- compounds stored in the inorganic pure substances database

For a list of possible com
pounds, enter up to 4 elements separated by spaces - ex: Al Si O.
Or, for a list of phases, enter the chemical formula of the compound - ex: H2O or SiO2.
Chemical symbols are CASE SENSITIVE - ex: Co is cobalt, CO is carbon monoxide.
Either enter up to 4 elements, or, one compound.
Si Ca O : all compounds among Si Ca and O
CoSO4 or SO4Co or O4CoS : cobalt sulfate
Fe(CO)5 or FeC5O5 : iron carbonyl
Cs2 : diatomic cesium
CS2 : carbon disulfide
Cu[++] or Cu[2+] or Cl[-] : ions
ch4 or water or acetic acid : use CH4 or H2O
CO CH4 : NOT recognised (enter only one compound)

Compound-Web lists a summary compounds and phases. ViewData-Web lists tables of thermodynamic data and phase transitions for a particular compound. In the Compound and ViewData modules of the complete package, the Cp, H and S coefficients, the non-ideal gas coefficients, the magnetic data, and the expansivity/compressibility expressions are also displayed. In addition, diagrams of the thermodynamic properties can be plotted, expressions for G(T), H(T) and S(T) listed, and tables of thermodynamic values displayed for any range and step in temperature.

Last updated: March 8 2022 , Christopher W. Bale & Eve Bélisle