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Click on Download Mixture Slide Show (pdf presentation - 19 pages) for detailed information on the Mixture Module.

Use the Mixture Module to edit mixtures and streams for input to the Equilib Module.

A mixture is a group of compounds that normally would be entered as reactants in the Equilib program. In the Mixture program you can enter these same reactants then store them in a mixture (Mixt*.dat) file. In Equilib you can then import this mixture via the Reactants Window.

For example, in Fig. 2 four gaseous reactants are defined and in Fig. 3 stored in a mixture file (Mixt1.dat) named ‘My Air’. In Fig. 4 this mixture is imported into Equilib as a reactant.

A stream is a list of equilibrated species calculated by Equilib and stored via the Equilib Results Window. The stream can then be edited by the Mixture Module and imported into Equilib via the Reactants Window.

For example, Fig. 5 shows an equilibrated roasted gas phase being stored in a stream. In Fig. 6 the stream is then imported into Equilib as a reactant.

The mixture or stream can have up to 48 reactants and 32 different elements – for example a complex alloy composition or mineral ore that is repeatedly entered as reactants in Equilib could be easily stored as a single mixture. Note, in Equilib you can import up to 48 different mixtures into a given calculation.

Fig. 1 - Mixture Module

Fig. 2 - Mixture Module - Creating a Mixture

Fig. 3 - Mixture Module - Saving a Mixture

Fig. 4 - Mixture Module - Importing "My Air" into Equilib as a single-line mixture

Fig. 5 - Mixture Module - Creating a Stream - Saving

Fig. 6 - Mixture Module - Importing "Roaster Gas" into Equilib as a single-line mixture


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