Commercial Packages

Software and data packages: 

- various software packages including TEP Thermal Equilibrium Program for combustion analysis; ARInternet Corp., Landover, MD, USA.

- various software packages, including thermodynamic data, used to facilitate the modeling of chemical kinetics and transport effects in a gas, or at a gas/solid- surface interface; REACTION DESIGN, San Diego, CA, USA.
ESM Software Inc.

- featuring TAPP thermochemical and physical properties of pure compounds and solutions; Scott McCormick, Hamilton, Ohio, USA.

- PC software package for treating a variety of thermochemical equilibrium problems in analytical chem., aquatic chem., biochemistry, CVD, combustion, environmental chem., geochemistry and metallurgy. Includes a database of over 1800 species; William R. Smith, Mathtrek Systems, Guelph, Ontario, Canada..

- featuring THERMO for thermodynamic data and calculations of species and reactions, and PYROSIM for pyrometallurgical process simulation; Rodney Jones, Mintek, Randburg, South Africa.
Open Channel Foundation

- featuring the NASA COSMIC online software catalogue including Chemistry & Thermodynamics which introduces the SPECIES, EQAIRS, PAC91, GASPLUS, CET93, CET93-PC, NBS+_PH2 and TABII software packages; COSMIC University of Georgia, GA, USA.

- computes thermochemical quantities for a molecule from statistical mechanics equation of an ideal gas; C. Salter, Lancashire Polytechnic, Preston, UK.

- prediction of thermodynamic and transport properties (but mainly organic species); Dragon Technology, Inc., Golden, CO, USA.

- MS-DOS program for exploring thermodynamic and equilibrium calculations with a database of standard thermodynamic properties for 570 substances; Richard W. Ramette, Carleton College, MN, USA, c/o Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) Software.
Aqueous Process Simulations, Inc

ChemicaLogic Corporation (IE Only)

- featuring SteamTab and SteamTab Duo spreadsheet software for a comprehensive set of thermodynamic and transport steam properties (T: 260-2,500 K; P: 0 to 30,000 bar); ChemicaLogic Corporation, Woburn, MA, USA.

- Environmental Research Software featuring the MINEQL+ chemical equilibrium model used to perform calculations on low temperature (0-50 C), low to moderate ionic strength (<0.5 M) aqueous systems; Bill Schecher, Hallowell, ME, USA.

- The Geochemist's Workbench. Software tools featuring Rxn chemical reactions, Act2 stability diagrams, Tact T-activity diagrams, Reac chemical equilibria and Gtplot graphical output; demo version available; Rockware Inc. , Golden, Colorado, USA.
HCh (HydroChemistry)

- software package for geochemical modelling. Demo version available; Yuri Shvarov, Moscow, Russia, in collaboration with AGSO, Canberra, Australia.
Taftan Data

- featuring MS Windows Thermo Utilities v3.0 thermodynamic properties of steam, water, dry air, moist air, flue gases and more than 450 chemicals plus free molecular weight calculator. Taftan Data, Malmo, Sweden.