CRCT, Polytechnique Montréal, May 24-26 2023
The FactSage Workshop is being organized by Team CRCT:

Christopher BALE, Ph.D.: Professor, FactSage founder, software developer
Eve BELISLE, M.A.Sc.: programming, Fact-XML, FactOptimal, Windows applications, Internet development, Machine Learning
Juan-Ricardo CASTILLO, M.A.Sc.: Research professional, process simulation
Patrice CHARTRAND, Ph.D.: Professor, software and database developer
Sergei DECTEROV, Ph.D.: database developer, FToxid
Aimen GHERIBI, Ph.D.: design alloys for optimization of thermodynamic properties of multicomponent systems, FactOptimal
Jean-Philippe HARVEY, Ph.D.: Professor, software developer and optimisation algorithms
Liling JIN, Ph.D.: magnesium alloys - Mg-Al-RE
Javier JOFRE, Ph.D.
Paul LAFAYE, Ph.D.
Kentaro OISHI, Ph.D.
Arthur PELTON, Ph.D.: Professor, FactSage founder, database modeling and developer
Anh Thu PHAN, Ph.D.: thermodynamic and physical property database developer
Christian ROBELIN, Ph.D.: Development of thermodynamic and physical property databases for inorganic salt systems and ionic liquid systems. Main databases: FTsalt, FThall
Evguenia SOKOLENKO, B.Sc.: documentation and phase diagrams

General information

Wednesday May 24 to Friday May 26, 2023
Wednesday : Regular and Advanced workshops on FactSage
Thursday : Applications of FactSage in high temperature metallurgy, alloy design and more
Friday : Dr. Phillip Spencer Honorary Symposium : on applications of FactSage in thermochemistry

Academic : CAD$450 + taxes (US$330)
Regular : CAD$1400 + taxes (US$1035)
- Includes breakfast pastries, lunch for 3 days and gourmet banquet. Note that the banquet is CAD$200 (US$150) extra for academics only.

**NOTE: At the end of the workshop you will get a certification of continuing education valid for OIQ (Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec).

The workshop will be directed to both new users of FactSage (regular session) and experienced users (advanced session). Participants are not committed to one session and may move freely between the regular and advanced sessions. Central to the workshop will be the FactSage 8.2 package of software and databases. The FactSage 8.2 Workshop Package, which contains all the software modules and most of the databases, will be installed on participants laptops. The package will offer free and limitless access to FactSage 8.2 for up to five days.

In the regular session users will be introduced to each of the modules. They will be able to follow the calculations in real time as the presenter accesses the modules and projects them on the screen. Users will have hands-on experience and be able to perform the same calculations on their laptops. Many of the calculations will be drawn from examples stored in the workshop package on the users laptop.

In the advanced session emphasis will be placed on the new developments of the last several years. Although all the modules will be addressed, a lot of the time will be spent on the Equilib and Phase Diagram modules. Workshop examples (equi*.dat and phas*.dat files) devoted to advanced applications will be available. It is planned to address those intricate calculations and manipulations (i.e. tricks of the trade) that are not covered in the slide show presentations.

For example, in the Advanced Session the important changes in Equilib of the last several years will be condensed into one presentation. In addition the topics will include: importing reactant compositions, mixtures and streams; defining streams; mixing input units; defining variable <A> and <B> amounts; selecting and mixing compound and solution databases (which one should I select, how do I mix them); selecting compound and solution phases (why not select all phases); content, extent and accuracy of the various databases as well as how the databases are developed; defining ranges of final conditions; phases transitions; manipulating the results; exporting results to Excel; exporting to and manipulating in Xml; plotting anything vs anything; saving and recycling streams (equilibrated phases); and so on. The benefits of Macro Processing will also be presented (is macro processing for everyone?) and include a practical application that participants will be able to load and run.


To register for the 2023 FactSage Workshop, please purchase a ticket on the Eventbrite website.

Workshop Program (tentative)

Day 1:

Regular workshop (parallel session #1) (new users)    
  • FactSage browser
    • Phase diagrams
    • Databases
    • Documentation
  • View Data
    • Compound database, tables and graphs
    • Solution databases, phases
  • Reaction
    • Properties of a species
    • Balanced chemical reactions
    • Chemical equilibria, partial pressures
    • Adiabatic reactions, heat cycles
  • Equilib
    • Simple compound and ideal gas calculations
    • Reactants, Menu and results windows
    • V constrained, adiabatic, etc. calculations
    • Solutions - slags - alloys
  • Phase diagram
    • Classical binary diagrams
    • Predominance area diagrams
    • Isopleths
    • Reciprocal systems
    • Classical ternary phase diagrams
    • Introduction to polythermal projections
    • Figure module
Advanced workshop (parallel session #2)
  • Compound module
    • Creation of a new stoichiometric compound
  • Reaction module
  • Equilib module
    • Species selection, solutions
    • Formation, precipitation, composition target
    • Cooling calculations (Equilibrium and Scheil)
    • Para-equilibrium calculations
    • Partial and integral solution properties
    • Adding dilute (Henrian) components to a solution
    • Thermal expansion, bulk modulus and molar volumes (extended properties)
    • Open calculations and heat balances
    • Handling streams
    • Macro-processing vs Chemapp
    • FactOptimal
  • Solution module
    • Sub-regular solutions
    • Compound Energy formalism
    • Modified quasichemical model
  • Phase diagram module
    • Classical binary and ternary phase diagrams
    • Isopleths
    • Reciprocal systems
    • Chemical potential mapping (predominance diagrams and beyond)
    • Polythermal projections - liquidus surfaces
Day 2:
Applications of FactSage in high temperature metallurgy, alloy design and more.
Two parallel sessions (4 sessions per day)
Evening: gourmet banquet in honor of Philip Spencer.

Day 3:
Dr. Phillip Spencer Honorary symposium on thermochemistry:
Attendees are invited to make short (15-20 min) optional presentations on their use of FactSage, or on what they would like to see in FactSage, or on any other topic of interest.

Recommended Accommodations

The closest hotel to the workshop facilities is :

Royal Terrace - recommended
5225 Cotes-des-Neiges (close to Queen Mary Road)
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3T 1Y1
Tel: +1 (514) 739-6391

- This is a budget hotel (no frills) which is clean but simple. Tell them you are visiting the Ecole Polytechnique and this should give you a better rate. The hotel is a 15 minute walk from the Ecole Polytechnique.