ome of the compound and solution databases

n 1976 F*A*C*T started as a joint project between two universities, the École Polytechnique de Montreal and McGill University, for treating thermodynamic properties and calculations in chemical metallurgy. In 1984, the research centre CRCT - Centre de Recherche en Calcul Thermochimique / Centre for Research in Computational Thermochemistry, was founded at the École Polytechnique in order to promote and develop F*A*C*T in both research and teaching. After more than 20 years of collaboration on software development between the F*A*C*T group and GTT-Technologies, the common product was released in 2001.

F*A*C*T has grown into a fully integrated thermochemical database that couples proven FactSage software with self-consistent critically assessed FACT thermodynamic data. It is employed in diverse fields of chemical thermodynamics by pyrometallurgists, hydrometallurgists, chemical engineers, corrosion engineers, inorganic chemists, geochemists, ceramists, electrochemists, environmentalists, etc. and it is installed in hundreds of universities, government laboratories and industrial research centers around the world.

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