What's New in FactSage 5.5?

(Revised May 2007)

FactSage 5.5 Update:

FactSage 5.5 was released in January 2007 and modified with a patch in May 2007 A summary of the changes is listed at the end. (If the patch has been installed, you will see 'May 2007' on the bottom right hand side of the FactSage 5.5 menu page.)

The update permits you to upgrade FactSage 5.0 (or update/refresh any more recent version 5.1, 5.2, ... etc.) to FactSage 5.5. If you wish to install FactSage 5.5 on a new PC then you must first install the original FactSage 5.0 package (April 2001).

What follows is the current list of all the important database and programming changes in FactSage 5.5 (May 2007) with respect to FactSage 5.4 (August 2005).

  • FactSage 5.5 Installation

  • Windows XP

  • View Data

  • Solution

  • Equilib and Phase Diagram - modifications include:

  • Macro Processing - extensive modifications have been carried out to the Macro Processing language that is called through the Equilib & Phase Diagram modules (in the Equilib Reactants Window click on 'File > Macro Processing > Macro Processing - Manual').
    A new type of variable called a 'macro $function()' has been introduced. Macro $functions have arguments contained within the parentheses, (). The arguments are separated by spaces or commas and may be a %variable, a thermochemical $variable$, but not another $function. A line in the macro file may have several $functions. The new functions include:
    • String manipulation - $LCASE, $UCASE, $LEFT, $RIGHT, $MID
    • Output formatting - $FORMATE, $FORMATF, $FORMATG, $FORMATI
    • Mathematical functions - $ABS, $EXP, $LN, $LOG10, $FIX, $INT, $RND, $RNDINT, $MIN, $MAX, $MINI, $MAXI, $MEAN
    • Mixed mathematical expressions - $MATH. This versatile function enables you to enter a mixed expression that includes the operators, + - / * ^ \, as well the common functions abs(), ln(), log10(), exp(), cos(), sin(), tan(), acos(), asin(), atan(), fix(), int(), sqr(), cbr() and fact().
      Examples:     $MATH(cos(100)^2 + sin(100)^2) => 1.     $MATH((5!-(2-5)^2)/(sqr(abs(2^4-3^5))) => 7.36732...
    • Other functions - $EXIST, $CONSTANT

    New SET variables have been added, including:
    • SET PAGE 'value' - to select a particular page from many pages of results
    • SET REACTANT ADD - to add a new reactant, or DEL to delete (remove) an existing one
    • SET SELECT GAS (LIQUID AQUEOUS SOLID COMPOUND) + (-!) ['data' ['species']] - to include (or exclude) compound species in the equilibrium calculation
    • SET SELECT SOLUTION + (-!IJ) 'data-phase' - to include (or exclude) solution phases in the equilibrium calculation
    Other variables and commands have been added, including:
    • RUNMACRO 'filename.mac' - to quit the current macro and run filename.mac
    • SHELLEXECUTE 'filename' - to open a file using the Windows default application (NotePad, WordPad, Excel ...)
    • thermochemical $variables$ for solution integral and partial properties; component lists and amounts; and more.
    The Macro Processing Manual has been updated to include the new variables. New *.mac files have been added to the Macro directory of examples:
    - an example of the new $functions is given in 'EquiEx_List_Functions.mac'.
    - an example of most thermochemical variables is given in 'EquiEx_List_Thermo.mac'.
    - an example of SET SELECT is given in 'EquiEx_Set_Variables.mac'.

  • Batch File Processing of Macro Commands - it is now possible to perform Equilib (or Phase Diagram) Macro processing without first calling FactSage. This is done by running a *.bat file that contains a call to process the macro file within the Equilib (or Phase Diagram) module. Sample .bat files, Run_Equilib.bat and Run_PhaseDiagram.bat, are located in the FactSage directory.

  • METSIM - FactSage interface - using macro processing, it is now possible for a METSIM simulation (.swf file - METSIM version 1409 or mor recent) to run Equilib calculations by setting the conditions and accessing the results via an Excel file (DDE and OLE exchange). There is a new switch (FAS - FACT) in METSIM that enables it to activate Equilib calculations and access FactSage databases. Species and phases taken from the METSIM database must be coupled with the Equilib selection and a special Xls file must be created. For more information please C.W. Bale at the CRCT.

  • Fact-XML - in the Equilib Results Window click on the XML Icon (or click on 'Output > Run Fact-XML ...'). Extensive changes and additions have been carried out, including

  • OptiSage

  • Databases

  • The following bugs that appeared in the 5.4 or 5.4.1 software have been resolved in 5.5:

  • The following bugs that appeared in the FactSage 5.5 (January 2007) have been resolved in FactSage 5.5 (May 2007). (If the patch has been installed you will see 'May 2007' on the bottom right hand side of the FactSage 5.5 menu page.) In addition, some documentation files and database examples have been modified, and the latest drivers (4.102 ) for the MemoHASP dongles have been updated.
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