List of 17 Solutions and 416 Compounds in FTfrtz

List of 17 Solutions

1. FTfrtz-Beta
Beta (K,NH4)2SO4 solid solution (high-T)

2. FTfrtz-Fm3m
Fm3m Rocksalt Na,K,NH4//Cl miscibility gaps : use [J]-option
NaCl-prototype (ordered simple cubic solution : Na[cfc] / Cl[cfc])

3. FTfrtz-I42d
P1 (K,NH4)H2PO4 solid solution
Miscibility gap below 30oC (use [I]-Option)

4. FTfrtz-LQCa
LiqFrtz K,Ca//NO3 with H2O (hydrated cations)
(ions : H2O"+",K(H2O)n[+],Ca(H2O)m[2+]//H2O"-",NO3[-])

5. FTfrtz-LqFz
Liquid NH4,K,Na//NO3,Cl,SO4,H2PO4,H2P2O7 with H2O (hydrated cations)
(Ions: H2O"+",K(H2O)i[+],Na(H2O)j[+],NH4(H2O)k[+]//H2O"-",NO3[-],Cl[-],SO4[2-],H2PO4[-],H2P2O7[2-])

6. FTfrtz-NKSh
NKS-h (K,NH4)2SO4 solid solution (high-T)
Orthorhombic (distorted) (use [I]-option)

7. FTfrtz-NKSl
NKS-l (K,NH4)2SO4 solid solution (low-T)
Orthorhombic (use [I]-option)

8. FTfrtz-NS21
"B" (NH4,K)4SO4(NO3)2 solid solution

9. FTfrtz-NS31
"A" (NH4,K)5SO4(NO3)3 solid solution

10. FTfrtz-P4.2
N5 P4.2 tetragonal (N5 tetragonal-P4.2 low-temperature) dissolving K, Cl and H2PO4

11. FTfrtz-P4bm
N2 P4bm tetragonal/HT (N2 tetragonal-P4bm high-temp.) dissolving K, Cl, SO4 and H2PO4

12. FTfrtz-Pbnm
N3 Pbnm Orthorhombic (N3 when NH4NO3-rich) diss. K, Cl, SO4 and H2PO4

13. FTfrtz-Pm3m
N1 Pm3m Na,K,NH4//Cl,NO3,H2PO4 miscibility gaps : use [J]-option
(N1) CsCl-prototype (ordered bcc solution : Cs[corners] / Cl[center])

14. FTfrtz-Pmcn
K2 Pmcn Orthorhombic (K2 when KNO3-rich) dissolves Na, NH4 and Cl or NH4, Cl and H2PO4
Possible miscibility gap (use [I]-Option)

15. FTfrtz-Pmmn
N4 Pmmn ortho/LT (N4 orthorhombic-Pmmn low-temp.) dissolving K, Cl and H2PO4

16. FTfrtz-R3m
K3 R3m rhombohedral (K3-intermediate solid solution)
low temperature

17. FTfrtz-RHO
K1 dis-rhombohedral (dissolves Na+ and NH4+ or NH4+ and H2PO4-)
Possible miscibility gap (use [I]-Option)