Downloadable Softwares

Downloadable Softwares:
Air & Exhaust Gas Properties V1.2

C++ code

Entisoft Units


- links to free software and databases for P-T-t, thermobarometry, activity, etc. calculations in geology, such as TWQ by Rob Berman, THERMOCALC by Cambridge Earth Sciences, and others; Terry Gordon, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Materials Algorithms Project, offering free FORTRAN software such as the Steel Subroutine Library which contains SUBROUTINES relating to steel-related phenomena, including thermochemistry and thermodynamics, and Nickel Base Alloys, and much more. A MAP Mailing List is available; A joint project of the Phase Transformations Research Group, University of Cambridge, & the National Physics Laboratory, U.K.
Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular Weight Calculator v1.1

OmniCon 98

Periodic Table v1.1