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The Integrated Thermodynamic Databank System

FactSage©, one of the largest fully integrated database computing systems in chemical thermodynamics in the world, was introduced in 2001 and is the fusion of the FACT-Win/F*A*C*T and ChemSage/SOLGASMIX thermochemical packages. FactSage is the result of over 20 years of collaborative efforts between Thermfact/CRCT (Montreal, Canada) and GTT-Technologies (Aachen, Germany)

The FactSage package runs on a PC operating under Microsoft Windows® and consists of a series of information, database, calculation and manipulation modules that access various pure substances and solution databases. FactSage has several hundred industrial, governmental and academic users in materials science, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research.

Users have access to databases of thermodynamic data for thousands of compounds as well as to evaluated and optimized databases for hundreds of solutions of metals, liquid and solid oxide solutions, mattes, molten and solid salt solutions, aqueous solutions, etc. The FactSage software automatically accesses these databases. The evaluated databases for oxides, slags, mattes, etc. have been developed by optimization of literature data using advanced modeling techniques, several of which have been developed at the CRCT. FactSage can also access the databases for alloy solutions developed by the international SGTE Group, and the databases for steels, light metal alloys and other alloy systems developed by The Spencer Group, GTT-Technologies and the CRCT. For detailed information on the various databases click on Database Documentation.

With FactSage you can calculate the conditions for multiphase, multicomponent equilibria, with a wide variety of tabular and graphical output modes, under a large range of constraints. For example, general N-component phase diagram sections can be easily generated with a wide choice of axis variables; matte/metal/slag/gas/solid equilibria can be accurately calculated, tabulated and plotted for industrial systems; multicomponent predominance and EpH diagrams can be readily produced; the course of equilibrium or non-equilibrium solidification can be followed; complex heat balances can be computed; and so on.

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