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Click on Download Compound Slide Show (pdf presentation - 50 pages) for detailed information on the Compound Module.

The Compound module is used to copy, enter, edit, list and store data in your private compound (pure substances) databases.

For example, in Fig. 2 by using ‘drag and drop’, SiO2 is copied from the read-only (r) FACT database (FACTBASE) into a private read/write (r/w) database USERBASE where the Cp(T) expressions for quartz, SiO2(s1) are being modified.

In Fig. 3 ΔH298K and S298K are entered for the solid phase of MgCl2. Cp(T) expressions are entered in Fig. 4.

Fig. 5 illustrates the ‘Mixer’ feature. In this example the thermodynamic properties of Na3N are approximated as equal to the properties of :
(Li3N + 3 Na -3 Li).

Fig. 1 - Compound Module

Fig. 2 - Compound Module - Top: drag-and-drop of SiO2 data from the FACT to the private USER database. Bottom: manipulation of Cp(T) data in the USER database.

Fig. 3 - Compound Module - Add a compound to the database: H298 and S298 for 1st phase.

Fig. 4 - Compound Module - Add a compound to the database Cp values for the 1st phase.

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