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Click on Download View Data Show (pdf presentation - 36 pages) for detailed information on the View Data Module.

View Data scans the databases and enables you to display the standard state thermodynamic properties of the compound species and to list the solution phases. (To edit, modify and save new data use the Compound and Solution modules.)

For example, Fig. 2 shows how to list all stoichiometric compounds involving the elements Fe-Si-O-S that are stored in the FACT compound database. The mouse has been clicked on SiO2 where it is noted that the compound has 8 solid allotropes (s1 to s8) and a liquid phase (L).

By double clicking on SiO2 in Fig. 2, you generate the output in Fig. 3 which shows a summary of phases and a partial listing of the ΔHº(T), Sº(T) and Cp(T) compound data for SiO2.

Fig. 4 shows the magnetic thermodynamic data as well as other thermodynamic data for Fe. In Fig. 5 the data for Fe are displayed in tabular format for the temperature range 298.15 to 3300 K - note the transition temperatures and associated changes (delta values) in the thermodynamic properties. The Cp values for Fe are plotted in Fig. 6.

Other data which are stored in the compound databases, and which can be accessed by the View Data include non-ideal gas constants, molar volumes, expansivities, compressibilities, and derivatives of the bulk moduli.

Fig. 1 - View Data Module

Fig. 2 - View Data Module - listing all Fe-Si-O-S species stored in the FACT compound database.

Fig. 3 - View Data Module - summary of phases (top) and compound data (bottom) for SiO2.

Fig. 4 - View Data Module - Magnetic data and Cp expression for Fe.

Fig. 5 - View Data Module - Tabular output for Fe.

Fig. 6 - View Data Module - Plotting Cp data for Fe.


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