FactSage, Dongles and Drivers with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

(Revised September 2015)

The following instructions replace those given in FactSage 6.4 (or earlier).

Aladdin MemoHASP dongles are now referred to as Sentinel HASP or more recently Sentinel LDK keys. A Sentinel HASP security key or dongle is a small chip that attaches to a USB port on the PC. The dongle enables you to run a standalone version of FactSage. When attached the dongle red light (or led) should glow constantly. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the led to light up.

For FactSage to access the Sentinel HASP dongle special drivers (files) must be installed on the PC. Failure to install the most recent drivers may cause errors such as:

or messages of the type:

If FactSage 7.0 (or more recent) is installed on the PC all the necessary files are included in the FactSage package. In this case go to 2. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 7.0. .

1. Install the Sentinel HASP drivers using FactSage 6.4 (or earlier)

The dongle drivers distributed with FactSage 6.4 (or earlier) are outdated and should be replaced. You are going to download the most recent drivers and manually install them on the computer.

Please log-in under the account with Administrator privileges on your PC while performing the tasks below:

2. Install the Sentinel HASP Drivers using FactSage 7.0

3. Errors while installing drivers

For any errors while installing the drivers:

For more information go to the SafeNet Admin Control Center Help at http://localhost:1947 for real time Diagnostics for Sentinel License Manager and other options.

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