FactSage 7.1
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(Revised 2018-02-10 - February 10, 2018)

The FactSage 7.1 Update/Installation (2017) package was released in January 2017.

For details on the programming, documentation and database changes including screen shots click on What's New in FactSage 7.1

FactSage 7.1 Report

Here we post the most recent messages about FactSage 7.1 including items not addressed in What's New in FactSage 7.1

To date the modules and databases are mainly working as designed, but there are some 'glitches' as reported below. Some only appear if you downloaded CD-FactSage71.exe on or before 2017-01-31 - January 31, 2017.

To fix the following issues you can download the complete package (CD-FactSage71.exe) and update/refresh your 7.1 installation. The download file CD-FactSage71.exe has been corrected for the following items.

How to check if you have the latest version of FactSage 7.1