FactSage 7.1 - List of Stored Phase Diagrams (5029)

FACT Databases
FToxid FACT oxide data (375) FTsalt salt data (284) FTmisc sulfide, alloy, micellaneous data (39)
FThall data for Hall aluminum process (14) FTpulp pulp and paper data (22) FThelg aqueous (Helgeson) data (0)
FTlite light metal alloy data (733) FTOxCN high-temperature oxycarbonitrides (55) FTfrtz fertilizer (210)

FactSage Databases
FScopp copper alloy data (35) FSlead lead alloy data (28) FSstel steel alloy data (169)
FSupsi ultrapure silicon data (0)

SGTE Databases
SGTE2007 2007 alloy data (340) SGTE2011 2011 alloy data (535) SGTE2014 2014 alloy data (970)
SGnobl 2010 noble metal alloy data (311) SGnucl nuclear data (27) SGsold solder alloy data (55)
BINARY free binary SGTE alloy data (108)

Other Databases
TDnucl Thermodata nuclear database (267) SpMCBN Spencer Group M-C-N-B-Si alloys (451)

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(NH4)2SO4-H2O FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O_with_gas FTfrtz
(NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_100oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_125oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_25oC FTfrtz
(NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_50oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_75oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-KNO3_LP FTfrtz
(NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz
(NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz (NH4)2SO4-H2O-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz
(NH4)2SO4-NH4Cl-NH4NO3 FTfrtz Ag-Al FTlite Ag-Al SGnobl
Ag-Al SGTE 2007 Ag-Al SGTE 2011 Ag-Al SGTE 2014
Ag-Al TDnucl Ag-Al-Au_500C SGnobl Ag-Al-Bi_870C SGnobl
Ag-Al-In_650C SGnobl Ag-Al-Pb_870C SGnobl Ag-Al-Si_500C SGnobl
Ag-Al-Si_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Al-Sn_25C SGnobl Ag-Al-Sn_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Al-Ti_1000C SGnobl Ag-Al-Zn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au FTlite
Ag-Au SGnobl Ag-Au SGTE 2007 Ag-Au SGTE 2011
Ag-Au SGTE 2014 Ag-Au-Bi_230C SGnobl Ag-Au-Bi_1000K SGTE 2014
Ag-Au-Bi_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-Au-Bi_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Ag-Au-Co_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Au-Cu_800C SGnobl Ag-Au-Cu_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Ge_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Au-Ni_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Pb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Pd_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Au-Pt_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Sb_385C SGnobl Ag-Au-Sb_420 SGnobl
Ag-Au-Sb_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-Au-Sb_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-Au-Sb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ag-Au-Si_20Ag SGnobl Ag-Au-Si_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Sn_377C SGnobl
Ag-Au-Sn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Au-Zn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-B FTlite
Ag-B SGnobl Ag-B SGTE 2007 Ag-B SGTE 2011
Ag-B SGTE 2014 Ag-B TDnucl Ag-Ba FTlite
Ag-Ba SGnobl Ag-Ba SGTE 2007 Ag-Ba SGTE 2011
Ag-Ba SGTE 2014 Ag-Ba TDnucl Ag-Be FTlite
Ag-Be SGnobl Ag-Be SGTE 2007 Ag-Be SGTE 2011
Ag-Be SGTE 2014 Ag-Bi BINS Ag-Bi FTlite
Ag-Bi SGnobl Ag-Bi SGsold Ag-Bi SGTE 2007
Ag-Bi SGTE 2011 Ag-Bi SGTE 2014 Ag-Bi-Cu_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Bi-Pb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Bi-Sb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Bi-Sn_200C SGnobl
Ag-Bi-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-Bi-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-Bi-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ag-Bi-Zn_section SGnobl Ag-C FTlite Ag-C SGnobl
Ag-C SGTE 2007 Ag-C SGTE 2011 Ag-C SGTE 2014
Ag-C TDnucl Ag-Ca FTlite Ag-Ca SGnobl
Ag-Ca SGTE 2007 Ag-Ca SGTE 2011 Ag-Ca SGTE 2014
Ag-Ca TDnucl Ag-Cd SGnobl Ag-Cd SGTE 2007
Ag-Cd SGTE 2011 Ag-Cd SGTE 2014 Ag-Ce SGnobl
Ag-Ce SGTE 2007 Ag-Ce SGTE 2011 Ag-Ce SGTE 2014
Ag-Co SGnobl Ag-Co-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Cr FTlite
Ag-Cr SGnobl Ag-Cr SGTE 2007 Ag-Cr SGTE 2011
Ag-Cr SGTE 2014 Ag-Cr TDnucl Ag-Cr-Pd_1250C SGnobl
Ag-Cr-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Cu BINS Ag-Cu FScopp
Ag-Cu FTlite Ag-Cu SGnobl Ag-Cu SGsold
Ag-Cu SGTE 2007 Ag-Cu SGTE 2011 Ag-Cu SGTE 2014
Ag-Cu-Fe_1550C SGnobl Ag-Cu-Ge_500C SGnobl Ag-Cu-Ge_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Cu-In_500C SGnobl Ag-Cu-Mg_390C SGnobl Ag-Cu-Mn_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Cu-Ni_800C SGnobl Ag-Cu-Ni_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Cu-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014
Ag-Cu-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Pb_600C SGnobl
Ag-Cu-Pb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Cu-Pb_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Pb_500K SGTE 2014
Ag-Cu-Pb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Sb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Cu-Sn_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Cu-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-Cu-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ag-Cu-Ti_700C SGnobl Ag-Fe FTlite Ag-Fe SGnobl
Ag-Fe SGTE 2007 Ag-Fe SGTE 2011 Ag-Fe SGTE 2014
Ag-Fe TDnucl Ag-Fe-Mn_1550 SGnobl Ag-Fe-Ni_1540 SGnobl
Ag-Fe-Pd_1200 SGnobl Ag-Fe-Pd_1200C SGnobl Ag-Fe-Si_1550C SGnobl
Ag-Ge BINS Ag-Ge FTlite Ag-Ge SGnobl
Ag-Ge SGTE 2007 Ag-Ge SGTE 2011 Ag-Ge SGTE 2014
Ag-Ge-Si_700C SGnobl Ag-Ge-Si_liquidus SGnobl Ag-In FTlite
Ag-In SGnobl Ag-In SGsold Ag-In SGTE 2007
Ag-In SGTE 2011 Ag-In SGTE 2014 Ag-In TDnucl
Ag-In-Pd_700C SGnobl Ag-In-Sn_130C SGnobl Ag-In-Sn_200C SGnobl
Ag-In-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-In-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Ag-In-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ag-Ir BINS Ag-Ir SGnobl Ag-Ir SGTE 2011
Ag-Ir SGTE 2014 Ag-Ir-Pd_1000 SGnobl Ag-Ir-Pd_1000C SGnobl
Ag-K FTlite Ag-La TDnucl Ag-Li FTlite
Ag-Mg BINS Ag-Mg FTlite Ag-Mg SGnobl
Ag-Mg SGTE 2007 Ag-Mg SGTE 2011 Ag-Mg SGTE 2014
Ag-Mg TDnucl Ag-Mg-Zn_650C SGnobl Ag-Mn FTlite
Ag-Mn SGnobl Ag-Mn SGTE 2011 Ag-Mn SGTE 2014
Ag-Mo SGnobl Ag-Mo SGTE 2007 Ag-Mo SGTE 2011
Ag-Mo SGTE 2014 Ag-Na FTlite Ag-Nb SGnobl
Ag-Nb SGTE 2011 Ag-Nb SGTE 2014 Ag-Ni FTlite
Ag-Ni SGnobl Ag-Ni SGsold Ag-Ni SGTE 2011
Ag-Ni SGTE 2014 Ag-Ni TDnucl Ag-Ni-Sn_1200C SGnobl
Ag-Ni-Sn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Ni-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Ag-Ni-Sn_500K SGTE 2014
Ag-Ni-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Ag-O TDnucl Ag-Os BINS
Ag-Os SGnobl Ag-Os SGTE 2011 Ag-Os SGTE 2014
Ag-Pb BINS Ag-Pb FSlead Ag-Pb FTlite
Ag-Pb SGnobl Ag-Pb SGsold Ag-Pb SGTE 2007
Ag-Pb SGTE 2011 Ag-Pb SGTE 2014 Ag-Pb-Sb_0355Ag SGnobl
Ag-Pb-Sb_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Pb-Sn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Pb-Zn_650C SGnobl
Ag-Pd FTlite Ag-Pd SGnobl Ag-Pd SGsold
Ag-Pd SGTE 2011 Ag-Pd SGTE 2014 Ag-Pd-Pt_liquidus SGnobl
Ag-Pd-Ru_25C SGnobl Ag-Pd-Ti_700C SGnobl Ag-Pt BINS
Ag-Pt FTlite Ag-Pt SGnobl Ag-Pt SGTE 2011
Ag-Pt SGTE 2014 Ag-Rh FTlite Ag-Rh SGnobl
Ag-Rh SGTE 2011 Ag-Rh SGTE 2014 Ag-Ru FTlite
Ag-Ru SGnobl Ag-Ru SGTE 2011 Ag-Ru SGTE 2014
Ag-Ru TDnucl Ag-Sb BINS Ag-Sb FTlite
Ag-Sb SGnobl Ag-Sb SGsold Ag-Sb SGTE 2007
Ag-Sb SGTE 2011 Ag-Sb SGTE 2014 Ag-Sb-Sn_260C SGnobl
Ag-Sb-Sn_liquidus SGnobl Ag-Sc FTlite Ag-Sc SGTE 2011
Ag-Sc SGTE 2014 Ag-Si BINS Ag-Si FTlite
Ag-Si SGnobl Ag-Si SGTE 2007 Ag-Si SGTE 2011
Ag-Si SGTE 2014 Ag-Si TDnucl Ag-Sn BINS
Ag-Sn FTlite Ag-Sn SGnobl Ag-Sn SGsold
Ag-Sn SGTE 2007 Ag-Sn SGTE 2011 Ag-Sn SGTE 2014
Ag-Sn-Zn_380C SGnobl Ag-Sr FTlite Ag-Sr SGTE 2011
Ag-Sr SGTE 2014 Ag-Sr TDnucl Ag-Te SGTE 2014
Ag-Ti FTlite Ag-Ti SGnobl Ag-Ti SGTE 2011
Ag-Ti SGTE 2014 Ag-Tl FTlite Ag-Tl SGnobl
Ag-Tl SGTE 2011 Ag-Tl SGTE 2014 Ag-U TDnucl
Ag-V FTlite Ag-V SGnobl Ag-V SGTE 2007
Ag-V SGTE 2011 Ag-V SGTE 2014 Ag-W SGnobl
Ag-W SGTE 2007 Ag-W SGTE 2011 Ag-W SGTE 2014
Ag-Zn BINS Ag-Zn FTlite Ag-Zn SGnobl
Ag-Zn SGsold Ag-Zn SGTE 2007 Ag-Zn SGTE 2011
Ag-Zn SGTE 2014 Ag-Zr FTlite Ag-Zr SGnobl
Ag-Zr SGTE 2011 Ag-Zr SGTE 2014 Ag-Zr TDnucl
Ag50Au50-Ge SGnobl Ag50Bi50-Au50Bi50 SGnobl Al-As FTlite
Al-As SGTE 2007 Al-As SGTE 2011 Al-As SGTE 2014
Al-As-Au_25C SGnobl Al-Au FTlite Al-Au SGnobl
Al-Au SGTE 2007 Al-Au SGTE 2011 Al-Au SGTE 2014
Al-Au-Si_1100C SGnobl Al-Au-Ti_500C SGnobl Al-B FTlite
Al-B SGTE 2007 Al-B SGTE 2011 Al-B SGTE 2014
Al-B TDnucl Al-B SpMCBN Al-B-Ba-O_B2O3-BaO-Al2O3 FToxid
Al-B-Ba-O_BaB2O4-Al2O3 FToxid Al-B-O_B2O3-Al2O3 FToxid Al-Ba FTlite
Al-Ba TDnucl Al-Ba-Ca-O_Al2O3-BaO-CaO_projection FToxid Al-Ba-Ca-O_BaAl2O4-CaAl2O4 FToxid
Al-Ba-Ca-O_BaO-Al2O3-CaO_1250_C FToxid Al-Ba-Ca-O_BaO-Al2O3-CaO_1400_C FToxid Al-Ba-Ca-O_CaAl12O19-BaAl12O19 FToxid
Al-Ba-Mg-O_BaAl2O4-Al2O3-MgAl2O4_1800_C FToxid Al-Ba-O_Al2O3-BaO FToxid Al-Ba-O-Si_Al2O3-BaO-SiO2_projection FToxid
Al-Ba-O-Si_Ba2Si3O8-BaAl2Si2O8 FToxid Al-Ba-O-Si_Ba5Si8O21-BaAl2Si2O8 FToxid Al-Ba-O-Si_BaAl2Si2O8-Al(1.3)Si(0.35)O(2.65) FToxid
Al-Ba-O-Si_BaAl2Si2O8-Al2O3 FToxid Al-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-Al2O3_1400_C FToxid Al-Ba-O-Si_BaSi2O5-BaAl2Si2O8 FToxid
Al-Ba-O-Si_SiO2-BaAl2Si2O8 FToxid Al-Be FTlite Al-Be SGTE 2011
Al-Be SGTE 2014 Al-Bi FTlite Al-Bi SGTE 2007
Al-Bi SGTE 2011 Al-Bi SGTE 2014 Al-C FSstel
Al-C FTlite Al-C_gas_suppressed FTOxCN Al-C SGTE 2007
Al-C SGTE 2011 Al-C SGTE 2014 Al-C TDnucl
Al-C SpMCBN Al-C-Ca-O_Al2O3-C-CaO_1975C FTOxCN Al-C-Ca-O_Al2O3-C-CaO_2050C FTOxCN
Al-C-Fe_1073 FSstel Al-C-Fe_2000C FTOxCN Al-C-Fe-O_Al2O3-C-FeO_1975C FTOxCN
Al-C-Fe-O_Al2O3-C-FeO_2050C FTOxCN Al-C-Mg-O_Al2O3-C-MgO_1975C FTOxCN Al-C-Mn_1273 FSstel
Al-C-Mn_973 FSstel Al-C-N_2250C FTOxCN Al-C-N_Al4C3-AlN_a(C)=1 FTOxCN
Al-C-N-O_AlN-Al2O3-Al4C3_1600C FTOxCN Al-C-N-O_AlN-Al2O3-Al4C3_1800C FTOxCN Al-C-N-Si_Al4C3(AlN)2-Al4C3(SiC)2 FTOxCN
Al-C-N-Si_AlN-Al4C3-SiC-Al_1860C FTOxCN Al-C-N-Si_AlN-Al4C3-SiC_1860C FTOxCN Al-C-Na-O_Al2O3-C-Na2O FTOxCN
Al-C-Na-O_Al2O3-C-Na2O_1975C FTOxCN Al-C-O_2000C FTOxCN Al-C-O_Al2O3-Al4C3-Al FTOxCN
Al-C-O_Al2O3-C FTOxCN Al-C-O-Si_Al2O3-C-SiO2_1975C FTOxCN Al-C-Si_2000C FTOxCN
Al-C-Si_2150C FTOxCN Al-C-Si_Al4C3-SiC_a(C)=1 FTOxCN Al-C-Si_1000K SGTE 2014
Al-C-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Al-C-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-C-Si_2273K SpMCBN
Al-C-Si_liquidus SpMCBN Al-Ca FSstel Al-Ca FTlite
Al-Ca SGTE 2007 Al-Ca SGTE 2011 Al-Ca SGTE 2014
Al-Ca TDnucl Al-Ca SpMCBN Al-Ca-F-O_Al2O3-CaF2 FToxid
Al-Ca-F-O_CaAl2O4-CaF2 FToxid Al-Ca-F-O_CaO-Al2O3-CaF2-1300C FToxid Al-Ca-F-O_CaO-Al2O3-CaF2-1600C FToxid
Al-Ca-Mg-O_Al2O3-CaO-MgO_1200C FToxid Al-Ca-Mg-O_Al2O3-CaO-MgO_1400C FToxid Al-Ca-Mg-O_Al2O3-CaO-MgO_1725C FToxid
Al-Ca-Mg-O_Al2O3-CaO-MgO_1900C FToxid Al-Ca-Mn-O_Al2O3-CaO-MnO_1200C FToxid Al-Ca-Mn-O_Al2O3-CaO-MnO_1400C FToxid
Al-Ca-Mn-O_Al2O3-CaO-MnO_1600C FToxid Al-Ca-N-O_1700C FTOxCN Al-Ca-Na-O_Al2O3-CaO-Na2O FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O_CaAl2O4-Na2CaAl4O8 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O_CaAl4O7-Na2CaAl4O8 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O_CaO-Na2Al12O19 FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O_CaO-Na2Al2O4 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O_CaO-Na2Al6O10 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O_Na2Al2O4-Na2CaAl4O8 FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O_Na2O-CaO-Al2O3_1000C FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O_Na2O-CaO-Al2O3_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2Al2SiO7-CaSiO3-NaAlSiO4_Liquidus-projection FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Na2Al12O19-CaO_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Na2Al12O19 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Na2Al2O4-CaO_Liquidus-projection FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Na2Al6O10-CaO_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_CaAl2Si2O8-Ca2Al2SiO7-NaAlSiO4_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_CaAl2Si2O8-CaSiO3-NaAlSiO4_Liquidus-projection FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_CaAl2Si2O8-NaAlSi3O8 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_CaSiO3-NaAlSi3O8 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_CaSiO3-NaAlSiO4 FToxid
Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_NaAlSi3O8-CaSiO3-NaAlSiO4_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_NaAlSi3O8-CaSiO3 FToxid Al-Ca-Na-O-Si_NaAlSiO4-CaSiO3-Na2SiO3_Liquidus-projection FToxid
Al-Ca-O_CaO-Al2O3 FToxid Al-Ca-O-Si_Al2O3-CaO-SiO2_1200C FToxid Al-Ca-O-Si_Al2O3-CaO-SiO2_1400C FToxid
Al-Ca-O-Si_Al2O3-CaO-SiO2_1600C FToxid Al-Ca-O-Zr_Al2O3-CaO-ZrO2_1000C FToxid Al-Ca-S_CaS-Al2S3 FTOxCN
Al-Ca-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Ca-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Al-Ca-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Al-Ce BINS Al-Ce FTlite Al-Ce SGTE 2007
Al-Ce SGTE 2011 Al-Ce SGTE 2014 Al-Co FTlite
Al-Co SGTE 2011 Al-Co SGTE 2014 Al-Co SpMCBN
Al-Co-O_Al2O3-CoO-O2_air FToxid Al-Cr BINS Al-Cr FSstel
Al-Cr FTlite Al-Cr SGTE 2007 Al-Cr SGTE 2011
Al-Cr SGTE 2014 Al-Cr TDnucl Al-Cr SpMCBN
Al-Cr-Mg-O_MgO-Cr2O3-Al2O3_O2_P(O2) FToxid Al-Cr-O_Al-Cr-O2_P(O2)=air FToxid Al-Cr-O_Al2O3-CrO-Cr_a(Cr)=1 FToxid
Al-Cr-O-Si_Al2O3-SiO2-CrO-Cr_1400C_a(Cr)=1 FToxid Al-Cr-O-Si_AlO1_5-CrO1_5-O2-SiO2_P(O2)_1600C FToxid Al-Cr-O-Si_AlO1_5-CrO1_5-O2-SiO2_P(O2)_1700C FToxid
Al-Cr-O-Si_AlO1_5-CrO1_5-O2-SiO2_P(O2)_1800C FToxid Al-Cr-O-Si_AlO1_5-CrO1_5-O2-SiO2_P(O2)_1900C FToxid Al-Cr-O-Si_AlO1_5-CrO1_5-O2-SiO2_P(O2)_2200C FToxid
Al-Cr-Ru_1000C SGnobl Al-Cu FScopp Al-Cu FSstel
Al-Cu FTlite Al-Cu SGTE 2007 Al-Cu SGTE 2011
Al-Cu SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Li_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Li_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Cu-Li_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Mg_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Mg_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Cu-Mg_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Si_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Cu-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Zn_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Cu-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Al-Dy FTlite Al-Dy SGTE 2011 Al-Dy SGTE 2014
Al-Er FTlite Al-Er SGTE 2011 Al-Er SGTE 2014
Al-Eu FTlite Al-Fe FSstel Al-Fe FTlite
Al-Fe SGTE 2007 Al-Fe SGTE 2011 Al-Fe SGTE 2014
Al-Fe TDnucl Al-Fe SpMCBN Al-Fe-Mn_1000K SGTE 2014
Al-Fe-Mn_500K SGTE 2014 Al-Fe-Mn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Fe-Na-O_Al2O3-Fe2O3-Na2O_P(O2)=air_1000C FToxid
Al-Fe-Na-O_Al2O3-FeO-Na2O_a(Fe)=1_1000C FToxid Al-Fe-O_Fe2O3-Al2O3-O2_air FToxid Al-Fe-S_FeS-Al2S3 FTOxCN
Al-Fe-S2_900C FTOxCN Al-Fe-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Fe-Si_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Fe-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Fe-Zn FSstel Al-Ga BINS
Al-Ga FTlite Al-Ga SGTE 2007 Al-Ga SGTE 2011
Al-Ga SGTE 2014 Al-Ga-In_300K SGTE 2014 Al-Ga-In_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Ga-In_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Ga-Sn_300K SGTE 2014 Al-Ga-Sn_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Ga-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Gd FTlite Al-Gd SGTE 2011
Al-Gd SGTE 2014 Al-Ge BINS Al-Ge FTlite
Al-Ge SGTE 2007 Al-Ge SGTE 2011 Al-Ge SGTE 2014
Al-Hf FTlite Al-Hf SpMCBN Al-Hg FTlite
Al-Hg SGTE 2007 Al-Hg SGTE 2011 Al-Hg SGTE 2014
Al-Ho FTlite Al-Ho SGTE 2011 Al-Ho SGTE 2014
Al-In FTlite Al-In SGTE 2007 Al-In SGTE 2011
Al-In SGTE 2014 Al-In TDnucl Al-Ir SGnobl
Al-K FTlite Al-K-Na-O-Si_SiO2-NaAlSiO4-KAlSiO4_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-K-O_K2O-Al2O3 FToxid
Al-K-O-Si_K2O-Al2O3-SiO2_1000C FToxid Al-K-O-Si_K2O-Al2O3-SiO2_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-La FTlite
Al-La SGTE 2007 Al-La SGTE 2011 Al-La SGTE 2014
Al-La TDnucl Al-Li FTlite Al-Li SGTE 2007
Al-Li SGTE 2011 Al-Li SGTE 2014 Al-Lu FTlite
Al-Mg BINS Al-Mg FTlite Al-Mg SGTE 2007
Al-Mg SGTE 2011 Al-Mg SGTE 2014 Al-Mg TDnucl
Al-Mg SpMCBN Al-Mg-Mn_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Mg-Mn_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Mg-Mn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Mg-O_MgO-Al2O3 FToxid Al-Mg-O-Si_Al2O3-MgO-SiO2_1300C FToxid
Al-Mg-O-Si_Al2O3-MgO-SiO2_1400C FToxid Al-Mg-O-Si_Al2O3-MgO-SiO2_1550C FToxid Al-Mg-O-Si_Al2O3-MgO-SiO2_1800C FToxid
Al-Mg-S_MgS-Al2S3 FTOxCN Al-Mg-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Mg-Si_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Mg-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Mg-Zn_300K SGTE 2014 Al-Mg-Zn_500K SGTE 2014
Al-Mg-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Mn BINS Al-Mn FSstel
Al-Mn FTlite Al-Mn SGTE 2007 Al-Mn SGTE 2011
Al-Mn SGTE 2014 Al-Mn SpMCBN Al-Mn-O_Al2O3-MnO FToxid
Al-Mn-O-Si_Al2O3-MnO-SiO2_1150C FToxid Al-Mn-O-Si_Al2O3-MnO-SiO2_1600C FToxid Al-Mn-Si_1000K SGTE 2014
Al-Mn-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Al-Mn-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Al-Mo FSstel
Al-Mo FTlite Al-Mo SGTE 2007 Al-Mo SGTE 2011
Al-Mo SGTE 2014 Al-Mo SpMCBN Al-N FSstel
Al-N SGTE 2007 Al-N SGTE 2011 Al-N SpMCBN
Al-N-O_AlN-Al2O3_1atm FTOxCN Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1600C FTOxCN Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1650C FTOxCN
Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1700C FTOxCN Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1750C FTOxCN Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1800C FTOxCN
Al-N-O-Si_SiAlON_1900C_gas_suppressed FTOxCN Al-Na FTlite Al-Na-O_Al2O3-Na2O FToxid
Al-Na-O-Si_Na2Si2O5-Al2O3 FToxid Al-Na-O-Si_Na2Si2O5-NaAlSi3O8 FToxid Al-Na-O-Si_Na2SiO3-NaAlO2 FToxid
Al-Na-O-Si_Na2SiO3-NaAlSiO4 FToxid Al-Na-O-Si_NaAlO2-SiO2 FToxid Al-Na-O-Si_NaAlSi3O8-Al2O3 FToxid
Al-Na-O-Si_SiO2-Na2O-Al2O3_Liquidus-projection FToxid Al-Na-S_Al2S3-Na2S FTOxCN Al-Nb BINS
Al-Nb FTlite Al-Nb SGTE 2007 Al-Nb SGTE 2011
Al-Nb SpMCBN Al-Nd FTlite Al-Nd SGTE 2007
Al-Nd SGTE 2011 Al-Nd SGTE 2014 Al-Ni BINS
Al-Ni FSstel Al-Ni FTlite Al-Ni SGTE 2007
Al-Ni SGTE 2011 Al-Ni SGTE 2014 Al-Ni TDnucl
Al-Ni SpMCBN Al-O TDnucl Al-O-P_Al2O3-P2O5 FToxid
Al-O-Pb_Al2O3-PbO FToxid Al-O-Si_Al2O3-SiO2 FToxid Al-O-Si-Zr_Al2O3-SiO2-ZrO2_liquidus-projection FToxid
Al-O-Ti_Al2O3-Ti2O3-TiO2_1200C FToxid Al-O-Ti_Al2O3-Ti2O3-TiO2_1600C FToxid Al-O-Ti_Al2O3-TiO2 FToxid
Al-O-Ti_Al2O3-TiO2_logP(O2)=-5 FToxid Al-O-Ti-Zr_Al2O3-TiO2-ZrO2_liquidus-projection FToxid Al-O-Zn_Al2O3-ZnO FToxid
Al-O-Zr_Al2O3-ZrO2 FToxid Al-P FTlite Al-P SGTE 2007
Al-P SGTE 2011 Al-P SGTE 2014 Al-Pb BINS
Al-Pb FSlead Al-Pb FTlite Al-Pb SGTE 2007
Al-Pb SGTE 2011 Al-Pb SGTE 2014 Al-Pr FTlite
Al-Pr SGTE 2014 Al-Pt SGnobl Al-Pt SGTE 2011
Al-Pt SGTE 2014 Al-Re SpMCBN Al-Ru SGnobl
Al-Ru SGTE 2007 Al-Ru SGTE 2011 Al-Ru SGTE 2014
Al-Ru TDnucl Al-S-Si_SiS2-Al2S3 FTOxCN Al-Sb FTlite
Al-Sb SGTE 2007 Al-Sb SGTE 2011 Al-Sb SGTE 2014
Al-Sc FTlite Al-Sc SGTE 2011 Al-Sc SGTE 2014
Al-Sc SpMCBN Al-Si BINS Al-Si FSstel
Al-Si FTlite Al-Si SGTE 2007 Al-Si SGTE 2011
Al-Si SGTE 2014 Al-Si TDnucl Al-Si SpMCBN
Al-Si-Zn_1000K SGTE 2014 Al-Si-Zn_500K SGTE 2014 Al-Si-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Al-Sm FTlite Al-Sm SGTE 2011 Al-Sm SGTE 2014
Al-Sn BINS Al-Sn FSstel Al-Sn FTlite
Al-Sn SGTE 2007 Al-Sn SGTE 2011 Al-Sn SGTE 2014
Al-Sn-Zn_300K SGTE 2014 Al-Sn-Zn_500K SGTE 2014 Al-Sn-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Al-Sr FTlite Al-Sr SGTE 2011 Al-Sr SGTE 2014
Al-Sr TDnucl Al-Ta FTlite Al-Ta SGTE 2007
Al-Ta SGTE 2011 Al-Ta SGTE 2014 Al-Ta SpMCBN
Al-Tb FTlite Al-Th SGTE 2011 Al-Th SGTE 2014
Al-Ti BINS Al-Ti FSstel Al-Ti FTlite
Al-Ti SGTE 2007 Al-Ti SGTE 2011 Al-Ti SGTE 2014
Al-Ti SpMCBN Al-Tm FTlite Al-U TDnucl
Al-V FSstel Al-V FTlite Al-V SGTE 2007
Al-V SGTE 2011 Al-V SGTE 2014 Al-V SpMCBN
Al-W FSstel Al-W FTlite Al-W SGTE 2007
Al-W SGTE 2011 Al-W SGTE 2014 Al-W SpMCBN
Al-Y FTlite Al-Y SGTE 2007 Al-Y SGTE 2011
Al-Y SGTE 2014 Al-Y SpMCBN Al-Yb FTlite
Al-Zn BINS Al-Zn FSstel Al-Zn FTlite
Al-Zn SGTE 2007 Al-Zn SGTE 2011 Al-Zn SGTE 2014
Al-Zr FTlite Al-Zr SGTE 2007 Al-Zr SGTE 2011
Al-Zr SGTE 2014 Al-Zr TDnucl Al-Zr SpMCBN
Al2Au-Sn SGnobl Al2Ca-Si FSstel Al2O3-MgO FThall
Al2O3-Na3AlF6 FThall AlCl3-CaCl2 FTsalt AlCl3-CoCl2 FTsalt
AlCl3-FeCl2 FTsalt AlCl3-KCl FTsalt AlCl3-LiCl FTsalt
AlCl3-MgCl2 FTsalt AlCl3-MnCl2 FTsalt AlCl3-NaCl FTsalt
AlCl3-NiCl2 FTsalt AlCl3-ZnCl2 FTsalt AlF3-CaF2 FThall
AlF3-LiF FThall AlF3-MgF2 FThall AlF3-NaF FThall
AlMgZn SGTE 2007 AlO1.5-BO1.5 TDnucl AlO1.5-BaO TDnucl
AlO1.5-CaO TDnucl AlO1.5-CrO1.5 TDnucl AlO1.5-FeO TDnucl
AlO1.5-FeO1.5 TDnucl AlO1.5-InO1.5 TDnucl AlO1.5-LaO1.5 TDnucl
AlO1.5-MgO TDnucl AlO1.5-NiO TDnucl AlO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl
AlO1.5-SrO TDnucl AlO1.5-UO2 TDnucl AlO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl
As-Au FTlite As-Au SGnobl As-Au SGTE 2007
As-Au SGTE 2011 As-Au SGTE 2014 As-Cu FScopp
As-Ga BINS As-Ga FTlite As-Ga SGTE 2007
As-Ga SGTE 2011 As-Ga SGTE 2014 As-Ge BINS
As-Ge FTlite As-Ge SGTE 2011 As-Ge SGTE 2014
As-In FTlite As-In SGTE 2007 As-In SGTE 2011
As-In SGTE 2014 As-Ni SGTE 2011 As-Ni SGTE 2014
As-P FTlite As-P SGTE 2007 As-P SGTE 2011
As-P SGTE 2014 As-Pb FSlead As-Pb FTlite
As-Pb SGTE 2007 As-Pb SGTE 2011 As-Pb SGTE 2014
As-Pd_Pd-rich SGnobl As-Pt_Pt-rich SGnobl As-Pt SGTE 2011
As-Pt SGTE 2014 As-Sb FTlite As-Sb SGTE 2007
As-Sb SGTE 2011 As-Sb SGTE 2014 As-Si FTlite
Au-B FTlite Au-B SGnobl Au-B SGTE 2011
Au-B SGTE 2014 Au-Be SGnobl Au-Bi BINS
Au-Bi FTlite Au-Bi SGnobl Au-Bi SGsold
Au-Bi SGTE 2007 Au-Bi SGTE 2011 Au-Bi SGTE 2014
Au-Bi-Sb_300C SGnobl Au-Bi-Sb_1000K SGTE 2014 Au-Bi-Sb_500K SGTE 2014
Au-Bi-Sb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Au-Bi-Sn_liquidus SGnobl Au-C FTlite
Au-C SGTE 2007 Au-C SGTE 2011 Au-C SGTE 2014
Au-Ce SGnobl Au-Co SGnobl Au-Co SGTE 2007
Au-Co SGTE 2011 Au-Co SGTE 2014 Au-Co-Cu_liquidus SGnobl
Au-Co-Ni_900C SGnobl Au-Co-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Au-Cr BINS
Au-Cr FTlite Au-Cr SGnobl Au-Cr SGTE 2011
Au-Cr SGTE 2014 Au-Cu BINS Au-Cu FScopp
Au-Cu FTlite Au-Cu SGnobl Au-Cu SGsold
Au-Cu SGTE 2007 Au-Cu SGTE 2011 Au-Cu SGTE 2014
Au-Cu-Ni_800C SGnobl Au-Cu-Pb_liquidus SGnobl Au-Cu-Sn_liquidus SGnobl
Au-Fe SGnobl Au-Fe-Ni_1000 SGnobl Au-Fe-Ni_1000C SGnobl
Au-Fe-Ni_liquidus SGnobl Au-Ge FTlite Au-Ge SGnobl
Au-Ge SGTE 2007 Au-Ge SGTE 2011 Au-Ge SGTE 2014
Au-Ge-Si_70Au SGnobl Au-Hf SGnobl Au-Hf SGTE 2007
Au-Hf SGTE 2011 Au-Hf SGTE 2014 Au-In SGnobl
Au-In SGsold Au-In SGTE 2007 Au-In SGTE 2011
Au-In SGTE 2014 Au-In-Pb_liquidus SGnobl Au-In-Pb_1000K SGTE 2014
Au-In-Pb_500K SGTE 2014 Au-In-Pb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Au-In-Sb_350C SGnobl
Au-In-Sb_1000K SGTE 2014 Au-In-Sb_500K SGTE 2014 Au-In-Sb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Au-In-Sn_250C SGnobl Au-In-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Au-In-Sn_500K SGTE 2014
Au-In-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Au-Ir SGnobl Au-Ir-Pd_1200C SGnobl
Au-Ir-Pt_1100C SGnobl Au-Mo SGnobl Au-Mo-Pd_1450C SGnobl
Au-Ni SGnobl Au-Ni SGsold Au-Ni SGTE 2011
Au-Ni SGTE 2014 Au-Ni-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Au-Ni-Pt_1150C SGnobl
Au-Ni-Sn_600C SGnobl Au-Ni-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Au-Ni-Sn_500K SGTE 2014
Au-Ni-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Au-Pb FSlead Au-Pb FTlite
Au-Pb SGnobl Au-Pb SGsold Au-Pb SGTE 2007
Au-Pb SGTE 2011 Au-Pb SGTE 2014 Au-Pb-Si_350C SGnobl
Au-Pb-Sn_300C SGnobl Au-Pd FTlite Au-Pd SGnobl
Au-Pd SGsold Au-Pd SGTE 2011 Au-Pd SGTE 2014
Au-Pd-Rh_1000C SGnobl Au-Pd-Ru_1450C SGnobl Au-Pr SGTE 2011
Au-Pr SGTE 2014 Au-Pt FTlite Au-Pt SGnobl
Au-Pt-Rh_1100C SGnobl Au-Pt-Ru_1100C SGnobl Au-Rh BINS
Au-Rh FTlite Au-Rh SGnobl Au-Rh SGTE 2011
Au-Rh SGTE 2014 Au-Ru FTlite Au-Ru SGnobl
Au-Ru SGTE 2011 Au-Ru SGTE 2014 Au-Sb FTlite
Au-Sb SGnobl Au-Sb SGsold Au-Sb SGTE 2007
Au-Sb SGTE 2011 Au-Sb SGTE 2014 Au-Sb-Si_liquidus SGnobl
Au-Sb-Sn_250C SGnobl Au-Si BINS Au-Si FTlite
Au-Si SGnobl Au-Si SGTE 2007 Au-Si SGTE 2011
Au-Si SGTE 2014 Au-Si-Sn_02Si SGnobl Au-Sn FTlite
Au-Sn SGnobl Au-Sn SGsold Au-Sn SGTE 2007
Au-Sn SGTE 2011 Au-Sn SGTE 2014 Au-Ta SGnobl
Au-Te SGnobl Au-Te SGTE 2007 Au-Te SGTE 2011
Au-Te SGTE 2014 Au-Ti SGnobl Au-Ti SGTE 2011
Au-Ti SGTE 2014 Au-Tl FTlite Au-Tl SGnobl
Au-Tl SGTE 2007 Au-Tl SGTE 2011 Au-Tl SGTE 2014
Au-Zn SGnobl Au-Zn SGsold Au-Zn SGTE 2011
Au-Zn SGTE 2014 Au-Zr SGnobl Au-Zr SGTE 2007
Au-Zr SGTE 2011 Au-Zr SGTE 2014 B-Ba SGTE 2011
B-Ba SGTE 2014 B-Ba TDnucl B-Ba-Ca-O_B2O3-BaO-CaO_800_C FToxid
B-Ba-O_B2O3-BaO FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_Ba3Si2B6O16-Ba2Si3O8 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_Ba3Si2B6O16-BaB2O4 FToxid
B-Ba-O-Si_Ba3Si2B6O16-BaB4O7 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_Ba3Si2B6O16-BaSi2O5 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_BaB2O4-Ba2Si3O8 FToxid
B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.245 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.285 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.325 FToxid
B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.365 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.405 FToxid B-Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2-B2O3_X(BaO)=0.44 FToxid
B-Ba-O-Si_BaSiO3-BaB2O4 FToxid B-C FTlite B-C SGTE 2007
B-C SGTE 2011 B-C SGTE 2014 B-C TDnucl
B-C SpMCBN B-C-Hf_1773K SpMCBN B-C-Hf_2323K SpMCBN
B-C-Hf_liquidus SpMCBN B-C-Mo_1573K SpMCBN B-C-Mo_2073K SpMCBN
B-C-Nb_2023K SpMCBN B-C-Nb_liquidus SpMCBN B-C-Ta_1673K SpMCBN
B-C-Ti_1773K SpMCBN B-C-Ti_2073K SpMCBN B-C-Ti_liquidus SpMCBN
B-C-V_1723K SpMCBN B-C-W_1773K SpMCBN B-C-W_1973K SpMCBN
B-C-W_liquidus SpMCBN B-C-Zr_1673K SpMCBN B-C-Zr_liquidus SpMCBN
B-Ca FTlite B-Ca SGTE 2011 B-Ca SGTE 2014
B-Ca TDnucl B-Ca SpMCBN B-Ca-O_B2O3-CaO FToxid
B-Co SGTE 2011 B-Co SGTE 2014 B-Co SpMCBN
B-Cr FTlite B-Cr SGTE 2007 B-Cr SGTE 2011
B-Cr SGTE 2014 B-Cr TDnucl B-Cr SpMCBN
B-Cr-Mo_1673K SpMCBN B-Cr-Nb_1673K SpMCBN B-Cr-Ni_1273K SpMCBN
B-Cr-Si_1573K SpMCBN B-Cr-Ta_1673K SpMCBN B-Cr-V_1673K SpMCBN
B-Cr-W_1773K SpMCBN B-Cr-Zr_1173K SpMCBN B-Cu FTlite
B-Cu SGTE 2011 B-Cu SGTE 2014 B-Fe BINS
B-Fe FSstel B-Fe FTlite B-Fe SGTE 2007
B-Fe SGTE 2011 B-Fe SGTE 2014 B-Fe TDnucl
B-Fe SpMCBN B-Fe-Nb_1073K SpMCBN B-Fe-Nd_1000K SGTE 2014
B-Fe-Nd_500K SGTE 2014 B-Fe-Nd_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 B-Fe-Si_1173K SpMCBN
B-Fe-Ta_1223K SpMCBN B-Fe-Ti_1273K SpMCBN B-Fe-V_1073K SpMCBN
B-Fe-W_1273K SpMCBN B-Fe-Zr_1123K SpMCBN B-Ge FTlite
B-Hf FTlite B-Hf SGTE 2007 B-Hf SGTE 2011
B-Hf SGTE 2014 B-Hf SpMCBN B-Hf-Mo_1673K SpMCBN
B-Hf-Mo_liquidus SpMCBN B-Hf-N_1773K SpMCBN B-Hf-Nb_1673K SpMCBN
B-Hf-Ni_1073K SpMCBN B-Hf-Si_1573K SpMCBN B-Hf-Ta_1673K SpMCBN
B-Hf-Ti_1673K SpMCBN B-Hf-Ti_1918K SpMCBN B-Hf-Ti_liquidus SpMCBN
B-Hf-W_1673K SpMCBN B-Hf-Zr_1773K SpMCBN B-Hf-Zr_2048K SpMCBN
B-Hf-Zr_liquidus SpMCBN B-In TDnucl B-La TDnucl
B-Mg FTlite B-Mg SGTE 2011 B-Mg SGTE 2014
B-Mg TDnucl B-Mg SpMCBN B-Mg-O_B2O3-MgO FToxid
B-Mn SGTE 2014 B-Mn SpMCBN B-Mo FTlite
B-Mo SGTE 2007 B-Mo SGTE 2011 B-Mo SGTE 2014
B-Mo SpMCBN B-Mo-Nb_1673K SpMCBN B-Mo-Ni_1273K SpMCBN
B-Mo-Si_1873K SpMCBN B-Mo-Ta_1473K SpMCBN B-Mo-Ti_1673K SpMCBN
B-Mo-V_1673K SpMCBN B-Mo-W_1773K SpMCBN B-Mo-W_liquidus SpMCBN
B-Mo-Zr_1673K SpMCBN B-N FTlite B-N SGTE 2007
B-N SGTE 2011 B-N SGTE 2014 B-N SpMCBN
B-N-Ti_1673K SpMCBN B-N-V_1473K SpMCBN B-N-W_1600K SpMCBN
B-N-Zr_1773K SpMCBN B-Na-O_B2O3-Na2O FToxid B-Nb SpMCBN
B-Nb-Ni_1223K SpMCBN B-Nb-Si_1873K SpMCBN B-Nb-Ta_1673K SpMCBN
B-Nb-Ta_1673K SpMCBN B-Nb-Ti_1673K SpMCBN B-Nb-V_1673K SpMCBN
B-Nb-W_1773K SpMCBN B-Nb-Zr_1773K SpMCBN B-Nd FTlite
B-Nd SGTE 2007 B-Nd SGTE 2011 B-Nd SGTE 2014
B-Ni BINS B-Ni FTlite B-Ni SGTE 2007
B-Ni SGTE 2011 B-Ni SGTE 2014 B-Ni TDnucl
B-Ni SpMCBN B-Ni-Si_1123K SpMCBN B-Ni-Ta_1223K SpMCBN
B-Ni-Ti_1073K SpMCBN B-Ni-V_1073K SpMCBN B-Ni-W_1223K SpMCBN
B-Ni-Zr_1123K SpMCBN B-O TDnucl B-O-Si_B2O3-SiO2 FToxid
B-Pt SGnobl B-Ru TDnucl B-Sc SGTE 2011
B-Sc SGTE 2014 B-Sc SpMCBN B-Si FTlite
B-Si SGTE 2007 B-Si SGTE 2011 B-Si SGTE 2014
B-Si TDnucl B-Si SpMCBN B-Si-Ti_1000K SpMCBN
B-Si-W_2073K SpMCBN B-Si-Zr_1673K SpMCBN B-Sn FTlite
B-Sr FTlite B-Sr SGTE 2011 B-Sr SGTE 2014
B-Sr TDnucl B-Ta SpMCBN B-Ta-Ti_1923K SpMCBN
B-Ta-V_1673K SpMCBN B-Ta-W_1673K SpMCBN B-Ta-Zr_1773K SpMCBN
B-Ti BINS B-Ti FTlite B-Ti SGTE 2007
B-Ti SGTE 2011 B-Ti SGTE 2014 B-Ti SpMCBN
B-Ti-V_1673K SpMCBN B-Ti-W_1673K SpMCBN B-Ti-Zr_1673K SpMCBN
B-Ti-Zr_liquidus SpMCBN B-U SGTE 2011 B-U SGTE 2014
B-U TDnucl B-V FTlite B-V SGTE 2007
B-V SGTE 2011 B-V SGTE 2014 B-V SpMCBN
B-V-W_1673K SpMCBN B-V-Zr_1173K SpMCBN B-W FTlite
B-W SGTE 2007 B-W SGTE 2011 B-W SGTE 2014
B-W SpMCBN B-W-Zr_1773K SpMCBN B-Zn FTlite
B-Zr FTlite B-Zr SGTE 2011 B-Zr SGTE 2014
B-Zr TDnucl B-Zr SpMCBN BO1.5-BaO TDnucl
BO1.5-CaO TDnucl BO1.5-CrO1.5 TDnucl BO1.5-FeO TDnucl
BO1.5-FeO1.5 TDnucl BO1.5-InO1.5 TDnucl BO1.5-LaO1.5 TDnucl
BO1.5-MgO TDnucl BO1.5-NiO TDnucl BO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl
BO1.5-SrO TDnucl BO1.5-UO2 TDnucl BO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl
Ba-Be FTlite Ba-C TDnucl Ba-Ca FTlite
Ba-Ca TDnucl Ba-Ca-Mg-O-Si_Ba2SiO4-Mg2SiO4-Ca2SiO4_1200_C FToxid Ba-Ca-Mg-O-Si_Ba2SiO4-Mg2SiO4-Ca2SiO4_1350_C FToxid
Ba-Ca-O_BaO-CaO FToxid Ba-Ca-O-Si_Ba2SiO4-Ca2SiO4 FToxid Ba-Ca-O-Si_BaO-CaO-SiO2_1100_C FToxid
Ba-Ca-O-Si_BaO-CaO-SiO2_projection FToxid Ba-Ca-O-Si_BaSiO3-CaSiO3 FToxid Ba-Ce FTlite
Ba-Cr FTlite Ba-Cr TDnucl Ba-Cu BINS
Ba-Cu FScopp Ba-Cu FTlite Ba-Cu SGTE 2007
Ba-Cu SGTE 2011 Ba-Cu SGTE 2014 Ba-Dy FTlite
Ba-Er FTlite Ba-Eu FTlite Ba-Eu SGTE 2011
Ba-Eu SGTE 2014 Ba-Fe FTlite Ba-Fe TDnucl
Ba-Gd FTlite Ba-Ho FTlite Ba-In TDnucl
Ba-K FTlite Ba-La FTlite Ba-La TDnucl
Ba-Li FTlite Ba-Lu FTlite Ba-Mg FTlite
Ba-Mg TDnucl Ba-Mg-O_BaO-MgO FToxid Ba-Mg-O-Si_BaO-MgO-SiO2_1200_C FToxid
Ba-Mg-O-Si_BaO-MgO-SiO2_1250_C FToxid Ba-Mg-O-Si_BaO-MgO-SiO2_950_C FToxid Ba-Mg-O-Si_projection FToxid
Ba-Mn FTlite Ba-Na FTlite Ba-Nd FTlite
Ba-Ni TDnucl Ba-O TDnucl Ba-O-Si_BaO-SiO2 FToxid
Ba-Pm FTlite Ba-Pr FTlite Ba-Ru SGnobl
Ba-Ru SGTE 2007 Ba-Ru SGTE 2011 Ba-Ru SGTE 2014
Ba-Ru TDnucl Ba-Sc FTlite Ba-Si TDnucl
Ba-Sm FTlite Ba-Sr FTlite Ba-Sr SGTE 2011
Ba-Sr SGTE 2014 Ba-Sr TDnucl Ba-Tb FTlite
Ba-Ti FTlite Ba-Tm FTlite Ba-U TDnucl
Ba-Y BINS Ba-Y FTlite Ba-Y SGTE 2011
Ba-Y SGTE 2014 Ba-Yb FTlite Ba-Zn FTlite
Ba-Zr FTlite Ba-Zr TDnucl BaCl2-CaCl2 FTsalt
BaCl2-CsCl FTsalt BaCl2-KCl FTsalt BaCl2-LiCl FTsalt
BaCl2-MgCl2 FTsalt BaCl2-NaCl FTsalt BaCl2-RbCl FTsalt
BaCl2-SrCl2 FTsalt BaO-CaO TDnucl BaO-CrO1.5 TDnucl
BaO-FeO TDnucl BaO-FeO1.5 TDnucl BaO-InO1.5 TDnucl
BaO-LaO1.5 TDnucl BaO-MgO TDnucl BaO-NiO TDnucl
BaO-SiO2 TDnucl BaO-SrO TDnucl BaO-UO2 TDnucl
BaO-ZrO2 TDnucl Be-Cu FScopp Be-Fe FTlite
Be-K FTlite Be-Li FTlite Be-Mg FTlite
Be-Mn FTlite Be-Na FTlite Be-Si FTlite
Be-Sn FTlite Be-Sr FTlite Be-Zn FTlite
Bi-Co FTlite Bi-Cr FTlite Bi-Cu FScopp
Bi-Cu FTlite Bi-Cu SGsold Bi-Cu SGTE 2007
Bi-Cu SGTE 2011 Bi-Cu SGTE 2014 Bi-Fe FSstel
Bi-Fe FTlite Bi-Ga FTlite Bi-Ga SGTE 2007
Bi-Ga SGTE 2011 Bi-Ga SGTE 2014 Bi-Ga-Zn_500K SGTE 2014
Bi-Ga-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Bi-Ge BINS Bi-Ge FTlite
Bi-Ge SGTE 2007 Bi-Ge SGTE 2011 Bi-Ge SGTE 2014
Bi-Hg FTlite Bi-Hg SGTE 2007 Bi-Hg SGTE 2011
Bi-Hg SGTE 2014 Bi-In BINS Bi-In FTlite
Bi-In SGsold Bi-In SGTE 2007 Bi-In SGTE 2011
Bi-In SGTE 2014 Bi-In-Pb_300K SGTE 2014 Bi-In-Pb_500K SGTE 2014
Bi-In-Pb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Bi-In-Sn_300K SGTE 2014 Bi-In-Sn_500K SGTE 2014
Bi-In-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Bi-K FTlite Bi-K SGTE 2007
Bi-K SGTE 2011 Bi-K SGTE 2014 Bi-Li FTlite
Bi-Mg FTlite Bi-Na FTlite Bi-Ni FTlite
Bi-Ni SGsold Bi-Ni SGTE 2011 Bi-Ni SGTE 2014
Bi-Pb FSlead Bi-Pb FTlite Bi-Pb SGsold
Bi-Pb SGTE 2007 Bi-Pb SGTE 2011 Bi-Pb SGTE 2014
Bi-Pd SGnobl Bi-Pd SGsold Bi-Pd SGTE 2011
Bi-Pd SGTE 2014 Bi-Pt SGnobl Bi-Rb FTlite
Bi-Sb BINS Bi-Sb FTlite Bi-Sb SGsold
Bi-Sb SGTE 2007 Bi-Sb SGTE 2011 Bi-Sb SGTE 2014
Bi-Sb-Sn_300K SGTE 2014 Bi-Sb-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Bi-Sb-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Bi-Si FTlite Bi-Si SGTE 2007 Bi-Si SGTE 2011
Bi-Si SGTE 2014 Bi-Sn BINS Bi-Sn FTlite
Bi-Sn SGsold Bi-Sn SGTE 2007 Bi-Sn SGTE 2011
Bi-Sn SGTE 2014 Bi-Sn-Zn_500K SGTE 2014 Bi-Sn-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Bi-Tb SGTE 2014 Bi-Tl SGTE 2007 Bi-Tl SGTE 2011
Bi-Tl SGTE 2014 Bi-Tm SGTE 2014 Bi-V FTlite
Bi-Y SGTE 2014 Bi-Zn FSstel Bi-Zn FTlite
Bi-Zn SGsold Bi-Zn SGTE 2007 Bi-Zn SGTE 2011
Bi-Zn SGTE 2014 C-Ca FTlite C-Ca TDnucl
C-Ca SpMCBN C-Co FSstel C-Co FTlite
C-Co SGTE 2007 C-Co SGTE 2011 C-Co SGTE 2014
C-Co SpMCBN C-Co-Cr_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Co-Cr_500K SGTE 2014
C-Co-Cr_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Co-Cr_1373K SpMCBN C-Co-Cr_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Co-Fe_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Co-Fe_500K SGTE 2014 C-Co-Fe_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Co-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Co-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 C-Co-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Co-W_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Co-W_500K SGTE 2014 C-Co-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Co-W_1773K SpMCBN C-Co-W_liquidus SpMCBN C-Cr FSstel
C-Cr FTlite C-Cr SGTE 2007 C-Cr SGTE 2011
C-Cr SGTE 2014 C-Cr TDnucl C-Cr SpMCBN
C-Cr-Fe_727 FSstel C-Cr-Fe_liquidus FSstel C-Cr-Fe_1000K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Fe_500K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Fe_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Fe_1273K SpMCBN
C-Cr-Mn_900C FSstel C-Cr-Mn_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Mn_500K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Mn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Mo_1000C FSstel C-Cr-Mo_1000K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Mo_500K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Mo_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Mo_1623K SpMCBN
C-Cr-Mo_liquidus SpMCBN C-Cr-N_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-N_500K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Nb_1623K SpMCBN C-Cr-Ni_1000C FSstel
C-Cr-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Ni_1373K SpMCBN C-Cr-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Si_500K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Si_1673K SpMCBN C-Cr-Ta_1623K SpMCBN
C-Cr-Ti_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Cr-Ti_1623K SpMCBN C-Cr-V_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-V_500K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-V_1623K SpMCBN C-Cr-V_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Cr-W_1100C FSstel C-Cr-W_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Cr-W_500K SGTE 2014
C-Cr-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Cr-W_1673K SpMCBN C-Cr-W_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Cr-Zr_1573K SpMCBN C-Cu FTlite C-Cu SGTE 2007
C-Cu SGTE 2011 C-Cu SGTE 2014 C-Cu-Fe_1500K SGTE 2014
C-Cu-Fe_500K SGTE 2014 C-Cu-Fe_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe BINS
C-Fe FSstel C-Fe FTlite C-Fe FTOxCN
C-Fe SGTE 2007 C-Fe SGTE 2011 C-Fe SGTE 2014
C-Fe TDnucl C-Fe SpMCBN C-Fe-Mn_900C FSstel
C-Fe-Mn_liquidus FSstel C-Fe-Mn_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Mn_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Mn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Mo_1000C FSstel C-Fe-Mo_1500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Mo_500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Mo_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Mo_1273K SpMCBN
C-Fe-Mo_liquidus SpMCBN C-Fe-N_liquidus FSstel C-Fe-N_1500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-N_500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Nb_1500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Nb_600K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Nb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Nb_1673K SpMCBN
C-Fe-Ni_1200C FSstel C-Fe-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Ni_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Si_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Si_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Si_1273K SpMCBN C-Fe-Ta_1373K SpMCBN
C-Fe-Ti_1200C FSstel C-Fe-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Ti_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-Ti_1273K SpMCBN C-Fe-Ti_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Fe-V_1100C FSstel C-Fe-V_1000K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-V_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-V_1373K SpMCBN C-Fe-V_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Fe-W_1250C FSstel C-Fe-W_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Fe-W_500K SGTE 2014
C-Fe-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Fe-W_1523K SpMCBN C-Fe-W_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Fe-Zr_1373K SpMCBN C-Hf FSstel C-Hf SGTE 2007
C-Hf SGTE 2011 C-Hf SGTE 2014 C-Hf SpMCBN
C-Hf-Mo_1673K SpMCBN C-Hf-Mo_1973K SpMCBN C-Hf-Nb_2073 FSstel
C-Hf-Nb_2073K SpMCBN C-Hf-Ni_1373K SpMCBN C-Hf-Si_1573K SpMCBN
C-Hf-Ta_2123K SpMCBN C-Hf-Ta_liquidus SpMCBN C-Hf-Ti_2273K SpMCBN
C-Hf-V_1273K SpMCBN C-Hf-W_2273 FSstel C-Hf-W_2273K SpMCBN
C-Hf-W_liquidus SpMCBN C-Hf-Zr_1873K SpMCBN C-Hf-Zr_2273K SpMCBN
C-In TDnucl C-Ir SGnobl C-Ir SGTE 2011
C-Ir SGTE 2014 C-La TDnucl C-Mg FTlite
C-Mg TDnucl C-Mg SpMCBN C-Mn FSstel
C-Mn SGTE 2007 C-Mn SGTE 2011 C-Mn SGTE 2014
C-Mn SpMCBN C-Mn-Si_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mn-Si_500K SGTE 2014
C-Mn-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Mn-V_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mn-V_500K SGTE 2014
C-Mn-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Mo FSstel C-Mo SGTE 2007
C-Mo SGTE 2011 C-Mo SGTE 2014 C-Mo SpMCBN
C-Mo-N_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-N_500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Mo-N_1373K SpMCBN C-Mo-Nb_1773K SpMCBN C-Mo-Nb_2173K SpMCBN
C-Mo-Nb_liquidus SpMCBN C-Mo-Ni_1273K SpMCBN C-Mo-Si_1473K SpMCBN
C-Mo-Si_1873K SpMCBN C-Mo-Ta_1773K SpMCBN C-Mo-Ta_2100K SpMCBN
C-Mo-Ta_liquidus SpMCBN C-Mo-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-Ti_500K SGTE 2014
C-Mo-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Mo-Ti_1773K SpMCBN C-Mo-Ti_2273K SpMCBN
C-Mo-Ti_liquidus SpMCBN C-Mo-V_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-V_500K SGTE 2014
C-Mo-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Mo-V_1773K SpMCBN C-Mo-V_2273K SpMCBN
C-Mo-W_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-W_500K SGTE 2014 C-Mo-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Mo-W_1773K SpMCBN C-Mo-W_2273K SpMCBN C-Mo-W_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Mo-Zr_1673K SpMCBN C-Mo-Zr_2273K SpMCBN C-N SGTE 2007
C-N SGTE 2011 C-N SGTE 2014 C-N-Nb_1623K SpMCBN
C-N-Ta_1623K SpMCBN C-N-Ta_2173K SpMCBN C-N-Ti_1000K SGTE 2014
C-N-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 C-N-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-N-Ti_1573K SpMCBN
C-N-Ti_2273K SpMCBN C-N-V_1673K SpMCBN C-N-Zr_1873K SpMCBN
C-Nb FSstel C-Nb SGTE 2007 C-Nb SGTE 2011
C-Nb SGTE 2014 C-Nb SpMCBN C-Nb-Ni_1373K SpMCBN
C-Nb-Si_1573K SpMCBN C-Nb-Si_2000K SpMCBN C-Nb-Ta_2073 FSstel
C-Nb-Ta_2073K SpMCBN C-Nb-Ta_liquidus SpMCBN C-Nb-Ti_1873 FSstel
C-Nb-Ti_1873K SpMCBN C-Nb-V_2153 FSstel C-Nb-V_1673K SpMCBN
C-Nb-V_2153K SpMCBN C-Nb-W_2000K SpMCBN C-Nb-W_2273K SpMCBN
C-Nb-Zr_1773 FSstel C-Nb-Zr_1773K SpMCBN C-Nb-Zr_2273K SpMCBN
C-Ni BINS C-Ni FSstel C-Ni FTlite
C-Ni SGTE 2007 C-Ni SGTE 2011 C-Ni SGTE 2014
C-Ni TDnucl C-Ni SpMCBN C-Ni-Si_1000K SGTE 2014
C-Ni-Si_500K SGTE 2014 C-Ni-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Ni-Si_1423K SpMCBN
C-Ni-Ta_1373K SpMCBN C-Ni-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Ni-Ti_500K SGTE 2014
C-Ni-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Ni-Ti_1473K SpMCBN C-Ni-V_1373K SpMCBN
C-Ni-W_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Ni-W_500K SGTE 2014 C-Ni-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
C-Ni-W_1573K SpMCBN C-Ni-W_liquidus SpMCBN C-Ni-Zr_1373K SpMCBN
C-O TDnucl C-O-Si_2000C_1atm FTOxCN C-Os SGnobl
C-Os SGTE 2007 C-Os SGTE 2011 C-Os SGTE 2014
C-P SGTE 2007 C-P SGTE 2011 C-P SGTE 2014
C-Pb FSlead C-Pb FTlite C-Pb SGTE 2007
C-Pb SGTE 2011 C-Pb SGTE 2014 C-Pd SGnobl
C-Pd SGTE 2007 C-Pd SGTE 2011 C-Pd SGTE 2014
C-Pt SGnobl C-Pt SGTE 2007 C-Pt SGTE 2011
C-Pt SGTE 2014 C-Pu SGTE 2011 C-Pu SGTE 2014
C-Rh SGnobl C-Rh SGTE 2007 C-Rh SGTE 2011
C-Rh SGTE 2014 C-Ru SGnobl C-Ru SGTE 2007
C-Ru SGTE 2011 C-Ru SGTE 2014 C-Ru TDnucl
C-Si FSstel C-Si FTlite C-Si FTOxCN
C-Si SGTE 2007 C-Si SGTE 2011 C-Si SGTE 2014
C-Si TDnucl C-Si SpMCBN C-Si-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014
C-Si-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 C-Si-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Si-Ti_1500K SpMCBN
C-Si-W_2000K SpMCBN C-Si-Zr_1573K SpMCBN C-Sn FTlite
C-Sr TDnucl C-Ta SGTE 2011 C-Ta SGTE 2014
C-Ta SpMCBN C-Ta-Ti_2093K SpMCBN C-Ta-Ti_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Ta-V_2000K SpMCBN C-Ta-W_1773 FSstel C-Ta-W_1773K SpMCBN
C-Ta-W_2473K SpMCBN C-Ta-W_liquidus SpMCBN C-Ta-Zr_1723K SpMCBN
C-Ta-Zr_2273K SpMCBN C-Ta-Zr_liquidus SpMCBN C-Ti BINS
C-Ti FSstel C-Ti FTlite C-Ti SGTE 2007
C-Ti SGTE 2011 C-Ti SGTE 2014 C-Ti SpMCBN
C-Ti-V_1723K SpMCBN C-Ti-V_2073K SpMCBN C-Ti-V_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Ti-W_1773 FSstel C-Ti-W_1500K SGTE 2014 C-Ti-W_500K SGTE 2014
C-Ti-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-Ti-W_1773K SpMCBN C-Ti-W_2273K SpMCBN
C-Ti-Zr_1773K SpMCBN C-Ti-Zr_2373K SpMCBN C-U SGTE 2011
C-U SGTE 2014 C-U TDnucl C-V FSstel
C-V SGTE 2007 C-V SGTE 2011 C-V SGTE 2014
C-V SpMCBN C-V-W_1923 FSstel C-V-W_1500K SGTE 2014
C-V-W_500K SGTE 2014 C-V-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 C-V-W_1923K SpMCBN
C-V-Zr_1273K SpMCBN C-W BINS C-W FSstel
C-W SGTE 2007 C-W SGTE 2011 C-W SGTE 2014
C-W SpMCBN C-W-Zr_1773 FSstel C-W-Zr_1773K FSstel
C-W-Zr_1773K SpMCBN C-W-Zr_2873K SpMCBN C-W-Zr_liquidus SpMCBN
C-Zn FTlite C-Zn SGTE 2011 C-Zn SGTE 2014
C-Zr BINS C-Zr FSstel C-Zr SGTE 2011
C-Zr SGTE 2014 C-Zr TDnucl C-Zr SpMCBN
CO3-KCl-Na-SO4 FTpulp Ca(NO3)2-H2O_no_gas FTfrtz Ca(NO3)2-H2O_with_gas FTfrtz
Ca(NO3)2-H2O-KNO3_LP FTfrtz Ca(NO3)2-H2O-KNO3_125oC FTfrtz Ca(NO3)2-H2O-KNO3_25oC FTfrtz
Ca(NO3)2-H2O-KNO3_50oC FTfrtz Ca(NO3)2-H2O-KNO3_75oC FTfrtz Ca(NO3)2-KNO3 FTfrtz
Ca-Ce FTlite Ca-Cr FTlite Ca-Cr TDnucl
Ca-Cr-O_Ca-Cr-O2_P(O2)_e-10_atm FToxid Ca-Cr-O_Ca-Cr-O2_P(O2)_e-3_atm FToxid Ca-Cr-O_Ca-Cr-O2_P(O2)_e-5_atm FToxid
Ca-Cr-O_Ca-Cr-O2_P(O2)_e-6_atm FToxid Ca-Cr-O_Ca-Cr-O2_P(O2)_e-8_atm FToxid Ca-Cr-O_CaO-CrO-Cr_a(Cr)=1 FToxid
Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1400_C FToxid Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1500_C FToxid Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1600_C FToxid
Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1700_C FToxid Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1800_C FToxid Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_1900_C FToxid
Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_2000_C FToxid Ca-Cr-O-Si_Cr2O3-CaO-SiO2-O2_P(O2)_2100_C FToxid Ca-Cu FScopp
Ca-Cu FTlite Ca-Cu SGTE 2007 Ca-Cu SGTE 2011
Ca-Cu SGTE 2014 Ca-Dy FTlite Ca-Er FTlite
Ca-Eu FTlite Ca-F-Mg-O_CaO-MgO-CaF2 FToxid Ca-F-O_CaO-CaF2 FToxid
Ca-F-O-Si_CaO-SiO2-CaF2-1300C FToxid Ca-F-O-Si_CaO-SiO2-CaF2-1500C FToxid Ca-F-O-Si_CaO-SiO2-CaF2-1600C FToxid
Ca-F-O-Si_CaO-SiO2-CaF2_Liquidus-projection FToxid Ca-F-O-Si_SiO2-CaF2 FToxid Ca-Fe FSstel
Ca-Fe FTlite Ca-Fe TDnucl Ca-Fe-Mn-O_CaO-FeO-MnO_a(Fe)=1_1600C FToxid
Ca-Fe-O_CaO-Fe2O3-O2_P(O2)=1atm FToxid Ca-Fe-O_CaO-FeO-Fe2O3_1300C FToxid Ca-Fe-O_CaO-FeO_a(Fe)=1 FToxid
Ca-Fe-O-P_CaO-Fe2O3-P2O5_air-1000C FToxid Ca-Fe-O-P_CaO-Fe2O3-P2O5_air-1600C FToxid Ca-Fe-O-P_CaO-FeO-P2O5_a(Fe)=1_1600C_mol FToxid
Ca-Fe-O-P_CaO-FeO-P2O5_a(Fe)=1_1600C_wt FToxid Ca-Fe-O-Si_CaO-FeO-SiO2-Fe_1300C_a(Fe)=1 FToxid Ca-Fe-O-Si_SiO2-Fe2O3-CaO_1400C_P(O2)=1atm FToxid
Ca-Fe-S_FeS-CaS FTOxCN Ca-Ga SGTE 2011 Ca-Ga SGTE 2014
Ca-Gd FTlite Ca-H FTlite Ca-H SGTE 2014
Ca-H2 SGTE 2014 Ca-Ho FTlite Ca-In FTlite
Ca-In TDnucl Ca-K FTlite Ca-La FTlite
Ca-La TDnucl Ca-Li FTlite Ca-Li SGTE 2011
Ca-Li SGTE 2014 Ca-Lu FTlite Ca-Mg FTlite
Ca-Mg SGTE 2007 Ca-Mg SGTE 2011 Ca-Mg SGTE 2014
Ca-Mg TDnucl Ca-Mg SpMCBN Ca-Mg-Mn-O_CaO-MgO-MnO_1800C FToxid
Ca-Mg-Ni-O_CaNiSi2O6-CaMgSi2O6 FToxid Ca-Mg-Ni-O_CaO-MgO-NiO_projection FToxid Ca-Mg-O_CaO-MgO FToxid
Ca-Mg-O-P_Ca2P2O7-Mg2P2O7 FToxid Ca-Mg-O-P_Ca3P2O8-Mg3P2O8 FToxid Ca-Mg-O-P_CaO-MgO-P2O5-1300C FToxid
Ca-Mg-O-P_CaO-MgO-P2O5_Liquidus-projection FToxid Ca-Mg-O-P_CaP2O6-MgP2O6 FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1200C FToxid
Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1300C FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1400C FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1500C FToxid
Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1600C FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1700C FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_1800C FToxid
Ca-Mg-O-Si_CaO-MgO-SiO2_2000C FToxid Ca-Mg-O-Ti_CaO-MgO-TiO2_liquidus-projection_P(O2)=1atm FToxid Ca-Mg-S_CaS-MgS FTOxCN
Ca-Mn FTlite Ca-Mn-O_CaO-MnO FToxid Ca-Mn-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Mn2SiO4 FToxid
Ca-Mn-O-Si_CaO-MnO-SiO2_1200C FToxid Ca-Mn-O-Si_CaO-MnO-SiO2_1400C FToxid Ca-Mn-O-Si_CaO-MnO-SiO2_1600C FToxid
Ca-Mn-O-Si_CaSiO3-MnSiO3 FToxid Ca-Na FTlite Ca-Na-O-Si_Ca2SiO4-Na4SiO4 FToxid
Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1000C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1100C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1150C FToxid
Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1200C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1250C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1300C FToxid
Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1350C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1400C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_1450C FToxid
Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_800C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaO-Na2O-SiO2_900C FToxid Ca-Na-O-Si_CaSiO3-Na2SiO3 FToxid
Ca-Na-O-Si_Na2O-CaO-SiO2_Liquidus-projection FToxid Ca-Na-S_CaS-Na2S FTOxCN Ca-Nd FTlite
Ca-Ni FTlite Ca-Ni TDnucl Ca-Ni-O_CaO-NiO FToxid
Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_1100_C FToxid Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_1360_C FToxid Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_1390_C FToxid
Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_1475_C FToxid Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_1550_C FToxid Ca-Ni-O-Si_CaO-NiO-SiO2_projection FToxid
Ca-O TDnucl Ca-O-P_CaO-P2O5 FToxid Ca-O-P-Si_Ca2SiO4-Ca3P2O8-mol FToxid
Ca-O-P-Si_Ca2SiO4-Ca3P2O8-wt FToxid Ca-O-P-Si_CaO-SiO2-P2O5-1600C-wt FToxid Ca-O-P-Si_CaO-SiO2-P2O5-1600C FToxid
Ca-O-Pb_Pb-Ca-O2_P(O2)=air FToxid Ca-O-Pb-Si_CaO-SiO2-PbO-O2_P(O2) FToxid Ca-O-S_CaO-CaS FTOxCN
Ca-O-Si_CaO-SiO2 FToxid Ca-O-Si-Ti_CaO-SiO2-TiO2_1600C_P(O2)=1atm FToxid Ca-O-Si-Zr_CaO-SiO2-ZrO2_1200C FToxid
Ca-O-Si-Zr_CaO-SiO2-ZrO2_1600C FToxid Ca-O-Ti_CaO-TiO2 FToxid Ca-O-Zr_CaO-ZrO2 FToxid
Ca-Pb FSlead Ca-Pd SGnobl Ca-Pm FTlite
Ca-Pr FTlite Ca-Ru SGnobl Ca-Ru SGTE 2007
Ca-Ru SGTE 2011 Ca-Ru SGTE 2014 Ca-Ru TDnucl
Ca-S-Si_CaS-SiS2 FTOxCN Ca-Sc FTlite Ca-Si BINS
Ca-Si FSstel Ca-Si FTlite Ca-Si SGTE 2007
Ca-Si SGTE 2011 Ca-Si TDnucl Ca-Si SpMCBN
Ca-Sm FTlite Ca-Sn FTlite Ca-Sr FTlite
Ca-Sr SGTE 2014 Ca-Sr TDnucl Ca-Tb FTlite
Ca-Ti FTlite Ca-Tm FTlite Ca-U TDnucl
Ca-V FTlite Ca-Y FTlite Ca-Yb FTlite
Ca-Zn FSstel Ca-Zn FTlite Ca-Zn SGTE 2011
Ca-Zn SGTE 2014 Ca-Zr FTlite Ca-Zr TDnucl
CaCl2-CaF2 FTsalt CaCl2-CaO FTsalt CaCl2-CoCl2 FTsalt
CaCl2-CsCl FTsalt CaCl2-FeCl2 FTsalt CaCl2-FeCl3 FTsalt
CaCl2-KCl FTsalt CaCl2-LiCl FTsalt CaCl2-MgCl2 FTsalt
CaCl2-MgF2 FTsalt CaCl2-MnCl2 FTsalt CaCl2-NaAlCl4 FTsalt
CaCl2-NaCl FTsalt CaCl2-NiCl2 FTsalt CaCl2-PbCl2 FTsalt
CaCl2-RbCl FTsalt CaCl2-SrCl2 FTsalt CaCl2-ZnCl2 FTsalt
CaF2-KCaCl3 FTsalt CaF2-KF FTsalt CaF2-LiF FThall
CaF2-LiF FTsalt CaF2-MgF2 FThall CaF2-MgF2 FTsalt
CaF2-NaF FThall CaF2-NaF FTsalt CaO-CrO1.5 TDnucl
CaO-FeO TDnucl CaO-FeO1.5 TDnucl CaO-InO1.5 TDnucl
CaO-LaO1.5 TDnucl CaO-MgO FThall CaO-MgO TDnucl
CaO-NiO TDnucl CaO-SiO2 TDnucl CaO-SrO TDnucl
CaO-UO2 TDnucl CaO-ZrO2 TDnucl Cd-Ga FTlite
Cd-Ga SGTE 2007 Cd-Ga SGTE 2011 Cd-Ga SGTE 2014
Cd-Ga-In_300K SGTE 2014 Cd-Ga-In_500K SGTE 2014 Cd-Ga-In_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cd-Ge SGTE 2011 Cd-Ge SGTE 2014 Cd-Hg FTlite
Cd-Hg SGTE 2007 Cd-Hg SGTE 2011 Cd-Hg SGTE 2014
Cd-Hg-Te_CdTe-HgTe FTmisc Cd-In BINS Cd-In FTlite
Cd-In SGTE 2007 Cd-In SGTE 2011 Cd-In SGTE 2014
Cd-Pb FSlead Cd-Pb FTlite Cd-Pb SGTE 2007
Cd-Pb SGTE 2011 Cd-Pb SGTE 2014 Cd-Sb BINS
Cd-Sb FTlite Cd-Sb SGTE 2007 Cd-Sb SGTE 2011
Cd-Sb SGTE 2014 Cd-Te BINS Cd-Te FTmisc
Cd-Te-Zn_CdTe-ZnTe FTmisc Cd-Zn FTlite Cd-Zn FTmisc
Cd-Zn SGTE 2007 Cd-Zn SGTE 2011 Cd-Zn SGTE 2014
Ce-Co FTlite Ce-Co SGTE 2007 Ce-Co SGTE 2011
Ce-Co SGTE 2014 Ce-Cr FTlite Ce-Cr SGTE 2014
Ce-Cu FScopp Ce-Cu FTlite Ce-Cu SGTE 2007
Ce-Cu SGTE 2011 Ce-Eu FTlite Ce-Fe FSstel
Ce-Fe FTlite Ce-Gd FTlite Ce-Ho FTlite
Ce-In FTlite Ce-K FTlite Ce-La FTlite
Ce-Li FTlite Ce-Mg FTlite Ce-Mg SGTE 2007
Ce-Mg SGTE 2011 Ce-Mg SGTE 2014 Ce-Mn FTlite
Ce-Mn SGTE 2011 Ce-Mn SGTE 2014 Ce-Mo SGTE 2014
Ce-Na FTlite Ce-Nd FTlite Ce-Ni SGTE 2011
Ce-Ni SGTE 2014 Ce-Pr FTlite Ce-Pt SGnobl
Ce-Sb SGTE 2011 Ce-Sb SGTE 2014 Ce-Sc FTlite
Ce-Si FTlite Ce-Sm FTlite Ce-Sr FTlite
Ce-Ti FTlite Ce-V FTlite Ce-V SGTE 2014
Ce-Y FTlite Ce-Y SGTE 2011 Ce-Y SGTE 2014
Ce-Zn FTlite Ce-Zr FTlite CeCl3-CsCl FTsalt
CeCl3-KCl FTsalt CeCl3-LiCl FTsalt CeCl3-NaCl FTsalt
CeCl3-RbCl FTsalt Co-Cr BINS Co-Cr FSstel
Co-Cr FTlite Co-Cr SGTE 2007 Co-Cr SGTE 2011
Co-Cr SGTE 2014 Co-Cr SpMCBN Co-Cr-W_1500K SGTE 2014
Co-Cr-W_500K SGTE 2014 Co-Cr-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Co-Cr-W_1623K SpMCBN
Co-Cu FScopp Co-Cu FSstel Co-Cu FTlite
Co-Cu SGTE 2007 Co-Cu SGTE 2011 Co-Cu SGTE 2014
Co-Cu-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Co-Dy SGTE 2011 Co-Dy SGTE 2014
Co-Fe BINS Co-Fe FSstel Co-Fe FTlite
Co-Fe SGTE 2007 Co-Fe SGTE 2011 Co-Fe SGTE 2014
Co-Fe SpMCBN Co-Fe-N_1000K SGTE 2014 Co-Fe-N_500K SGTE 2014
Co-Fe-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Co-Fe-O_air_P(O2) FToxid Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_1000_C FToxid
Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_1027_C FToxid Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_1100_C FToxid Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_1200_C FToxid
Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_1300_C FToxid Co-Fe-O_Fe-Co-O2_900_C FToxid Co-Fe-O_FeO-CoO-Fe FToxid
Co-Fe-O-Si_CoO-Fe3O4-SiO2-O2_P(O2) FToxid Co-Fe-O-Si_CoO-FeO-SiO2-Fe_1200C FToxid Co-Fe-O-Si_CoO-FeO-SiO2-Fe_1300C FToxid
Co-Fe-O-Si_CoO-FeO-SiO2-Fe_1500C FToxid Co-Fe-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Co-Fe-W_1000K SGTE 2014
Co-Fe-W_500K SGTE 2014 Co-Fe-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Co-Fe-W_1473K SpMCBN
Co-Fe-W_liquidus SpMCBN Co-Ga SGTE 2011 Co-Gd SGTE 2011
Co-Gd SGTE 2014 Co-Ge SGTE 2007 Co-Ge SGTE 2011
Co-Ge SGTE 2014 Co-In SGTE 2011 Co-In SGTE 2014
Co-K FTlite Co-Li FTlite Co-Mg-O_Co-Mg-O2_air FToxid
Co-Mg-O_CoO-MgO FToxid Co-Mn FSstel Co-Mn FTlite
Co-Mn SGTE 2007 Co-Mn SGTE 2011 Co-Mn SGTE 2014
Co-Mn SpMCBN Co-Mo FSstel Co-Mo FTlite
Co-Mo SGTE 2011 Co-Mo SGTE 2014 Co-Mo SpMCBN
Co-N FSstel Co-N SGTE 2007 Co-N SGTE 2011
Co-Nb FSstel Co-Nb SGTE 2007 Co-Nb SGTE 2011
Co-Nb SGTE 2014 Co-Nb SpMCBN Co-Ni FSstel
Co-Ni FTlite Co-Ni SGTE 2007 Co-Ni SGTE 2011
Co-Ni SGTE 2014 Co-Ni SpMCBN Co-Ni-O_Co-Ni-O2_1100C FToxid
Co-Ni-O_CoO-NiO FToxid Co-Ni-Ru_1000C SGnobl Co-Ni-W_1000K SGTE 2014
Co-Ni-W_500K SGTE 2014 Co-Ni-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Co-Ni-W_1273K SpMCBN
Co-O_Co-O2 FToxid Co-O-Si_CoO-SiO2 FToxid Co-Pd FTlite
Co-Pd SGnobl Co-Pd SGTE 2011 Co-Pd SGTE 2014
Co-Pt BINS Co-Pt SGnobl Co-Pt SGTE 2011
Co-Pt SGTE 2014 Co-Re SpMCBN Co-Ru SGnobl
Co-S_Co-S FTmisc Co-Sb SGTE 2011 Co-Sb SGTE 2014
Co-Si FSstel Co-Si SGTE 2011 Co-Si SGTE 2014
Co-Si SpMCBN Co-Sm SGTE 2007 Co-Sm SGTE 2011
Co-Sm SGTE 2014 Co-Sn SGnobl Co-Sn SGTE 2011
Co-Sn SGTE 2014 Co-Ta SGTE 2007 Co-Ta SGTE 2011
Co-Ta SGTE 2014 Co-Ta SpMCBN Co-Ti SGTE 2011
Co-Ti SGTE 2014 Co-V SGTE 2011 Co-V SGTE 2014
Co-W SGTE 2007 Co-W SGTE 2011 Co-W SGTE 2014
Co-W SpMCBN Co-Y SGTE 2011 Co-Y SGTE 2014
Co-Y SpMCBN Co-Zn SGTE 2007 Co-Zn SGTE 2011
Co-Zn SGTE 2014 Co-Zr SGTE 2011 Co-Zr SGTE 2014
Co-Zr SpMCBN CoCl2-FeCl2 FTsalt CoCl2-FeCl3 FTsalt
CoCl2-KCl FTsalt CoCl2-LiCl FTsalt CoCl2-MgCl2 FTsalt
CoCl2-MnCl2 FTsalt CoCl2-NaCl FTsalt CoCl2-NiCl2 FTsalt
Cr-Cu BINS Cr-Cu FScopp Cr-Cu FSstel
Cr-Cu FTlite Cr-Cu SGTE 2007 Cr-Cu SGTE 2011
Cr-Cu SGTE 2014 Cr-Cu-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Cr-Dy FTlite
Cr-Er FTlite Cr-Eu FTlite Cr-Fe BINS
Cr-Fe FSstel Cr-Fe FTlite Cr-Fe SGnucl
Cr-Fe SGTE 2007 Cr-Fe SGTE 2011 Cr-Fe SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe TDnucl Cr-Fe SpMCBN Cr-Fe-Mn_1100C FSstel
Cr-Fe-Mn_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Mn_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Mn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-Mo_1200C FSstel Cr-Fe-Mo_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Mo_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-Mo_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Mo_1473K SpMCBN Cr-Fe-N_1000K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-N_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Ni_900C FSstel
Cr-Fe-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-Ni_1673K SpMCBN Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1000_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1095_C FToxid
Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1200_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1223_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1300_C FToxid
Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1600_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1700_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_1800_C FToxid
Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_2000_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe-Cr-O2_2200_C FToxid Cr-Fe-O_Fe2O3-Cr2O3-O2_P(O2)=air FToxid
Cr-Fe-O_FeO-Fe2O3-Cr2O3_1300C FToxid Cr-Fe-P_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-P_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-P_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-S_1000C FTmisc Cr-Fe-S_1370C FTmisc
Cr-Fe-S_CrS-FeS FTmisc Cr-Fe-Ti_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-Ti_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-V_700C FSstel Cr-Fe-V_1000K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-V_liquidprojektion SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-V_1173K SpMCBN Cr-Fe-W_1500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Fe-W_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Fe-W_1673K SpMCBN
Cr-Ga SGTE 2011 Cr-Ga SGTE 2014 Cr-Gd FTlite
Cr-Ge SGTE 2014 Cr-Ho FTlite Cr-In TDnucl
Cr-K FTlite Cr-La FTlite Cr-La SGTE 2011
Cr-La SGTE 2014 Cr-La TDnucl Cr-Li FTlite
Cr-Lu FTlite Cr-Mg FTlite Cr-Mg SGTE 2007
Cr-Mg SGTE 2011 Cr-Mg SGTE 2014 Cr-Mg TDnucl
Cr-Mg SpMCBN Cr-Mg-O_Mg-Cr-O2_1400_C FToxid Cr-Mg-O_Mg-Cr-O2_1500_C FToxid
Cr-Mg-O_Mg-Cr-O2_1600_C FToxid Cr-Mg-O_Mg-Cr-O2_1800_C FToxid Cr-Mg-O_MgO-Cr2O3-O2_P(O2) FToxid
Cr-Mg-O-Si_Cr2O3-MgO-SiO2_a(Cr)=1_1600C FToxid Cr-Mg-O-Si_Cr2O3-MgO-SiO2_air_1600C FToxid Cr-Mg-O-Si_Cr2O3-MgO-SiO2_air_2000C FToxid
Cr-Mn BINS Cr-Mn FSstel Cr-Mn FTlite
Cr-Mn SGTE 2007 Cr-Mn SGTE 2011 Cr-Mn SGTE 2014
Cr-Mn SpMCBN Cr-Mn-N_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Mn-N_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Mn-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Mn-Ti_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Mn-Ti_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Mn-Ti_Liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo FSstel Cr-Mo FTlite
Cr-Mo SGTE 2007 Cr-Mo SGTE 2011 Cr-Mo SGTE 2014
Cr-Mo SpMCBN Cr-Mo-N_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-N_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Mo-N_Liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-N_1373K SpMCBN Cr-Mo-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014
Cr-Mo-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-Ni_Liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-W_1500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Mo-W_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-W_Liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Mo-W_1673K SpMCBN
Cr-N FSstel Cr-N SGTE 2007 Cr-N SGTE 2011
Cr-N SGTE 2014 Cr-N SpMCBN Cr-N-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014
Cr-N-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-N-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-N-Si_1873K SpMCBN
Cr-N-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014 Cr-N-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-N-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cr-N-Ti_1273K SpMCBN Cr-N-V_1500K SGTE 2014 Cr-N-V_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-N-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-N-V_1273K SpMCBN Cr-N-W_1500K SGTE 2014
Cr-N-W_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-N-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-N-W_1373K SpMCBN
Cr-N-Zr_1473K SpMCBN Cr-Na FTlite Cr-Nb FSstel
Cr-Nb SGTE 2007 Cr-Nb SGTE 2011 Cr-Nb SGTE 2014
Cr-Nb SpMCBN Cr-Nd FTlite Cr-Ni FSstel
Cr-Ni FTlite Cr-Ni SGnucl Cr-Ni SGTE 2007
Cr-Ni SGTE 2011 Cr-Ni SGTE 2014 Cr-Ni TDnucl
Cr-Ni SpMCBN Cr-Ni-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Cr-Ni-Ru_1250C SGnobl
Cr-Ni-Ta_1500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Ni-Ta_500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Ni-Ta_Liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cr-Ni-Ta_1273K SpMCBN Cr-Ni-W_1500K SGTE 2014 Cr-Ni-W_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Ni-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Ni-W_1773K SpMCBN Cr-O_Cr-O2 FToxid
Cr-O_CrO-Cr2O3 FToxid Cr-O SGnucl Cr-O TDnucl
Cr-O-Si_Cr-Si-O2_P(O2)=1e-4_atm FToxid Cr-O-Si_Cr-Si-O2_P(O2)=1e-8_atm FToxid Cr-O-Si_SiO2-CrO-Cr_a(Cr)=1 FToxid
Cr-P SGTE 2007 Cr-P_section SGTE 2011 Cr-P SGTE 2014
Cr-Pb FTlite Cr-Pd SGnobl Cr-Pd SGTE 2011
Cr-Pd SGTE 2014 Cr-Pm FTlite Cr-Pr FTlite
Cr-Pt SGnobl Cr-Pt SGTE 2011 Cr-Pt SGTE 2014
Cr-Rh SGnobl Cr-Ru SGnobl Cr-Ru SGTE 2007
Cr-Ru SGTE 2011 Cr-Ru SGTE 2014 Cr-Ru TDnucl
Cr-S_Cr-S FTmisc Cr-Sc FTlite Cr-Si BINS
Cr-Si FSstel Cr-Si FTlite Cr-Si SGTE 2007
Cr-Si SGTE 2011 Cr-Si SGTE 2014 Cr-Si TDnucl
Cr-Si SpMCBN Cr-Si-Ti_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Si-Ti_300K SGTE 2014
Cr-Si-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Si-Ti_1273K SpMCBN Cr-Sm FTlite
Cr-Sn FTlite Cr-Sn SGTE 2011 Cr-Sn SGTE 2014
Cr-Sr FTlite Cr-Sr TDnucl Cr-Ta SGTE 2007
Cr-Ta SGTE 2011 Cr-Ta SGTE 2014 Cr-Ta SpMCBN
Cr-Tb FTlite Cr-Ti FSstel Cr-Ti FTlite
Cr-Ti SGTE 2007 Cr-Ti SGTE 2011 Cr-Ti SGTE 2014
Cr-Ti SpMCBN Cr-Ti-V_1000K SGTE 2014 Cr-Ti-V_500K SGTE 2014
Cr-Ti-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cr-Tm FTlite Cr-U SGnucl
Cr-U TDnucl Cr-V FSstel Cr-V FTlite
Cr-V SGTE 2007 Cr-V SGTE 2011 Cr-V SGTE 2014
Cr-W FTlite Cr-W SGTE 2007 Cr-W SGTE 2011
Cr-W SGTE 2014 Cr-W SpMCBN Cr-Y FTlite
Cr-Y SGTE 2014 Cr-Yb FTlite Cr-Zn FSstel
Cr-Zn FTlite Cr-Zn SGTE 2007 Cr-Zn SGTE 2011
Cr-Zn SGTE 2014 Cr-Zr FTlite Cr-Zr SGnucl
Cr-Zr SGTE 2007 Cr-Zr SGTE 2011 Cr-Zr SGTE 2014
Cr-Zr TDnucl Cr-Zr SpMCBN Cr2O3-Fe2O3 SGnucl
Cr2O3-NiO SGnucl Cr2O3-ZrO2 SGnucl CrO1.5-FeO TDnucl
CrO1.5-FeO1.5 TDnucl CrO1.5-InO1.5 TDnucl CrO1.5-LaO1.5 TDnucl
CrO1.5-MgO TDnucl CrO1.5-NiO TDnucl CrO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl
CrO1.5-SrO TDnucl CrO1.5-UO2 TDnucl CrO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl
Cs-K FTlite Cs-K SGTE 2007 Cs-K SGTE 2011
Cs-K SGTE 2014 Cs-Na BINS Cs-Na FTlite
Cs-Na SGTE 2007 Cs-Na SGTE 2011 Cs-Na SGTE 2014
Cs-Rb BINS Cs-Rb FTlite Cs-Rb SGTE 2007
Cs-Rb SGTE 2011 Cs-Rb SGTE 2014 CsBr-CsCl FTsalt
CsBr-CsF FTsalt CsBr-CsI FTsalt CsBr-CsNO3 FTsalt
CsBr-KBr FTsalt CsBr-LiBr FTsalt CsBr-NaBr FTsalt
CsBr-RbBr FTsalt CsCl-CsF FTsalt CsCl-CsI FTsalt
CsCl-CsNO3 FTsalt CsCl-KCl FTsalt CsCl-LaCl3 FTsalt
CsCl-LiCl FTsalt CsCl-MgCl2 FTsalt CsCl-NaCl FTsalt
CsCl-RbCl FTsalt CsCl-SrCl2 FTsalt CsF-CsI FTsalt
CsF-CsNO3 FTsalt CsF-KF FTsalt CsF-LiF FTsalt
CsF-NaF FTsalt CsF-RbF FTsalt CsI-KI FTsalt
CsI-LiI FTsalt CsI-NaI FTsalt CsI-RbI FTsalt
CsNO3-CsOH FTsalt CsNO3-KNO3 FTsalt CsNO3-LiNO3 FTsalt
CsNO3-NaNO3 FTsalt CsNO3-RbNO3 FTsalt CsOH-KOH FTsalt
CsOH-LiOH FTsalt CsOH-NaOH FTsalt CsOH-RbOH FTsalt
Cu-Er SGTE 2014 Cu-Eu FTlite Cu-Eu SGTE 2011
Cu-Eu SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe BINS Cu-Fe FScopp
Cu-Fe FSstel Cu-Fe FTlite Cu-Fe SGTE 2007
Cu-Fe SGTE 2011 Cu-Fe SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014
Cu-Fe-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe-P_1500K SGTE 2014
Cu-Fe-P_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe-P_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cu-Fe-S_1000C FTmisc
Cu-Fe-S_1350C FTmisc Cu-Fe-S_800C FTmisc Cu-Fe-S_Cu2S-CuFeS2 FTmisc
Cu-Fe-S_Cu2S-FeS FTmisc Cu-Fe-S_Cu5FeS4-S FTmisc Cu-Fe-S_CuFeS2-FeS FTmisc
Cu-Ge FTlite Cu-Ge SGTE 2007 Cu-Ge SGTE 2011
Cu-Ge SGTE 2014 Cu-H SGTE 2014 Cu-H-Pd_1500K SGTE 2014
Cu-H-Pd_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-H-Pd_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cu-Hf SGTE 2011
Cu-Hf SGTE 2014 Cu-Ho FTlite Cu-Ho SGTE 2011
Cu-Ho SGTE 2014 Cu-In FScopp Cu-In FTlite
Cu-In SGnobl Cu-In SGsold Cu-In SGTE 2007
Cu-In SGTE 2011 Cu-In SGTE 2014 Cu-In-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014
Cu-In-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-In-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cu-Ir SGnobl
Cu-Ir SGTE 2007 Cu-Ir SGTE 2011 Cu-Ir SGTE 2014
Cu-K FTlite Cu-La FTlite Cu-La SGTE 2011
Cu-La SGTE 2014 Cu-Li FScopp Cu-Li FTlite
Cu-Li SGTE 2007 Cu-Li SGTE 2011 Cu-Li SGTE 2014
Cu-Mg BINS Cu-Mg FScopp Cu-Mg FTlite
Cu-Mg SGTE 2007 Cu-Mg SGTE 2011 Cu-Mg SGTE 2014
Cu-Mg-Si_1000K SGTE 2014 Cu-Mg-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-Mg-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cu-Mg-Zn_1000K SGTE 2014 Cu-Mg-Zn_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-Mg-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cu-Mn FScopp Cu-Mn FSstel Cu-Mn FTlite
Cu-Mn SGnobl Cu-Mn SGTE 2007 Cu-Mn SGTE 2011
Cu-Mn SGTE 2014 Cu-Mo SGTE 2011 Cu-Mo SGTE 2014
Cu-Na FTlite Cu-Nb FScopp Cu-Nb FTlite
Cu-Nb SGTE 2007 Cu-Nb SGTE 2011 Cu-Nb SGTE 2014
Cu-Nd FScopp Cu-Nd FTlite Cu-Nd SGTE 2007
Cu-Nd SGTE 2011 Cu-Nd SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni BINS
Cu-Ni FScopp Cu-Ni FSstel Cu-Ni FTlite
Cu-Ni SGsold Cu-Ni SGTE 2007 Cu-Ni SGTE 2011
Cu-Ni SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni-Pb_1000K SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni-Pb_500K SGTE 2014
Cu-Ni-Pb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Cu-Ni-Pt_liquidus SGnobl
Cu-Ni-S_10wt_S FTmisc Cu-Ni-S_1200C FTmisc Cu-Ni-S_Ni3S2-Cu2S FTmisc
Cu-Ni-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Cu-Ni-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Cu-O FScopp Cu-P FScopp Cu-P SGTE 2007
Cu-P SGTE 2011 Cu-P SGTE 2014 Cu-Pb BINS
Cu-Pb FScopp Cu-Pb FSlead Cu-Pb FTlite
Cu-Pb SGsold Cu-Pb SGTE 2007 Cu-Pb SGTE 2011
Cu-Pb SGTE 2014 Cu-Pd SGnobl Cu-Pd SGsold
Cu-Pd SGTE 2014 Cu-Pr FScopp Cu-Pr FTlite
Cu-Pr SGTE 2007 Cu-Pr SGTE 2011 Cu-Pr SGTE 2014
Cu-Pt SGnobl Cu-Rh SGnobl Cu-Rh SGTE 2011
Cu-Rh SGTE 2014 Cu-Ru SGnobl Cu-S FScopp
Cu-S_Cu-S FTmisc Cu-S_Cu-S_fcc FTmisc Cu-Sb FScopp
Cu-Sb FTlite Cu-Sb SGsold Cu-Sb SGTE 2007
Cu-Sb SGTE 2011 Cu-Sb SGTE 2014 Cu-Sc FTlite
Cu-Sc SGTE 2011 Cu-Sc SGTE 2014 Cu-Si FScopp
Cu-Si FSstel Cu-Si FTlite Cu-Si SGTE 2007
Cu-Si SGTE 2011 Cu-Si SGTE 2014 Cu-Sm FScopp
Cu-Sm FTlite Cu-Sm SGTE 2007 Cu-Sm SGTE 2011
Cu-Sm SGTE 2014 Cu-Sn BINS Cu-Sn FScopp
Cu-Sn FSstel Cu-Sn FTlite Cu-Sn SGsold
Cu-Sn SGTE 2007 Cu-Sn SGTE 2011 Cu-Sn SGTE 2014
Cu-Sr FScopp Cu-Sr FTlite Cu-Sr SGTE 2007
Cu-Sr SGTE 2011 Cu-Sr SGTE 2014 Cu-Ti FScopp
Cu-Ti FTlite Cu-Ti SGTE 2007 Cu-Ti SGTE 2011
Cu-Ti SGTE 2014 Cu-Tl FScopp Cu-Tl FTlite
Cu-Tl SGTE 2007 Cu-Tl SGTE 2011 Cu-Tl SGTE 2014
Cu-V FScopp Cu-V FSstel Cu-V FTlite
Cu-V SGTE 2007 Cu-V SGTE 2011 Cu-V SGTE 2014
Cu-Y BINS Cu-Y FScopp Cu-Y FTlite
Cu-Y SGTE 2007 Cu-Y SGTE 2011 Cu-Y SGTE 2014
Cu-Zn FScopp Cu-Zn FSstel Cu-Zn FTlite
Cu-Zn SGsold Cu-Zn SGTE 2007 Cu-Zn SGTE 2011
Cu-Zn SGTE 2014 Cu-Zr FScopp Cu-Zr FTlite
Cu-Zr SGTE 2007 Cu-Zr SGTE 2011 Cu-Zr SGTE 2014
Dy-Er FTlite Dy-Er SGTE 2011 Dy-Er SGTE 2014
Dy-Fe FTlite Dy-Fe SGTE 2007 Dy-Fe SGTE 2011
Dy-Fe SGTE 2014 Dy-Fe-Pt_900C SGnobl Dy-Fe-Tb_1500K SGTE 2014
Dy-Fe-Tb_500K SGTE 2014 Dy-Fe-Tb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Dy-Gd FTlite
Dy-Ho FTlite Dy-Ho SGTE 2011 Dy-Ho SGTE 2014
Dy-K FTlite Dy-Li FTlite Dy-Mg FTlite
Dy-Mg SGTE 2011 Dy-Mg SGTE 2014 Dy-Mn FTlite
Dy-Na FTlite Dy-Nd FTlite Dy-Ni SGTE 2011
Dy-Ni SGTE 2014 Dy-Pt SGnobl Dy-Si FTlite
Dy-Sr FTlite Dy-Tb FTlite Dy-Tb SGTE 2007
Dy-Tb SGTE 2011 Dy-Tb SGTE 2014 Dy-Ti FTlite
Dy-V FTlite Dy-Y FTlite Dy-Zn FTlite
Dy-Zr FTlite Er-Fe FTlite Er-Gd FTlite
Er-Ho BINS Er-Ho FTlite Er-Ho SGTE 2011
Er-Ho SGTE 2014 Er-K FTlite Er-Li FTlite
Er-Mg FTlite Er-Mn FTlite Er-Na FTlite
Er-Nd FTlite Er-Ni SGTE 2011 Er-Ni SGTE 2014
Er-Sc FTlite Er-Si FTlite Er-Sr FTlite
Er-Tb BINS Er-Tb FTlite Er-Tb SGTE 2011
Er-Tb SGTE 2014 Er-Ti FTlite Er-V FTlite
Er-Y FTlite Er-Zn FTlite Er-Zr FTlite
Eu-Fe FTlite Eu-In SGTE 2014 Eu-K FTlite
Eu-Li FTlite Eu-Mg FTlite Eu-Mg SGTE 2011
Eu-Mg SGTE 2014 Eu-Mn FTlite Eu-Na FTlite
Eu-Pd SGTE 2011 Eu-Pd SGTE 2014 Eu-Si FTlite
Eu-Sn SGTE 2011 Eu-Sn SGTE 2014 Eu-Sr FTlite
Eu-Ti FTlite Eu-V FTlite Eu-Zn FTlite
Eu-Zr FTlite F-Mg-O_MgO-MgF2 FToxid F-Mg-O-Si_Mg2SiO4-MgF2 FToxid
F-Mg-O-Si_MgO-SiO2-MgF2-1000C FToxid F-Mg-O-Si_MgO-SiO2-MgF2-1600C FToxid F-Mg-O-Si_MgO-SiO2-MgF2_Liquidus-projection FToxid
F-Na-O_Na2O-NaF FToxid F-Na-O-Si_Na2O-SiO2-NaF-1000C FToxid F-Na-O-Si_Na2O-SiO2-NaF_Liquidus-projection FToxid
F-Na-O-Si_SiO2-NaF FToxid Fe-Gd FTlite Fe-Gd SGTE 2007
Fe-Gd SGTE 2011 Fe-Gd SGTE 2014 Fe-Ho FTlite
Fe-In FTlite Fe-In TDnucl Fe-Ir SGnobl
Fe-Ir-Os_900C SGnobl Fe-Ir-Ru_650C SGnobl Fe-K FTlite
Fe-La FTlite Fe-La SGTE 2011 Fe-La SGTE 2014
Fe-La TDnucl Fe-Li FTlite Fe-Lu FTlite
Fe-Mg FSstel Fe-Mg FTlite Fe-Mg SGTE 2007
Fe-Mg SGTE 2011 Fe-Mg SGTE 2014 Fe-Mg TDnucl
Fe-Mg SpMCBN Fe-Mg-Mn-O_FeO-MgO-MnO_a(Fe)=1_1600C FToxid Fe-Mg-O_Fe-Mg-O2_1200C FToxid
Fe-Mg-O_MgO-Fe2O3-FeO_1200C FToxid Fe-Mg-O_MgO-Fe2O3-FeO_1500C FToxid Fe-Mg-O_MgO-Fe2O3-FeO_1650C FToxid
Fe-Mg-O_MgO-Fe2O3_O2_air FToxid Fe-Mg-O_MgO-FeO-Fe FToxid Fe-Mg-S_FeS-MgS FTOxCN
Fe-Mn FSstel Fe-Mn FTlite Fe-Mn SGnobl
Fe-Mn SGTE 2007 Fe-Mn SGTE 2011 Fe-Mn SGTE 2014
Fe-Mn SpMCBN Fe-Mn-N_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-N_500K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mn-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-Ni_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mn-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-O_Fe-Mn-O2_1200C FToxid Fe-Mn-O_Fe-Mn-O2_air FToxid
Fe-Mn-O_Fe2O3-Mn2O3_air FToxid Fe-Mn-O_FeO-MnO_a(Fe)=1 FToxid Fe-Mn-O-Si_Fe2O3-Mn2O3-SiO2_air_1200C FToxid
Fe-Mn-O-Si_Fe2O3-Mn2O3-SiO2_air_1400C FToxid Fe-Mn-O-Si_Fe2O3-Mn2O3-SiO2_air_1600C FToxid Fe-Mn-O-Si_FeO-MnO-SiO2_a(Fe)=1_1300C FToxid
Fe-Mn-S_1300C FTmisc Fe-Mn-S_projection FTmisc Fe-Mn-Si_1000K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mn-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-V_1000K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mn-V_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mn-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo FSstel
Fe-Mo FTlite Fe-Mo SGTE 2007 Fe-Mo SGTE 2011
Fe-Mo SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo SpMCBN Fe-Mo-N_1500K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mo-N_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-N_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014
Fe-Mo-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-Ni_1473K SpMCBN
Fe-Mo-P_1500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-P_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-P_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Mo-V_1500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-V_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Mo-W_1500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-W_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Mo-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Mo-W_1673K SpMCBN Fe-N BINS Fe-N FSstel
Fe-N SGTE 2007 Fe-N SGTE 2011 Fe-N SGTE 2014
Fe-N SpMCBN Fe-N-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014 Fe-N-Ni_500K SGTE 2014
Fe-N-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-N-Si_1423K SpMCBN Fe-N-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014
Fe-N-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-N-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-N-V_1500K SGTE 2014
Fe-N-V_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-N-V_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-N-V_1473K SpMCBN
Fe-N-W_1500K SGTE 2014 Fe-N-W_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-N-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Na FTlite Fe-Na-O_Fe2O3-Na2O_P(O2)=air FToxid Fe-Na-O_FeO-Na2O_a(Fe)=1 FToxid
Fe-Na-O-Si_Fe2O3-Na2O-SiO2_P(O2)=air_1000C FToxid Fe-Na-O-Si_FeO-Na2O-SiO2_a(Fe)=1_1000C FToxid Fe-Na-S_Na2S-FeS FTOxCN
Fe-Nb FSstel Fe-Nb FTlite Fe-Nb SGTE 2007
Fe-Nb SGTE 2011 Fe-Nb SGTE 2014 Fe-Nb SpMCBN
Fe-Nd FTlite Fe-Nd SGTE 2007 Fe-Nd SGTE 2011
Fe-Nd SGTE 2014 Fe-Ni BINS Fe-Ni FSstel
Fe-Ni FTlite Fe-Ni SGnucl Fe-Ni SGTE 2007
Fe-Ni SGTE 2007 Fe-Ni SGTE 2011 Fe-Ni SGTE 2014
Fe-Ni TDnucl Fe-Ni SpMCBN Fe-Ni-O_Fe-Ni-O2_1000C FToxid
Fe-Ni-O_Fe-Ni-O2_1200C FToxid Fe-Ni-O_Fe-Ni-O2_air FToxid Fe-Ni-O_FeO-NiO_a(Fe)=1 FToxid
Fe-Ni-P_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-Ni-P_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Ni-P_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Ni-Pd_liquidus SGnobl Fe-Ni-Pt_600C SGnobl Fe-Ni-Ru_1000C SGnobl
Fe-Ni-S_1000C FTmisc Fe-Ni-S_700C FTmisc Fe-Ni-S_FeNi-S FTmisc
Fe-Ni-S_FeS-Ni3S2 FTmisc Fe-Ni-S_FeS2-NiS2-S FTmisc Fe-Ni-W_1000K SGTE 2014
Fe-Ni-W_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Ni-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Ni-W_1473K SpMCBN
Fe-O FToxid Fe-O SGnucl Fe-O TDnucl
Fe-O-P_Fe2O3-P2O5-1atmO2 FToxid Fe-O-P_Fe2O3-P2O5-air FToxid Fe-O-P_FeO-Fe2O3-P2O5-1000C FToxid
Fe-O-P_FeO-P2O5-a(Fe)=1 FToxid Fe-O-P_FeO-P2O5 FToxid Fe-O-S_FeO-FeS FTOxCN
Fe-O-Si_Fe2O3-SiO2-O2_air FToxid Fe-O-Si_FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2_1100C FToxid Fe-O-Si_FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2_1300C FToxid
Fe-O-Si_FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2_1500C FToxid Fe-O-Si_FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2_1700C FToxid Fe-O-Si_FeO-SiO2-Fe FToxid
Fe-O-Si-Zn_ZnO-Fe2O3-SiO2-O2_P(O2) FToxid Fe-O-Si-Zn_ZnO-FeO-SiO2-Fe_1100C_a(Fe)=1 FToxid Fe-O-Ti_FeO-TiO2-O2_logP(O2)=-7 FToxid
Fe-O-Ti_FeO-TiO2_a(Fe)=1 FToxid Fe-O-Ti_TiO2-FeO-TiO15_1500C FToxid Fe-O-U_1473K SGnucl
Fe-O-U_2773K SGnucl Fe-O-U_1473K TDnucl Fe-O-U_1873K TDnucl
Fe-O-U_3073K TDnucl Fe-O-Zn_1500C FToxid Fe-O-Zn_1500C_100atm FToxid
Fe-O-Zn_FeO-ZnO-Fe_a(Fe)=1 FToxid Fe-O-Zn_Zn-Fe-O2_P(O2)=air FToxid Fe-O-Zr_FeO-ZrO2_a(Fe)=1 FToxid
Fe-O-Zr_2073K SGnucl Fe-O-Zr_2673K SGnucl Fe-O-Zr_3073K TDnucl
Fe-O-Zr_3273K TDnucl Fe-Os SGnobl Fe-P FSstel
Fe-P SGTE 2007 Fe-P SGTE 2011 Fe-P SGTE 2014
Fe-Pb FSlead Fe-Pb FSstel Fe-Pb FTlite
Fe-Pb SGTE 2007 Fe-Pb SGTE 2011 Fe-Pb SGTE 2014
Fe-Pd SGnobl Fe-Pd SGTE 2011 Fe-Pd SGTE 2014
Fe-Pr FTlite Fe-Pr SGTE 2011 Fe-Pr SGTE 2014
Fe-Pt SGnobl Fe-Rh SGnobl Fe-Ru SGnobl
Fe-Ru SGTE 2007 Fe-Ru SGTE 2011 Fe-Ru SGTE 2014
Fe-Ru TDnucl Fe-S FSstel Fe-S_Fe-S FTmisc
Fe-S_Fe-S_1atm FTmisc Fe-S_Fe-S_fcc FTmisc Fe-S_Fe-S_pS2 FTmisc
Fe-S-Si_FeS-SiS2 FTOxCN Fe-Sb FSstel Fe-Sb FTlite
Fe-Sb SGTE 2007 Fe-Sb SGTE 2011 Fe-Sb SGTE 2014
Fe-Sc FTlite Fe-Sc SGTE 2011 Fe-Sc SGTE 2014
Fe-Sc SpMCBN Fe-Si BINS Fe-Si FSstel
Fe-Si FTlite Fe-Si SGTE 2007 Fe-Si SGTE 2011
Fe-Si SGTE 2014 Fe-Si TDnucl Fe-Si SpMCBN
Fe-Si-Zn_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-Si-Zn_500K SGTE 2014 Fe-Si-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-Sm FTlite Fe-Sm SGTE 2011 Fe-Sm SGTE 2014
Fe-Sn FSstel Fe-Sn FTlite Fe-Sn SGTE 2007
Fe-Sn SGTE 2011 Fe-Sn SGTE 2014 Fe-Sr FTlite
Fe-Sr SGTE 2014 Fe-Sr TDnucl Fe-Ta SGTE 2011
Fe-Ta SGTE 2014 Fe-Ta SpMCBN Fe-Tb FTlite
Fe-Tb SGTE 2007 Fe-Tb SGTE 2011 Fe-Tb SGTE 2014
Fe-Ti BINS Fe-Ti FSstel Fe-Ti FTlite
Fe-Ti SGTE 2007 Fe-Ti SGTE 2011 Fe-Ti SGTE 2014
Fe-Ti SpMCBN Fe-Ti-W_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-Ti-W_2000K SGTE 2014
Fe-Ti-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Fe-Tm FTlite Fe-U SGnucl
Fe-U SGTE 2007 Fe-U SGTE 2011 Fe-U SGTE 2014
Fe-U TDnucl Fe-U-Zr_1273K SGnucl Fe-U-Zr_700K SGnucl
Fe-U-Zr_1000K SGTE 2014 Fe-U-Zr_300K SGTE 2014 Fe-U-Zr_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Fe-U-Zr_1073K TDnucl Fe-U-Zr_1273K TDnucl Fe-U-Zr_1673K TDnucl
Fe-V FSstel Fe-V SGTE 2007 Fe-V SGTE 2011
Fe-V SGTE 2014 Fe-V SpMCBN Fe-W FSstel
Fe-W SGTE 2007 Fe-W SGTE 2011 Fe-W SGTE 2014
Fe-W SpMCBN Fe-Y FTlite Fe-Y SGTE 2011
Fe-Y SGTE 2014 Fe-Y SpMCBN Fe-Zn FSstel
Fe-Zn FTlite Fe-Zn SGTE 2007 Fe-Zn SGTE 2011
Fe-Zn SGTE 2014 Fe-Zr BINS Fe-Zr FSstel
Fe-Zr FTlite Fe-Zr SGnucl Fe-Zr SGTE 2007
Fe-Zr SGTE 2011 Fe-Zr SGTE 2014 Fe-Zr TDnucl
Fe-Zr SpMCBN FeCl2-FeCl3 FTsalt FeCl2-KCl FTsalt
FeCl2-LiCl FTsalt FeCl2-MgCl2 FTsalt FeCl2-MnCl2 FTsalt
FeCl2-NaCl FTsalt FeCl2-NiCl2 FTsalt FeCl3-LiCl FTsalt
FeCl3-MgCl2 FTsalt FeCl3-MnCl2 FTsalt FeCl3-NiCl2 FTsalt
FeO-FeO1.5 TDnucl FeO-InO1.5 TDnucl FeO-LaO1.5 TDnucl
FeO-MgO TDnucl FeO-NiO SGnucl FeO-NiO TDnucl
FeO-SiO2 TDnucl FeO-SrO TDnucl FeO-UO2 TDnucl
FeO-ZrO2 TDnucl FeO1.5-InO1.5 TDnucl FeO1.5-LaO1.5 TDnucl
FeO1.5-MgO TDnucl FeO1.5-NiO TDnucl FeO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl
FeO1.5-SrO TDnucl FeO1.5-UO2 TDnucl FeO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl
FeS-MnS FSstel Ga-Ge FTlite Ga-Ge SGTE 2007
Ga-Ge SGTE 2011 Ga-Hg FTlite Ga-Hg SGTE 2007
Ga-Hg SGTE 2011 Ga-Hg SGTE 2014 Ga-In BINS
Ga-In FTlite Ga-In SGTE 2007 Ga-In SGTE 2011
Ga-In SGTE 2014 Ga-In-Sb_500K SGTE 2014 Ga-In-Sb_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ga-Mg FTlite Ga-Mg SGTE 2011 Ga-Mg SGTE 2014
Ga-N SGTE 2011 Ga-N SGTE 2014 Ga-Ni SGTE 2011
Ga-Ni SGTE 2014 Ga-P SGTE 2007 Ga-P SGTE 2011
Ga-P SGTE 2014 Ga-Pb FSlead Ga-Pb FTlite
Ga-Pb SGTE 2007 Ga-Pb SGTE 2011 Ga-Pb SGTE 2014
Ga-Pt SGTE 2011 Ga-Pt SGTE 2014 Ga-Sb SGTE 2007
Ga-Sb SGTE 2011 Ga-Sb SGTE 2014 Ga-Si SGTE 2011
Ga-Si SGTE 2014 Ga-Sn FTlite Ga-Sn SGTE 2007
Ga-Sn SGTE 2011 Ga-Sn SGTE 2014 Ga-Ti SGTE 2011
Ga-Ti SGTE 2014 Ga-Zn BINS Ga-Zn FTlite
Ga-Zn SGTE 2007 Ga-Zn SGTE 2011 Ga-Zn SGTE 2014
Gd-Ge SGTE 2014 Gd-Ho FTlite Gd-K FTlite
Gd-La FTlite Gd-Li FTlite Gd-Li SGTE 2011
Gd-Li SGTE 2014 Gd-Mg FTlite Gd-Mg SGTE 2007
Gd-Mg SGTE 2011 Gd-Mg SGTE 2014 Gd-Mn FTlite
Gd-Mn SGTE 2011 Gd-Mn SGTE 2014 Gd-Mo SGTE 2011
Gd-Mo SGTE 2014 Gd-Na FTlite Gd-Nd FTlite
Gd-Ni SGTE 2011 Gd-Ni SGTE 2014 Gd-Sc FTlite
Gd-Sc SGTE 2011 Gd-Sc SGTE 2014 Gd-Si FTlite
Gd-Si SGTE 2011 Gd-Si SGTE 2014 Gd-Sm FTlite
Gd-Sr FTlite Gd-Tb FTlite Gd-Ti FTlite
Gd-V FTlite Gd-Y FTlite Gd-Yb FTlite
Gd-Zn FTlite Gd-Zr FTlite Gd-Zr SGTE 2011
Gd-Zr SGTE 2014 Ge-In FTlite Ge-In SGTE 2007
Ge-In SGTE 2011 Ge-In SGTE 2014 Ge-Mg FTlite
Ge-Mg SGTE 2014 Ge-O-Si_SiO2-GeO2 FToxid Ge-Pb FSlead
Ge-Pb FTlite Ge-Pb SGTE 2007 Ge-Pb SGTE 2011
Ge-Pb SGTE 2014 Ge-Pt SGnobl Ge-Ru SGTE 2014
Ge-Ru-Si_1500K SGTE 2014 Ge-Ru-Si_500K SGTE 2014 Ge-Ru-Si_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ge-Ru-Sn_1500K SGTE 2014 Ge-Ru-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Ge-Ru-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Ge-Sb FTlite Ge-Sb SGTE 2007 Ge-Sb SGTE 2011
Ge-Sb SGTE 2014 Ge-Si BINS Ge-Si FTlite
Ge-Si SGTE 2007 Ge-Si SGTE 2011 Ge-Si SGTE 2014
Ge-Sn FTlite Ge-Sn SGTE 2007 Ge-Sn SGTE 2011
Ge-Sn SGTE 2014 Ge-Sr SGTE 2014 Ge-Te BINS
Ge-Te SGTE 2014 Ge-Tl FTlite Ge-Tl SGTE 2007
Ge-Tl SGTE 2011 Ge-Tl SGTE 2014 Ge-V SGTE 2011
Ge-V SGTE 2014 Ge-Zn BINS Ge-Zn FTlite
Ge-Zn SGTE 2007 Ge-Zn SGTE 2011 Ge-Zn SGTE 2014
H-Li SGTE 2014 H-Pd SGTE 2014 H2O-K2SO4_with_gas FTfrtz
H2O-K2SO4-KNO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-K2SO4-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KH2PO4_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KNO3_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-KNO3_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KNO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KNO3_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-KNO3_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-KNO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4Cl_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4H2PO4_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaCl_LP FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NaCl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaCl_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaCl_25oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NaCl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaCl_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaCl_LP FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NaNO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaNO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaNO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KCl-NaNO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaNO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KCl-NaNO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_25oC FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-KNO3_LP FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_LP FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4Cl_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KH2PO4-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3_no_gas FTfrtz H2O-KNO3_with_gas FTfrtz H2O-KNO3_without_gas FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3_with_gas FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4Cl_LP FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_LP FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_100oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_125oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_50oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4H2PO4_75oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaCl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaCl_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NaCl_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaCl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaCl_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NaCl_LP FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-KNO3-NaNO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl_no_gas FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl_with_gas FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_25oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NaCl_LP FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_125oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_25oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_75oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4Cl-NaNO3_LP FTfrtz H2O-NH4H2PO4_no_gas FTfrtz H2O-NH4H2PO4_with_gas FTfrtz
H2O-NH4NO3_no_gas FTfrtz H2O-NH4NO3_with_gas FTfrtz H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_LP FTfrtz
H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_100oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_125oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_25oC FTfrtz
H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_50oC FTfrtz H2O-NH4NO3-NaCl_75oC FTfrtz H2O-NaCl FTfrtz
H2O-NaCl-NaNO3_100oC FTfrtz H2O-NaCl-NaNO3_125oC FTfrtz H2O-NaCl-NaNO3_25oC FTfrtz
H2O-NaCl-NaNO3_50oC FTfrtz H2O-NaCl-NaNO3_75oC FTfrtz H2O-NaNO3_no_gas FTfrtz
H2O-NaNO3_wth_gas FTfrtz Hf-Mg FTlite Hf-Mo FSstel
Hf-Mo SGTE 2007 Hf-Mo SGTE 2011 Hf-Mo SGTE 2014
Hf-Mo SpMCBN Hf-Mo-N_1673K SpMCBN Hf-Mo-Nb_1773K SpMCBN
Hf-Mo-Si_1523K SpMCBN Hf-Mo-Si_1873K SpMCBN Hf-N SpMCBN
Hf-N-Nb_1873K SpMCBN Hf-N-Ta_1273K SpMCBN Hf-N-Ta_liquidus SpMCBN
Hf-N-V_1473K SpMCBN Hf-N-W_1673K SpMCBN Hf-Nb FSstel
Hf-Nb SGTE 2011 Hf-Nb SGTE 2014 Hf-Nb SpMCBN
Hf-Ni FSstel Hf-Ni SGTE 2007 Hf-Ni SGTE 2011
Hf-Ni SGTE 2014 Hf-Ni SpMCBN Hf-Sc SpMCBN
Hf-Si SGTE 2011 Hf-Si SGTE 2014 Hf-Si SpMCBN
Hf-Ta FSstel Hf-Ta FTlite Hf-Ta SGTE 2007
Hf-Ta SGTE 2011 Hf-Ta SGTE 2014 Hf-Ta SpMCBN
Hf-Ti FSstel Hf-Ti FTlite Hf-Ti SGTE 2007
Hf-Ti SGTE 2011 Hf-Ti SGTE 2014 Hf-Ti SpMCBN
Hf-V FSstel Hf-V SpMCBN Hf-W FSstel
Hf-W SGTE 2011 Hf-W SGTE 2014 Hf-W SpMCBN
Hf-Zr FSstel Hf-Zr SGTE 2011 Hf-Zr SGTE 2014
Hf-Zr SpMCBN Hg-Pb FSlead Hg-Pb SGTE 2011
Hg-Pb SGTE 2014 Hg-Sn SGTE 2011 Hg-Sn SGTE 2014
Hg-Te FTmisc Hg-Te-Zn_HgTe-ZnTe FTmisc Hg-Zn FTmisc
Hg-Zn SGTE 2011 Hg-Zn SGTE 2014 Ho-K FTlite
Ho-Li FTlite Ho-Mg FTlite Ho-Mg SGTE 2011
Ho-Mg SGTE 2014 Ho-Mn FTlite Ho-Mn SGTE 2014
Ho-Mo SGTE 2014 Ho-Na FTlite Ho-Si FTlite
Ho-Sr FTlite Ho-Tb FTlite Ho-Tb SGTE 2011
Ho-Tb SGTE 2014 Ho-Ti FTlite Ho-V FTlite
Ho-V SGTE 2014 Ho-Y FTlite Ho-Zn FTlite
Ho-Zr FTlite In-La SGTE 2011 In-La SGTE 2014
In-La TDnucl In-Li FTlite In-Mg FTlite
In-Mg TDnucl In-Na FTlite In-Ni SGsold
In-Ni SGTE 2011 In-Ni SGTE 2014 In-Ni TDnucl
In-O TDnucl In-P FTlite In-P SGTE 2007
In-P SGTE 2011 In-P SGTE 2014 In-Pb BINS
In-Pb FSlead In-Pb SGsold In-Pb SGTE 2007
In-Pb SGTE 2011 In-Pb SGTE 2014 In-Pd SGnobl
In-Pd SGsold In-Pd SGTE 2011 In-Pd SGTE 2014
In-Pt_Pt-rich SGnobl In-Rh_Rh-rich SGnobl In-Ru TDnucl
In-Sb FTlite In-Sb SGsold In-Sb SGTE 2007
In-Sb SGTE 2011 In-Sb SGTE 2014 In-Sb-Sn_300K SGTE 2014
In-Sb-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 In-Sb-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 In-Si FTlite
In-Si SGTE 2007 In-Si SGTE 2011 In-Si SGTE 2014
In-Si TDnucl In-Sn BINS In-Sn FTlite
In-Sn SGsold In-Sn SGTE 2007 In-Sn SGTE 2011
In-Sn SGTE 2014 In-Sn-Zn_300K SGTE 2014 In-Sn-Zn_500K SGTE 2014
In-Sn-Zn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 In-Sr FTlite In-Sr TDnucl
In-U TDnucl In-V FTlite In-Yb SGTE 2014
In-Zn FTlite In-Zn SGsold In-Zn SGTE 2007
In-Zn SGTE 2011 In-Zn SGTE 2014 In-Zr TDnucl
InO1.5-LaO1.5 TDnucl InO1.5-MgO TDnucl InO1.5-NiO TDnucl
InO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl InO1.5-SrO TDnucl InO1.5-UO2 TDnucl
InO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl Ir-Ni SGnobl Ir-Ni SGTE 2007
Ir-Ni SGTE 2011 Ir-Ni SGTE 2014 Ir-Os SGnobl
Ir-Pd FTlite Ir-Pd SGnobl Ir-Pd SGTE 2011
Ir-Pd SGTE 2014 Ir-Pd-Pt_1400C SGnobl Ir-Pd-Rh_1400C SGnobl
Ir-Pt SGnobl Ir-Pt SGTE 2007 Ir-Pt SGTE 2011
Ir-Pt SGTE 2014 Ir-Pt-Ru_1400C SGnobl Ir-Rh SGnobl
Ir-Rh SGTE 2007 Ir-Rh SGTE 2011 Ir-Rh SGTE 2014
Ir-Rh-Ru_1400C SGnobl Ir-Ru SGnobl Ir-Ru SGTE 2007
Ir-Ru SGTE 2011 Ir-Ru SGTE 2014 Ir-Zr SGTE 2011
K-La FTlite K-Li FTlite K-Lu FTlite
K-Mg FTlite K-Mn FTlite K-Mo FTlite
K-Na FTlite K-Na FTpulp K-Nd FTlite
K-Ni FTlite K-O-Si_K2O-SiO2 FToxid K-Pm FTlite
K-Pr FTlite K-Rb FTlite K-Rb SGTE 2007
K-Rb SGTE 2011 K-Rb SGTE 2014 K-S FTpulp
K-Sc FTlite K-Si FTlite K-Sm FTlite
K-Sr FTlite K-Tb FTlite K-Ti FTlite
K-Tm FTlite K-V FTlite K-Y FTlite
K-Yb FTlite K-Zn FTlite K-Zr FTlite
K2CO3-K2S FTpulp K2CO3-K2SO4 FTpulp K2CO3-K2SO4 FTsalt
K2CO3-K2SO4-KCl FTpulp K2CO3-KCl FTpulp K2CO3-KCl FTsalt
K2CO3-KF FTsalt K2CO3-KNO3 FTsalt K2CO3-KOH FTsalt
K2CO3-Li2CO3 FTsalt K2CO3-Na2CO3 FTpulp K2CO3-Na2CO3 FTsalt
K2S-K2SO4 FTpulp K2S-KCl FTpulp K2S-Na2S FTpulp
K2SO4-KCl FTpulp K2SO4-KCl FTsalt K2SO4-KCl-KNO3 FTfrtz
K2SO4-KF FTsalt K2SO4-KNO3_H2O_100oC FTfrtz K2SO4-KNO3_H2O_125oC FTfrtz
K2SO4-KNO3_H2O_25oC FTfrtz K2SO4-KNO3_H2O_50oC FTfrtz K2SO4-KNO3_H2O_75oC FTfrtz
K2SO4-KNO3 FTsalt K2SO4-KOH FTsalt K2SO4-Li2SO4 FTsalt
K2SO4-Na2SO4 FTpulp K2SO4-Na2SO4 FTsalt KAlCl4-NaAlCl4 FTsalt
KAlCl4-NaCl FTsalt KBr-KCl FTsalt KBr-KF FTsalt
KBr-KI FTsalt KBr-KNO3 FTsalt KBr-KOH FTsalt
KBr-LiBr FTsalt KBr-NaBr FTsalt KBr-RbBr FTsalt
KCl-KF FTsalt KCl-KH2PO4-KNO3_LP FTfrtz KCl-KI FTsalt
KCl-KNO3 FTfrtz KCl-KNO3 FTsalt KCl-KOH FTsalt
KCl-LaCl3 FTsalt KCl-LiCl FTsalt KCl-LiF FTsalt
KCl-MgCl2 FTsalt KCl-MnCl2 FTsalt KCl-NH4Cl FTfrtz
KCl-NaAlCl4 FTsalt KCl-NaCl FTfrtz KCl-NaCl FTpulp
KCl-NaCl FTsalt KCl-NiCl2 FTsalt KCl-PbCl2 FTsalt
KCl-RbCl FTsalt KCl-SrCl2 FTsalt KCl-ZnCl2 FTsalt
KF-KI FTsalt KF-KNO3 FTsalt KF-KOH FTsalt
KF-LiF FTsalt KF-MgF2 FTsalt KF-NaF FTsalt
KF-RbF FTsalt KFeCl3-NaCl FTsalt KH2PO4-KNO3 FTfrtz
KI-KNO3 FTsalt KI-KOH FTsalt KI-LiI FTsalt
KI-NaI FTsalt KI-RbI FTsalt KMgCl3-LiCl FTsalt
KMgCl3-NaCl FTsalt KMnCl3-NaCl FTsalt KNO3-KOH FTsalt
KNO3-LiNO3 FTsalt KNO3-NH4Cl-NH4NO3_lp FTfrtz KNO3-NH4NO3 FTfrtz
KNO3-NH4NO3_P(H2O)_10KN FTfrtz KNO3-NH4NO3_P(H2O)_20KN FTfrtz KNO3-NH4NO3_P(H2O)_75oC FTfrtz
KNO3-NH4NO3-NaNO3 FTfrtz KNO3-NaCl-NaNO3 FTfrtz KNO3-NaNO3 FTfrtz
KNO3-NaNO3 FTsalt KNO3-RbNO3 FTsalt KOH-LiOH FTsalt
KOH-NaOH FTsalt KOH-RbOH FTsalt La-Li FTlite
La-Mg FTlite La-Mg SGTE 2011 La-Mg SGTE 2014
La-Mg TDnucl La-Mn FTlite La-Na FTlite
La-Nd FTlite La-Ni BINS La-Ni SGTE 2007
La-Ni SGTE 2011 La-Ni SGTE 2014 La-Ni TDnucl
La-O TDnucl La-Ru TDnucl La-Sc FTlite
La-Si FTlite La-Si TDnucl La-Sr FTlite
La-Sr TDnucl La-Ti FTlite La-U TDnucl
La-V FTlite La-V SGTE 2014 La-Y FTlite
La-Zn FTlite La-Zr FTlite La-Zr TDnucl
LaCl3-LiCl FTsalt LaCl3-NaCl FTsalt LaCl3-RbCl FTsalt
LaO1.5-MgO TDnucl LaO1.5-NiO TDnucl LaO1.5-SiO2 TDnucl
LaO1.5-SrO TDnucl LaO1.5-UO2 TDnucl LaO1.5-ZrO2 TDnucl
Li-Lu FTlite Li-Mg BINS Li-Mg FTlite
Li-Mg SGTE 2007 Li-Mg SGTE 2011 Li-Mg SGTE 2014
Li-Mn FTlite Li-Mo FTlite Li-N SGTE 2011
Li-N SGTE 2014 Li-N2 SGTE 2014 Li-Na FTlite
Li-Na SGTE 2011 Li-Na SGTE 2014 Li-Nd FTlite
Li-Ni FTlite Li-Pm FTlite Li-Pr FTlite
Li-Sc FTlite Li-Si FTlite Li-Si SGTE 2007
Li-Si SGTE 2011 Li-Si SGTE 2014 Li-Sm FTlite
Li-Sn FTlite Li-Sn SGTE 2011 Li-Sn SGTE 2014
Li-Sr FTlite Li-Tb FTlite Li-Ti FTlite
Li-Tm FTlite Li-V FTlite Li-Y FTlite
Li-Yb FTlite Li-Zn FTlite Li-Zr FTlite
Li-Zr SGTE 2007 Li-Zr SGTE 2011 Li-Zr SGTE 2014
Li2CO3-Li2SO4 FTsalt Li2CO3-LiCl FTsalt Li2CO3-LiF FTsalt
Li2CO3-LiNO3 FTsalt Li2CO3-LiOH FTsalt Li2CO3-Na2CO3 FTsalt
Li2SO4-LiCl FTsalt Li2SO4-LiF FTsalt Li2SO4-LiNO3 FTsalt
Li2SO4-LiOH FTsalt Li2SO4-Na2SO4 FTsalt Li3AlF6-Na3AlF6 FThall
Li3ThF7-Li3UF7 FTsalt Li7Th6F31-Li7U6F31 FTsalt LiAlCl4-NaAlCl4 FTsalt
LiBr-LiCl FTsalt LiBr-LiF FTsalt LiBr-LiI FTsalt
LiBr-LiNO3 FTsalt LiBr-LiOH FTsalt LiBr-NaBr FTsalt
LiBr-RbBr FTsalt LiCl-LiF FTsalt LiCl-LiI FTsalt
LiCl-LiNO3 FTsalt LiCl-LiOH FTsalt LiCl-MgCl2 FTsalt
LiCl-MnCl2 FTsalt LiCl-NaCl FTsalt LiCl-NiCl2 FTsalt
LiCl-RbCl FTsalt LiCl-SrCl2 FTsalt LiF-LiI FTsalt
LiF-LiNO3 FTsalt LiF-LiOH FTsalt LiF-MgF2 FThall
LiF-MgF2 FTsalt LiF-NaCl FTsalt LiF-NaF FThall
LiF-NaF FTsalt LiF-PuF3 FTsalt LiF-PuF3-PuF4 FTsalt
LiF-PuF3-ThF4 FTsalt LiF-PuF3-UF3 FTsalt LiF-PuF4 FTsalt
LiF-PuF4-UF3 FTsalt LiF-PuF4-UF4 FTsalt LiF-RbF FTsalt
LiF-ThF4 FTsalt LiF-ThF4-UF4 FTsalt LiF-UE4-UF3 FTsalt
LiF-UF3-UF4 FTsalt LiF-UF4 FTsalt LiI-LiOH FTsalt
LiI-NaI FTsalt LiI-RbI FTsalt LiNO3-LiOH FTsalt
LiNO3-NaNO3 FTsalt LiNO3-RbNO3 FTsalt LiOH-NaOH FTsalt
LiOH-RbOH FTsalt LiTh2F9-LiU2F9 FTsalt LiTh4F17-LiU4F17 FTsalt
Lu-Mg FTlite Lu-Mn FTlite Lu-Na FTlite
Lu-Si FTlite Lu-Sr FTlite Lu-Ti FTlite
Lu-V FTlite Lu-Yb FTlite Lu-Zn FTlite
Lu-Zr FTlite Mg-Mn FTlite Mg-Mn SGTE 2007
Mg-Mn SGTE 2011 Mg-Mn SGTE 2014 Mg-Mn SpMCBN
Mg-Mn-O_MgO-MnO FToxid Mg-Mn-O-Si_MgO-MnO-SiO2_1200C FToxid Mg-Mn-O-Si_MgO-MnO-SiO2_1400C FToxid
Mg-Mn-O-Si_MgO-MnO-SiO2_1600C FToxid Mg-Mo FTlite Mg-Na FTlite
Mg-Na-O-Si_Mg2SiO4-Na4SiO4 FToxid Mg-Na-O-Si_MgO-Na2O-SiO2_liquidus-projection FToxid Mg-Na-O-Si_MgSiO3-Na2SiO3 FToxid
Mg-Na-S_MgS-Na2S FTOxCN Mg-Nb FTlite Mg-Nd FTlite
Mg-Nd SGTE 2011 Mg-Nd SGTE 2014 Mg-Ni FTlite
Mg-Ni SGTE 2007 Mg-Ni SGTE 2011 Mg-Ni SGTE 2014
Mg-Ni TDnucl Mg-Ni SpMCBN Mg-Ni-O_MgO-NiO FToxid
Mg-Ni-O-Si_Mg2SiO4-Ni2SiO4 FToxid Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_1400_C FToxid Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_1570_C FToxid
Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_1600_C FToxid Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_1620_C FToxid Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_1650_C FToxid
Mg-Ni-O-Si_MgO-NiO-SiO2_projection FToxid Mg-O TDnucl Mg-O-P_MgO-P2O5 FToxid
Mg-O-S_MgO-MgS FTOxCN Mg-O-Si_MgO-SiO2 FToxid Mg-O-Si-Ti_MgO-SiO2-TiO2-O2_P(O2)=1atm_1200C FToxid
Mg-O-Si-Ti_MgO-SiO2-TiO2-O2_P(O2)=1atm_1600C FToxid Mg-O-Si-Zn_MgO-SiO2-ZnO_1200C FToxid Mg-O-Si-Zn_MgO-SiO2-ZnO_1600C FToxid
Mg-O-Ti_MgO-TiO2 FToxid Mg-O-Zn_MgO-ZnO FToxid Mg-O-Zr_MgO-ZrO2 FToxid
Mg-Pb FTlite Mg-Pd SGnobl Mg-Pr FTlite
Mg-Pr SGTE 2014 Mg-Ru SGnobl Mg-Ru SGTE 2007
Mg-Ru SGTE 2011 Mg-Ru SGTE 2014 Mg-Ru TDnucl
Mg-S-Si_MgS-SiS2 FTOxCN Mg-Sb FTlite Mg-Sc FTlite
Mg-Sc SGTE 2007 Mg-Sc SGTE 2011 Mg-Sc SGTE 2014
Mg-Sc SpMCBN Mg-Si BINS Mg-Si FTlite
Mg-Si SGTE 2007 Mg-Si SGTE 2011 Mg-Si SGTE 2014
Mg-Si TDnucl Mg-Si SpMCBN Mg-Sm FTlite
Mg-Sn FTlite Mg-Sn SGTE 2007 Mg-Sn SGTE 2011
Mg-Sn SGTE 2014 Mg-Sr FTlite Mg-Sr SGTE 2014
Mg-Sr TDnucl Mg-Ta FTlite Mg-Tb FTlite
Mg-Tb SGTE 2011 Mg-Tb SGTE 2014 Mg-Ti FTlite
Mg-Ti SpMCBN Mg-Tm FTlite Mg-Tm SGTE 2011
Mg-Tm SGTE 2014 Mg-U TDnucl Mg-V FTlite
Mg-V SGTE 2011 Mg-V SGTE 2014 Mg-V SpMCBN
Mg-W FTlite Mg-Y FTlite Mg-Y SGTE 2007
Mg-Y SGTE 2011 Mg-Y SGTE 2014 Mg-Y SpMCBN
Mg-Yb FTlite Mg-Yb SGTE 2011 Mg-Yb SGTE 2014
Mg-Yb SpMCBN Mg-Zn FSstel Mg-Zn FTlite
Mg-Zn SGTE 2007 Mg-Zn SGTE 2011 Mg-Zn SGTE 2014
Mg-Zr BINS Mg-Zr FTlite Mg-Zr SGTE 2007
Mg-Zr SGTE 2011 Mg-Zr SGTE 2014 Mg-Zr TDnucl
Mg-Zr SpMCBN MgCl2-MgF2 FTsalt MgCl2-MgO FTsalt
MgCl2-MnCl2 FTsalt MgCl2-NaCl FTsalt MgCl2-NiCl2 FTsalt
MgCl2-RbCl FTsalt MgCl2-SrCl2 FTsalt MgCl2-ZnCl2 FTsalt
MgF2-MgO FTsalt MgF2-NaF FThall MgF2-NaF FTsalt
MgO-NiO TDnucl MgO-SiO2 TDnucl MgO-SrO TDnucl
MgO-UO2 TDnucl MgO-ZrO2 TDnucl Mn-Mo SGTE 2011
Mn-Mo SGTE 2014 Mn-Mo SpMCBN Mn-N FSstel
Mn-N SGTE 2007 Mn-N SGTE 2011 Mn-N SGTE 2014
Mn-N SpMCBN Mn-Na FTlite Mn-Nd FTlite
Mn-Ni FSstel Mn-Ni FTlite Mn-Ni SGTE 2007
Mn-Ni SGTE 2011 Mn-Ni-O_MnO-NiO FToxid Mn-O FToxid
Mn-O-P_MnO-P2O5 FToxid Mn-O-Si_MnO-SiO2 FToxid Mn-O-Si_MnO-SiO2_air FToxid
Mn-O-Si_MnO-SiO2_logP(O2)=-2 FToxid Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-15_1200C FToxid Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-15_1400C FToxid
Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-15_1600C FToxid Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-5_1200C FToxid Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-5_1400C FToxid
Mn-O-Si-Ti_MnO-SiO2-TiO2_logP(O2)=-5_1600C FToxid Mn-O-Ti_Mn-Ti-O2_1200C FToxid Mn-O-Ti_Mn-Ti-O2_1400C FToxid
Mn-O-Ti_Mn-Ti-O2_1600C FToxid Mn-O-Ti_MnO-TiO2_logP(O2)=-10 FToxid Mn-O-Ti_MnO-TiO2_logP(O2)=-15 FToxid
Mn-O-Ti_MnO-TiO2_logP(O2)=-5 FToxid Mn-O-Zr_MnO-ZrO2 FToxid Mn-P FTlite
Mn-P SGTE 2007 Mn-P SGTE 2011 Mn-P SGTE 2014
Mn-Pb BINS Mn-Pb FSlead Mn-Pb FTlite
Mn-Pb SGTE 2007 Mn-Pb SGTE 2011 Mn-Pb SGTE 2014
Mn-Pm FTlite Mn-Pr FTlite Mn-S FSstel
Mn-S_Mn-S FTmisc Mn-Sc FTlite Mn-Sc SGTE 2011
Mn-Sc SGTE 2014 Mn-Sc SpMCBN Mn-Si FSstel
Mn-Si FTlite Mn-Si SGTE 2007 Mn-Si SGTE 2011
Mn-Si SGTE 2014 Mn-Si SpMCBN Mn-Sm FTlite
Mn-Sm SGTE 2014 Mn-Sn SGTE 2011 Mn-Sn SGTE 2014
Mn-Sr FTlite Mn-Tb FTlite Mn-Ti BINS
Mn-Ti FSstel Mn-Ti FTlite Mn-Ti SGTE 2007
Mn-Ti SGTE 2011 Mn-Ti SGTE 2014 Mn-Ti SpMCBN
Mn-Tm FTlite Mn-V FSstel Mn-V FTlite
Mn-V SGTE 2007 Mn-V SGTE 2011 Mn-V SGTE 2014
Mn-V SpMCBN Mn-W SGTE 2011 Mn-W SGTE 2014
Mn-W SpMCBN Mn-Y FTlite Mn-Y SGTE 2011
Mn-Y SGTE 2014 Mn-Y SpMCBN Mn-Yb FTlite
Mn-Zn FTlite Mn-Zn SGTE 2014 Mn-Zr FTlite
Mn-Zr SGTE 2007 Mn-Zr SGTE 2011 Mn-Zr SGTE 2014
Mn-Zr SpMCBN MnCl2-NaCl FTsalt MnCl2-NiCl2 FTsalt
Mo-N FSstel Mo-N SGTE 2007 Mo-N SGTE 2011
Mo-N SGTE 2014 Mo-N SpMCBN Mo-N-Nb_1373K SpMCBN
Mo-N-Ni_1500K SGTE 2014 Mo-N-Ni_500K SGTE 2014 Mo-N-Ni_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Mo-N-Si_1673K SpMCBN Mo-N-Ta_1373K SpMCBN Mo-N-Ti_1373K SpMCBN
Mo-N-Zr_1673K SpMCBN Mo-Na FTlite Mo-Nb FSstel
Mo-Nb FTlite Mo-Nb SGTE 2007 Mo-Nb SGTE 2011
Mo-Nb SGTE 2014 Mo-Nb SpMCBN Mo-Nb-Si_1073K SpMCBN
Mo-Nb-V_2173K SpMCBN Mo-Ni BINS Mo-Ni FSstel
Mo-Ni FTlite Mo-Ni SGTE 2007 Mo-Ni SGTE 2011
Mo-Ni SGTE 2014 Mo-Ni SpMCBN Mo-Ni-Pd_700C SGnobl
Mo-Ni-Si_1373K SpMCBN Mo-Ni-W_1000K SGTE 2014 Mo-Ni-W_500K SGTE 2014
Mo-Ni-W_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 Mo-P SGTE 2007 Mo-P SGTE 2011
Mo-P SGTE 2014 Mo-Pd SGnobl Mo-Pd SGTE 2011
Mo-Pd SGTE 2014 Mo-Pd-Rh_1100C SGnobl Mo-Pd-Ru_1450 SGnobl
Mo-Pd-Si_700C SGnobl Mo-Pd-Tc_1727C SGnobl Mo-Rh SGnobl
Mo-Rh-Ru_1700C SGnobl Mo-Rh-Tc_1527C SGnobl Mo-Ru SGnobl
Mo-Si BINS Mo-Si FSstel Mo-Si FTlite
Mo-Si SGTE 2007 Mo-Si SGTE 2011 Mo-Si SGTE 2014
Mo-Si SpMCBN Mo-Si-V_1073K SpMCBN Mo-Si-W_2173K SpMCBN
Mo-Si-Zr_1523K SpMCBN Mo-Ta FTlite Mo-Ta SGTE 2011
Mo-Ta SGTE 2014 Mo-Ta SpMCBN Mo-Tc SGnobl
Mo-Ti BINS Mo-Ti FSstel Mo-Ti FTlite
Mo-Ti SGTE 2007 Mo-Ti SGTE 2011 Mo-Ti SGTE 2014
Mo-Ti SpMCBN Mo-Ti-W_2500K SpMCBN Mo-V FSstel
Mo-V FTlite Mo-V SGTE 2007 Mo-V SGTE 2011
Mo-V SGTE 2014 Mo-V SpMCBN Mo-W FSstel
Mo-W FTlite Mo-W SGTE 2007 Mo-W SGTE 2011
Mo-W SGTE 2014 Mo-W SpMCBN Mo-Y SGTE 2014
Mo-Zr SGTE 2011 Mo-Zr SGTE 2014 Mo-Zr SpMCBN
N-Nb BINS N-Nb FSstel N-Nb SGTE 2007
N-Nb SGTE 2011 N-Nb SGTE 2014 N-Nb SpMCBN
N-Nb-Ni_1473K SpMCBN N-Nb-Ti_1523K SpMCBN N-Nb-V_1773K SpMCBN
N-Nb-Zr_1973K SpMCBN N-Ni FSstel N-Ni SGTE 2007
N-Ni SGTE 2011 N-Ni SGTE 2014 N-Ni SpMCBN
N-Ni-Si_1173K SpMCBN N-Ni-Ta_1473K SpMCBN N-Ni-V_1373K SpMCBN
N-Si FSstel N-Si SGTE 2007 N-Si SGTE 2011
N-Si SGTE 2014 N-Si SpMCBN N-Si-Ti_1500K SGTE 2014
N-Si-Ti_500K SGTE 2014 N-Si-Ti_liquidprojection SGTE 2014 N-Si-V_1273K SpMCBN
N-Si-W_1273K SpMCBN N-Ta SGTE 2007 N-Ta SGTE 2011
N-Ta SGTE 2014 N-Ta SpMCBN N-Ti FSstel
N-Ti SGTE 2007 N-Ti SGTE 2011 N-Ti SGTE 2014
N-Ti SpMCBN N-Ti-V_1473K SpMCBN N-U SGTE 2011
N-U SGTE 2014 N-V FSstel N-V SGTE 2007
N-V SGTE 2011 N-V SGTE 2014 N-V SpMCBN
N-V-Zr_1473K SpMCBN N-W FSstel N-W SGTE 2007
N-W SGTE 2011 N-W SGTE 2014 N-W SpMCBN
N-Zr SGTE 2011 N-Zr SGTE 2014 N-Zr SpMCBN
N2-Si SGTE 2014 N2-Ta SGTE 2014 N2-Ti SGTE 2014
N2-U SGTE 2014 N2-V SGTE 2014 N2-W SGTE 2014
N2-Zr SGTE 2014 NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_100oC FTfrtz NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_125oC FTfrtz
NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_25oC FTfrtz NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_50oC FTfrtz NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_75oC FTfrtz
NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4_H2O_LP FTfrtz NH4Cl-NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3 FTfrtz NH4Cl-NH4NO3 FTfrtz
NH4Cl-NH4NO3_(gas) FTfrtz NH4Cl-NaCl FTfrtz NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3 FTfrtz
NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_100oC FTfrtz NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_125oC FTfrtz NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_25oC FTfrtz
NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_50oC FTfrtz NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_75oC FTfrtz NH4H2PO4-NH4NO3_H2O_LP FTfrtz
NH4NO3-NaNO3 FTfrtz NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_100oC FTfrtz NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_125oC FTfrtz
NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_25oC FTfrtz NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_50oC FTfrtz NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_75oC FTfrtz
NH4NO3-NaNO3_H2O_LP FTfrtz Na-Nd FTlite Na-Ni FTlite
Na-O-P_Na2O-P2O5 FToxid Na-O-S_Na2O-Na2S FTOxCN Na-O-Si_Na2O-SiO2 FToxid
Na-O-Ti_Na2O-TiO2 FToxid Na-Pm FTlite Na-Pr FTlite
Na-Rb BINS Na-Rb FTlite Na-Rb SGTE 2007
Na-Rb SGTE 2011 Na-Rb SGTE 2014 Na-S FTpulp
Na-S-Si_Na2S-SiS2 FTOxCN Na-Sc FTlite Na-Si FTlite
Na-Sm FTlite Na-Sn FTlite Na-Sr FTlite
Na-Tb FTlite Na-Ti FTlite Na-Tm FTlite
Na-V FTlite Na-Y FTlite Na-Yb FTlite
Na-Zn FTlite Na-Zr FTlite Na2CO3-Na2S FTpulp
Na2CO3-Na2SO4 FTpulp Na2CO3-Na2SO4 FTsalt Na2CO3-Na2SO4-NaCl FTpulp
Na2CO3-NaCl FTpulp Na2CO3-NaCl FTsalt Na2CO3-NaF FTsalt
Na2CO3-NaNO3 FTsalt Na2CO3-NaOH FTsalt Na2S-Na2SO4 FTpulp
Na2S-NaCl FTpulp Na2SO4-NaCl FTpulp Na2SO4-NaCl FTsalt
Na2SO4-NaF FTsalt Na2SO4-NaNO3 FTsalt Na2SO4-NaOH FTsalt
NaBr-NaCl FTsalt NaBr-NaF FTsalt NaBr-NaI FTsalt
NaBr-NaNO3 FTsalt NaBr-NaOH FTsalt NaBr-RbBr FTsalt
NaCl-NaF FTsalt NaCl-NaI FTsalt NaCl-NaNO3 FTfrtz
NaCl-NaNO3 FTsalt NaCl-NaOH FTsalt NaCl-NiCl2 FTsalt
NaCl-PbCl2 FTsalt NaCl-RbCl FTsalt NaCl-SrCl2 FTsalt
NaCl-ZnCl2 FTsalt NaF-NaI FTsalt NaF-NaNO3 FTsalt
NaF-NaOH FTsalt NaF-RbF FTsalt NaI-NaNO3 FTsalt
NaI-NaOH FTsalt NaI-RbI FTsalt NaNO3-NaOH FTsalt
NaNO3-RbNO3 FTsalt NaOH-RbOH FTsalt Nb-Ni SGTE 2007
Nb-Ni SGTE 2011 Nb-Ni SGTE 2014 Nb-Ni SpMCBN
Nb-Ni-Si_1073K SpMCBN Nb-Pd SGnobl Nb-Si SGTE 2011
Nb-Si SGTE 2014 Nb-Si SpMCBN Nb-Si-V_1073K SpMCBN
Nb-Si-W_2073K SpMCBN Nb-Si-W_298K SpMCBN Nb-Si-Zr_1173K SpMCBN
Nb-Sn SGTE 2007 Nb-Sn SGTE 2011 Nb-Sn SGTE 2014
Nb-Ta FSstel Nb-Ta FTlite Nb-Ta SGTE 2011
Nb-Ta SGTE 2014 Nb-Ta SpMCBN Nb-Ti FSstel
Nb-Ti FTlite Nb-Ti SGTE 2007 Nb-Ti SGTE 2011
Nb-Ti SGTE 2014 Nb-Ti SpMCBN Nb-V BINS
Nb-V FSstel Nb-V FTlite Nb-V SGTE 2007
Nb-V SGTE 2011 Nb-V SGTE 2014 Nb-V SpMCBN
Nb-W FSstel Nb-W FTlite Nb-W SGTE 2011
Nb-W SGTE 2014 Nb-W SpMCBN Nb-Zr FTlite
Nb-Zr SGTE 2007 Nb-Zr SGTE 2011 Nb-Zr SGTE 2014
Nb-Zr SpMCBN Nd-Pr FTlite Nd-Pr SGTE 2007
Nd-Pr SGTE 2011 Nd-Pr SGTE 2014 Nd-Sb SGTE 2007
Nd-Sb SGTE 2011 Nd-Sb SGTE 2014 Nd-Sc FTlite
Nd-Sc SGTE 2011 Nd-Sc SGTE 2014 Nd-Si FTlite
Nd-Sm FTlite Nd-Sr FTlite Nd-Ti FTlite
Nd-V FTlite Nd-Y FTlite Nd-Y SGTE 2014
Nd-Yb FTlite Nd-Zn FTlite Nd-Zr FTlite
Ni-O SGnucl Ni-O TDnucl Ni-O-Si_NiO-SiO2 FToxid
Ni-P BINS Ni-P FTlite Ni-P SGTE 2007
Ni-P SGTE 2011 Ni-P SGTE 2014 Ni-Pb FSlead
Ni-Pb FTlite Ni-Pb SGsold Ni-Pb SGTE 2007
Ni-Pb SGTE 2011 Ni-Pb SGTE 2014 Ni-Pd FTlite
Ni-Pd SGnobl Ni-Pd SGsold Ni-Pd SGTE 2011
Ni-Pd SGTE 2014 Ni-Pd-Si_800C SGnobl Ni-Pt SGnobl
Ni-Ru SGnobl Ni-Ru SGTE 2007 Ni-Ru SGTE 2011
Ni-Ru SGTE 2014 Ni-Ru TDnucl Ni-S_Ni-S FTmisc
Ni-S_Ni-S_pS2 FTmisc Ni-Sb SGsold Ni-Si BINS
Ni-Si FSstel Ni-Si FTlite Ni-Si SGTE 2007
Ni-Si SGTE 2011 Ni-Si SGTE 2014 Ni-Si TDnucl
Ni-Si SpMCBN Ni-Si-Ti_1273K SpMCBN Ni-Si-W_1073K SpMCBN
Ni-Si-Zr_1073K SpMCBN Ni-Sm SGTE 2011 Ni-Sm SGTE 2014
Ni-Sn SGnobl Ni-Sn SGsold Ni-Sn SGTE 2011
Ni-Sn SGTE 2014 Ni-Sr FTlite Ni-Sr SGTE 2014
Ni-Sr TDnucl Ni-Ta BINS Ni-Ta FTlite
Ni-Ta SGTE 2007 Ni-Ta SGTE 2011 Ni-Ta SGTE 2014
Ni-Ta SpMCBN Ni-Ti FSstel Ni-Ti FTlite
Ni-Ti SGTE 2007 Ni-Ti SGTE 2011 Ni-Ti SGTE 2014
Ni-Ti SpMCBN Ni-U SGnucl Ni-U TDnucl
Ni-V FSstel Ni-V FTlite Ni-V SGTE 2007
Ni-V SGTE 2011 Ni-V SGTE 2014 Ni-V SpMCBN
Ni-W FSstel Ni-W FTlite Ni-W SGTE 2007
Ni-W SGTE 2011 Ni-W SGTE 2014 Ni-W SpMCBN
Ni-Y FTlite Ni-Y SGTE 2011 Ni-Y SGTE 2014
Ni-Y SpMCBN Ni-Zn FTlite Ni-Zn SGsold
Ni-Zn SGTE 2011 Ni-Zn SGTE 2014 Ni-Zr BINS
Ni-Zr FTlite Ni-Zr SGnucl Ni-Zr SGTE 2007
Ni-Zr SGTE 2011 Ni-Zr SGTE 2014 Ni-Zr TDnucl
Ni-Zr SpMCBN NiO-SiO2 TDnucl NiO-SrO TDnucl
NiO-UO2 TDnucl NiO-ZrO2 TDnucl O-Pb FSlead
O-Pb-Si_PbO-SiO2 FToxid O-Pb-Zn_PbO-ZnO FToxid O-Ru TDnucl
O-Si TDnucl O-Si-Sn_SnO-SiO2_a(Sn)=1 FToxid O-Si-Ti_SiO2-TiO2 FToxid
O-Si-Ti-Zr_TiO2-SiO2-ZrO2_1700C_P(O2)=1atm FToxid O-Si-Zn_ZnO-SiO2 FToxid O-Si-Zr_ZrO2-SiO2 FToxid
O-Sr TDnucl O-Ti_Ti2O3-TiO2 FToxid O-Ti-Zr_TiO2-ZrO2 FToxid
O-U SGnucl O-U TDnucl O-U-Zr_2273K SGnucl
O-U-Zr_2773K SGnucl O-U-Zr_1773K TDnucl O-Zr SGnucl
O-Zr TDnucl Os-Pd SGnobl Os-Pt SGnobl
Os-Re SGnobl Os-Rh SGnobl Os-Ru SGnobl
Os-Si SGTE 2011 Os-Si SGTE 2014 P-Sb SGTE 2007
P-Sb SGTE 2011 P-Sb SGTE 2014 P-Si FTlite
P-Si SGTE 2007 P-Si SGTE 2011 P-Si SGTE 2014
Pb-Pd FSlead Pb-Pd SGnobl Pb-Pd SGsold
Pb-Pd SGTE 2007 Pb-Pd SGTE 2011 Pb-Pd SGTE 2014
Pb-Pd-Sn_1000K SGTE 2014 Pb-Pd-Sn_500K SGTE 2014 Pb-Pd-Sn_liquidprojection SGTE 2014
Pb-Pt SGnobl Pb-Pt SGTE 2014 Pb-Rh SGnobl
Pb-S FSlead Pb-Sb FSlead Pb-Sb FTlite
Pb-Sb SGsold Pb-Sb SGTE 2007 Pb-Sb SGTE 2011
Pb-Sb SGTE 2014 Pb-Se FSlead Pb-Si FSlead
Pb-Si FTlite Pb-Si SGTE 2007 Pb-Si SGTE 2011
Pb-Si SGTE 2014 Pb-Sn BINS Pb-Sn FSlead
Pb-Sn FTlite Pb-Sn SGsold Pb-Sn SGTE 2007
Pb-Sn SGTE 2011 Pb-Sn SGTE 2014 Pb-Sr FSlead
Pb-Te FSlead Pb-Te SGTE 2014 Pb-Tl FSlead
Pb-Tl FTlite Pb-Tl SGTE 2007 Pb-Tl SGTE 2011
Pb-Tl SGTE 2014 Pb-Zn FSlead Pb-Zn FSstel
Pb-Zn FTlite Pb-Zn SGsold Pb-Zn SGTE 2007
Pb-Zn SGTE 2011 Pb-Zn SGTE 2014 Pb-Zr FSlead
Pb-Zr FTlite Pb-Zr SGTE 2007 Pb-Zr SGTE 2011
Pb-Zr SGTE 2014 Pd-Pt SGnobl Pd-Pt-Ru_1400C SGnobl
Pd-Pt-Sn_1000C SGnobl Pd-Pt-Ti_1000C SGnobl Pd-Re SGnobl
Pd-Rh SGnobl Pd-Rh SGTE 2007 Pd-Rh SGTE 2011
Pd-Rh SGTE 2014 Pd-Rh-Ru_1700C SGnobl Pd-Ru SGnobl
Pd-Ru SGTE 2011 Pd-Ru SGTE 2014 Pd-Sb_Pd-rich SGnobl
Pd-Sb SGsold Pd-Sc SGTE 2011 Pd-Sc SGTE 2014
Pd-Si SGnobl Pd-Si SGTE 2014 Pd-Sm SGTE 2011
Pd-Sm SGTE 2014 Pd-Sn SGnobl Pd-Sn SGsold
Pd-Sn SGTE 2007 Pd-Sn SGTE 2011 Pd-Sn SGTE 2014
Pd-Tb SGTE 2011 Pd-Tb SGTE 2014 Pd-Tc SGnobl
Pd-Ti SGnobl Pd-V SGnobl Pd-Zn SGnobl
Pd-Zn SGsold Pd-Zn SGTE 2011 Pd-Zn SGTE 2014
Pd-Zr SGnobl Pd-Zr SGTE 2011 Pd-Zr SGTE 2014
Pm-Si FTlite Pm-Sr FTlite Pm-Ti FTlite
Pm-V FTlite Pm-Zn FTlite Pm-Zr FTlite
Pr-Sb SGTE 2007 Pr-Sb SGTE 2011 Pr-Sb SGTE 2014
Pr-Si FTlite Pr-Sr FTlite Pr-Ti FTlite
Pr-V FTlite Pr-Zn FTlite Pr-Zr FTlite
Pt-Re SGnobl Pt-Rh FTlite Pt-Rh SGnobl
Pt-Rh SGTE 2011 Pt-Rh SGTE 2014 Pt-Rh-Ru_1400C SGnobl
Pt-Ru SGnobl Pt-Ru SGTE 2011 Pt-Ru SGTE 2014
Pt-Sb_Pt-rich SGnobl Pt-Si SGnobl Pt-Si SGTE 2011
Pt-Si SGTE 2014 Pt-Sn SGnobl Pt-Ta SGnobl
Pt-Ta SGTE 2011 Pt-Ta SGTE 2014 Pt-Tc SGnobl
Pt-Ti SGnobl Pt-Ti SGTE 2011 Pt-Ti SGTE 2014
Pt-W SGnobl Pt-Zr_Pt-rich SGnobl PuF3-ThF4 FTsalt
RbBr-RbCl FTsalt RbBr-RbF FTsalt RbBr-RbI FTsalt
RbBr-RbNO3 FTsalt RbCl-RbF FTsalt RbCl-RbI FTsalt
RbCl-RbOH FTsalt RbCl-SrCl2 FTsalt RbF-RbI FTsalt
RbNO3-RbOH FTsalt Re-Rh SGnobl Re-Ru SGnobl
Re-Ta SpMCBN Rh-Ru SGnobl Rh-Sb_Rh-rich SGnobl
Rh-Si SGnobl Rh-Sn_Rh-rich SGnobl Rh-Tc SGnobl
Rh-Zr_Rh-rich SGnobl Ru-Si SGnobl Ru-Si SGTE 2007
Ru-Si SGTE 2011 Ru-Si SGTE 2014 Ru-Si TDnucl
Ru-Sn SGTE 2011 Ru-Sn SGTE 2014 Ru-Sr TDnucl
Ru-Tc SGnobl Ru-U TDnucl Ru-Zr SGnobl
Ru-Zr SGTE 2007 Ru-Zr SGTE 2011 Ru-Zr SGTE 2014
Ru-Zr TDnucl Sb-Si FTlite Sb-Si SGTE 2007
Sb-Si SGTE 2011 Sb-Si SGTE 2014 Sb-Sm SGTE 2007
Sb-Sm SGTE 2011 Sb-Sm SGTE 2014 Sb-Sn SGsold
Sb-Sn SGTE 2007 Sb-Sn SGTE 2011 Sb-Sn SGTE 2014
Sb-Zn FSstel Sb-Zn SGsold Sb-Zn SGTE 2007
Sb-Zn SGTE 2011 Sb-Zn SGTE 2014 Sc-Si FTlite
Sc-Si SGTE 2011 Sc-Si SGTE 2014 Sc-Si SpMCBN
Sc-Sr FTlite Sc-Ti FTlite Sc-V FTlite
Sc-V SGTE 2011 Sc-V SGTE 2014 Sc-V SpMCBN
Sc-Y FTlite Sc-Y SGTE 2011 Sc-Y SGTE 2014
Sc-Y SpMCBN Sc-Zn FTlite Sc-Zr FTlite
Sc-Zr SGTE 2011 Sc-Zr SGTE 2014 Sc-Zr SpMCBN
Se-Te BINS Se-Te FTlite Se-Te SGTE 2007
Se-Te SGTE 2011 Se-Te SGTE 2014 Si-Sm FTlite
Si-Sn FTlite Si-Sn SGTE 2007 Si-Sn SGTE 2011
Si-Sn SGTE 2014 Si-Sr FTlite Si-Sr TDnucl
Si-Ta FSstel Si-Ta SGTE 2007 Si-Ta SGTE 2011
Si-Ta SGTE 2014 Si-Ta SpMCBN Si-Ta-V_1673K SpMCBN
Si-Tb FTlite Si-Ti BINS Si-Ti FSstel
Si-Ti FTlite Si-Ti SGTE 2007 Si-Ti SGTE 2011
Si-Ti SGTE 2014 Si-Ti SpMCBN Si-Ti-V_1073K SpMCBN
Si-Ti-W_1073K SpMCBN Si-Tm FTlite Si-U SGTE 2011
Si-U SGTE 2014 Si-U TDnucl Si-V FSstel
Si-V FTlite Si-V SGTE 2007 Si-V SGTE 2011
Si-V SGTE 2014 Si-V SpMCBN Si-V-W_1273K SpMCBN
Si-W BINS Si-W FSstel Si-W FTlite
Si-W SGTE 2007 Si-W SGTE 2011 Si-W SpMCBN
Si-Y FTlite Si-Y SGTE 2007 Si-Y SGTE 2011
Si-Y SGTE 2014 Si-Y SpMCBN Si-Yb FTlite
Si-Yb SGTE 2011 Si-Yb SGTE 2014 Si-Yb SpMCBN
Si-Zn BINS Si-Zn FSstel Si-Zn FTlite
Si-Zn SGTE 2007 Si-Zn SGTE 2011 Si-Zn SGTE 2014
Si-Zr FTlite Si-Zr SGTE 2007 Si-Zr SGTE 2011
Si-Zr SGTE 2014 Si-Zr TDnucl Si-Zr SpMCBN
SiO2-SrO TDnucl SiO2-UO2 TDnucl SiO2-ZrO2 TDnucl
Sm-Sr FTlite Sm-Ti FTlite Sm-V FTlite
Sm-Y FTlite Sm-Zn FTlite Sm-Zr FTlite
Sn-Sr FTlite Sn-Ti FTlite Sn-Ti SGTE 2007
Sn-Ti SGTE 2011 Sn-Ti SGTE 2014 Sn-V SGTE 2011
Sn-V SGTE 2014 Sn-Zn BINS Sn-Zn FSstel
Sn-Zn FTlite Sn-Zn SGsold Sn-Zn SGTE 2007
Sn-Zn SGTE 2011 Sn-Zn SGTE 2014 Sn-Zr BINS
Sn-Zr FTlite Sn-Zr SGTE 2007 Sn-Zr SGTE 2011
Sn-Zr SGTE 2014 Sr-Tb FTlite Sr-Ti FTlite
Sr-Tm FTlite Sr-U TDnucl Sr-V FTlite
Sr-Y FTlite Sr-Yb FTlite Sr-Zn FTlite
Sr-Zn SGTE 2011 Sr-Zn SGTE 2014 Sr-Zr FTlite
Sr-Zr SGTE 2011 Sr-Zr TDnucl SrO-UO2 TDnucl
SrO-ZrO2 TDnucl Ta-Ti FSstel Ta-Ti FTlite
Ta-Ti SGTE 2007 Ta-Ti SGTE 2011 Ta-Ti SGTE 2014
Ta-Ti SpMCBN Ta-V FSstel Ta-V SGTE 2011
Ta-V SGTE 2014 Ta-V SpMCBN Ta-W FTlite
Ta-W SGTE 2011 Ta-W SGTE 2014 Ta-W SpMCBN
Ta-Zr FSstel Ta-Zr FTlite Ta-Zr SGTE 2011
Ta-Zr SGTE 2014 Ta-Zr SpMCBN Tb-Ti FTlite
Tb-V FTlite Tb-Y FTlite Tb-Zn FTlite
Tb-Zr FTlite Te-Zn FTmisc Th-Zn SGTE 2011
Th-Zn SGTE 2014 Ti-Tm FTlite Ti-V BINS
Ti-V FSstel Ti-V FTlite Ti-V SGTE 2007
Ti-V SGTE 2011 Ti-V SGTE 2014 Ti-V SpMCBN
Ti-W FSstel Ti-W FTlite Ti-W SGTE 2007
Ti-W SGTE 2011 Ti-W SGTE 2014 Ti-W SpMCBN
Ti-Y FTlite Ti-Yb FTlite Ti-Zn FTlite
Ti-Zn SGTE 2011 Ti-Zn SGTE 2014 Ti-Zr FSstel
Ti-Zr FTlite Ti-Zr SGTE 2011 Ti-Zr SGTE 2014
Ti-Zr SpMCBN Tl-Zn SGTE 2014 Tm-V FTlite
Tm-Zn FTlite Tm-Zr FTlite U-V SGTE 2011
U-V SGTE 2014 U-Zr BINS U-Zr SGnucl
U-Zr SGTE 2007 U-Zr SGTE 2011 U-Zr SGTE 2014
U-Zr TDnucl UO2-ZrO2 SGsold UO2-ZrO2 TDnucl
V-W FSstel V-W SGTE 2011 V-W SGTE 2014
V-W SpMCBN V-Y FTlite V-Y SGTE 2014
V-Yb FTlite V-Zn FTlite V-Zr FSstel
V-Zr FTlite V-Zr SGTE 2007 V-Zr SGTE 2011
V-Zr SGTE 2014 V-Zr SpMCBN W-Zr FSstel
W-Zr SGTE 2011 W-Zr SGTE 2014 W-Zr SpMCBN
Y-Zn FTlite Y-Zr FTlite Y-Zr SGTE 2011
Y-Zr SGTE 2014 Y-Zr SpMCBN Yb-Zn FTlite
Yb-Zr FTlite Zn-Zr FTlite Zn-Zr SGTE 2011
Zn-Zr SGTE 2014