What's New in FactSage 5.4.1?

(Revised January, 2006)

FactSage 5.4.1 Update:

The FactSage 5.4.1 update was released in January 2006. The update permits you to upgrade FactSage 5.0 (or update/refresh any more recent version 5.1, 5.2, ... etc.) to FactSage 5.4.1 (January 2006). If you wish to install FactSage 5.4.1 on a new PC then you must first install the original FactSage 5.0 package (April 2001).

In order to upgrade to the complete FactSage 5.4.1 package you must run two programs:

Most of the changes in 5.4.1 with respect to 5.4 fix bugs reported in 5.4 and also improve server - client interactions as well as some intenational issues. Some small changes to the programs and databases have also been carried out. What follows is a list of the more important database and programming changes in FactSage 5.4.1 (January 2006) with respect to FactSage 5.4 (August 2005).

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The following summaries are only available if you have updated your installation with that particular version.

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