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Click on Download Results Slide Show (pdf presentation - 19 pages) for detailed information on the Results Module.

The Results module enables one to post-process the output from calculations performed with the Equilib module (Equi*.res files) and produce a variety of plots from a single set of equilibrium tables.

For example, Fig. 2 shows the Results Window accessing Equilib calculations for the carbothermic reduction of silica, C + SiO2, in the temperature range 1800 to 3200 K.

Fig. 3. shows the axes being defined in the Axis Window.

Fig. 4 shows species being selected in the Species Window .

Fig. 5 shows the graphical output being specified. The plotted diagram is shown in Fig. 6.

The calculated diagrams can be stored as figure (*.fig) files, edited by the Figure module, and exported as *.bmp, *.emf and *.wmf files.

Fig. 1 - Results Module

Fig. 2 - Results Module - Results Window

Fig. 3 - Results Module - Axes Window

Fig. 4 - Results Module - Species Window

Fig. 5 - Results Module - Specifying the Graphical Output

Fig. 6 - Results Module - Figure Output

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