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The SGTE Unary Database contains data for around 78 elements in a form appropriate for phase diagram modelling. Assessed data are provided for stable and metastable phases for each element from 298.15 K, or in some cases 200 K. In some cases, additional terms are included to describe the pressure or magnetic contributions to the Gibbs energy. The data have been published in a paper by Alan Dinsdale (NPL).

"SGTE Data for Pure Elements", Dinsdale AT, CALPHAD, 15(4), 1991, pp. 317-425.

Thermodynamic properties derived from these data are tabulated in "Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams" (ASM International) and in "CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics".

"Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams" (2nd Edition), Ed. T B Massalski, (ASM International), pp T13-T15.
"CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics" (74th Edition), Ed. D R Lide, (CRC Press).

The latest version of the UNARY database is version 5.0.

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