The FACT-Web programs offer free but very limited interaction with FactSage. This service may be discontinued at any time without notice. The programs are offered for demonstration purposes only. Many of the features available in the full FactSage package have been removed or diluted.


To cite FactSage in a publication, please use the following:
C. W. Bale, E. Bélisle, P. Chartrand, S. A. Decterov, G. Eriksson, A.E. Gheribi, K. Hack, I. H. Jung, Y. B. Kang, J. Melançon, A. D. Pelton, S. Petersen, C. Robelin. J. Sangster and M-A. Van Ende, FactSage Thermochemical Software and Databases, 2010-2016, Calphad, vol. 54, pp 35-53, 2016 <>


If you employ the results of Fact-Web calculations in a publication make sure that you are aware of the limitations of the calculation.  This is particularly important in Equilib-Web which does not have access to real solution data.

To cite Fact-Web or one of its modules in a publication please use the following reference:
C. W. Bale and E. Bélisle, Fact-Web suite of interactive programs,