workshop and Advanced Workshop.
Regular Workshop : on the regular features of FactSage 7.3. This is our traditional workshop format and is recommended for new users.
Advanced Workshop : on the advanced features of FactSage 7.3. This workshop is only recommended for users very familiar with FactSage.

Day 2 (Thursday)

In the morning there will two Workshops held concurrently - Regular Workshop and the Industrial Applications workshop. In the afternoon there will be the Industrial Applications workshop.

Day 3 (Friday)

There will be one mini-symposium during the morning. Participants are welcome to stay in the afternoon for one on one or small group discussions.

On Days 1 and 2 you may attend any workshop. Since the workshops are held in adjacent rooms, you can move freely between the rooms. On Day 3 all participants will be in the same room.

Workshop Instructors and assistants will be able to provide instruction particularly in their own area of research interest.

Most of the people below will be available for discussions:

CRCT Professors and Research Team

Christopher BALE, Ph.D.: Professor, FactSage founder, software developer

Eve BÉLISLE, M.Sc.: programming, Fact-XML, FactOptimal, Windows applications, Internet development, Machine Learning
Patrice CHARTRAND, Ph.D.: Professor, software and database developer
Sergei DECTEROV Ph.D.: database developer, FToxid
Aimen GHERIBI, Ph.D.: design alloys for optimization of thermodynamic properties of multicomponent systems, FactOptimal
Jean-Philippe HARVEY, Ph.D.: Professor, software developer and optimisation algorithms
Liling JIN, Ph.D.: magnesium alloys - Mg-Al-RE
Arthur PELTON, Ph.D.: Professor, FactSage founder, database modeling and developer
Christian ROBELIN, Ph.D.: Development of thermodynamic and physical property databases for inorganic salt systems and ionic liquid systems. Main databases: FTsalt, FThall

Evguenia SOKOLENKO, B.Sc.: documentation and phase diagrams


CRCT Visitors and FactSage Representatives
Zhanmin CAO
, Ph.D.: Professor, University of Science and Technology (Beijing, China), FactSage representative
, Ph.D.: RCCM - Research Centre of Computational Mechanics Inc. (Japan), FactSage representative
Youn-Bae KANG
, Ph.D.: Assoc. Professor, Postech (Korea), steelmaking-

Tanai MARIN-ALVARADO, Ph.D.: President, M4 Dynamics Inc., FactSage representative, ChemApp, SimuSage  
Philip SPENCER, Ph.D.: President, The Spencer Group, FactSage representative, database developer, SpMCBN, FSnobl databases

Stephan PETERSEN, Ph.D.: Managing Director,  GTT-Technologies, co-developers of FactSage, ChemApp, ChemAppPy, SimuSage, ChemSheet
Leonardo TRINIDADE, Ph.D.:  STE - Science Technology & Engineering (Brazil), FactSage representative

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students
Maxime AUBÉ
, M.Sc. student: fertilizers with H2O-HNO3-H2-HCl, FTfrtz database
, Ph.D. student: molten salts with chromates, molybdates, tungstates, vanadates
Javier JOFRE, Ph.D. Student.: Al alloys
Ahmed IBRAHIM, Ph.D. Student.: Fatigue - corrosion - stainless steel
Paul LAFAYE, Ph.D Post Doc.: nuclear Zr-based alloys, TDB file conversion
Myriam MAHFOUD, M.Sc. student: VLAB with Al-Si-Fe-Mn-(Cr,Ni,V)
Evgeni NEKOROSHEV, Ph.D. student: Na2O, K2O, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, SiO2, B2O3
Anh Thu PHAN, Ph.D. student: LiFePO4 coherent phase equilibria

Philippe OUZILLEAU, Ph.D. Post-Doc.: thermodynamics of graphite, graphitic carbon, graphitisation

Laura PRESSI, M.Sc. student: oxidation of metal
Antoine RINCENT, B.Sc. student
Guillaume ROUAUT, M.Sc. student: molten metals and salts Na-NaF, K-F, Na-NaCl etc., electrical conductivity
Mahnaz SOLTANI-HOSSEINI, Ph.D. student: coal tar pitch mesophase in carbon-based material production processes in the aluminum industry
Hernando VILLAZON, Ph.D. student : rare earth alloys Na, Ta

Workshop Program (revised May 16, 2019)

DAY 1 - Regular Workshop
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
--> Room B-505 <--
8:30 Welcome (CB, AP, JPH)

Introduction to thermochemistry (Part 1) (JPH)

10:00 (Coffee)
10:15 Introduction to thermochemistry (Part 2) (JPH)
11:00 What is in our current FactSage databases and what's new? (AP, SD, CR, PS, YBK)
12:15 (LUNCH, Room B-543)
13:30 FactSage Browser: (JPH)
- Phase Diagrams
- Databases
- Documentation

View Data: (JPH)
- Compound database, tables and graphs
- Solution Databases

Reaction module: (JPH)
- Properties of a species
- Balanced chemical reactions
- Chemical equilibria, partial pressures
- Adiabatic reactions, heat cycles
15:00 (Coffee)
15:15 Equilib module (part 1) (JPH)
- Simple compound and ideal gases
- Reactants, menu and result windows
- Volume constrained, adiabiatic calcuations
- Solutions, slags, molten salts, alloys, Streams
17:00 END OF DAY 1

Day 1 - Advanced Workshop
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
--> Room B-505<--
8:30 Welcome - See regular workshop
12:15       (LUNCH, Room B-543)
--> Move to Room B-530.2 <--
13:30 Equilib module (CB)
This will condense into one session the important enhancements in Equilib of the last several years particularly those changes that are not well documented in the slide shows
15:00 (Coffee)
15:15 Phase Diagram module (AP)
This will condense into one session the important enhancements in Phase Diagram of the last several years particularly those changes that are not well documented in the slide shows.
16:45 END OF DAY 1

Day 2 - Regular Workshop
Thursday, May 23, 2019
-->  Room B-505 <--

Equilib (Part 2) (CB)
Advanced features of Equilib including:
- species selection and solutions; transitions; precipitate, formation, composition target phases; solution properties; "open" calculations; Mixing reactant masses, stoichiometry; Exporting and importing streams; Reaction tables; Macro-processing.
Compound module example (JPH)


Phase diagram (AP)
• Classical binary phase diagram
• Predominance area diagram
• Isopleths
• Reciprocal systems
• Projections

(LUNCH, Room B-543)
Day 2 - Industrial Applications Workshop
Thursday, May 23, 2019


Session 1: Materials design (Fact Optimal) (AG & EB) - Room B-530.2

10:45 Session 2: Database coupling and advanced phase selections (SD) - Room B-530.2
Session 3: Macro Processing (CB)
- Room B-530.2   
(LUNCH, Room B-543)

Session 4a: Ferrous metallurgy (YBK) - Room B-530.2

Session 4b:
Aluminum metallurgy + metal treatment (CR) and Non-ferrous metallurgy  (JPH) - Room B-505


Session 5a: CALPHAD method and new Solution module (JPH) - Room B-530.2

Session 5b : Oxide system (glasses, slags, geochemistry) applications, Slags/viscosity module
(AP, SD) - Room B-505

16:45 END OF DAY 2  


Cocktails (cash bar)
- Hotel de l'ITHQ, 3535 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2X 3P1 - Room: RELÈVE I


Souper "gastronomique"

Day 3 - Mini-Symposium
Friday, May 24, 2019
 --> Pavillon Lassonde, Room M-1010<--
Chairman: Aïmen E. Gheribi
8:20 TBA TBA
8:40 Visualizing Thermodynamics in High-Temperature Electrochemistry Mary Elizabeth Wagner (MIT) 
9:00 FactSage at Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc Boyd Davis (Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc)
9:20 Refining of (ferro)silicon Kjetil Hildal (ELKEM)
9:40 SpMCBN Database and its applications Philip Spencer (The Spencer Group)
10:00 Refractory Corrosion Modelling for Direct Contact Steam Generation Nicole Bond (Natural Resources Canada)
10:20 (Coffee)
10:40 ChemApp and Python Stephan Petersen (GTT Technology)
11:00 Implementation of ChemApp in SysCAD for high fidelity
pyrometallurgical process simulation
Tanai Marin (M4Dynamics Inc.)
& Kevin Lee Heppner (SysCAD)
11:20 FactSage at St. Gobain David Wooley (St. Gobain)
11:40       FactSage - Past and Present Chris Bale (CRCT)
12:00 FactSage - Future J.P Harvey et al (CRCT)
12:20 (LUNCH)
13:30 All participants are invited to stay for wine, cheese and fruit (Lassonde Hall, M-1103), and visit the CRCT.